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S1 P005 Thompson 091807

  1. 1. “force , -—. —.. éJ_. _._. Best Practices for Crushing Your Quota Track: Sales I Pipeline Basics Kyle Thompson S; —:| esiorce. com Peter Poiasek. SunGard Roben Zimmerman, Saiesiorce. com / /. iv: /,! /. (eh kc’. I ‘, I, ’ 3 ,7,’ / &i‘”.
  2. 2. Safe Harbor Statement "Safe harbor” statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward- looking statements including but not limited to statements concerning the potential market for our existing service ofierings and future offerings. All of our forward looking statements involve risks. uncertainties and assumptions. If any such risks or uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect. our results could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. The nsks and uncertainties referred to above include - but are not limited to - risks associated with possible fluctuations in our operating results and cash flows. rate of growth and anticipated revenue run rate. errors. interruptions or delays in our service or our Web hosting. our new business model. our history of operating losses. the possibilid ‘Lat we will not remain profitable, breach of our security measures. the emerging market in which we operate. our relatively limited operating history, our ability to hire. retain and motivate our employees and manage our growth, competition. our ability to continue to release and gain customer acceptance of new and improved versions of our service, customer and partner acceptance of the AppExchange, successful customer deployment and utilization of our services. unanticipated changes in our effective tax rate. fluctuations in the number of shares outstanding. the price of such shres, foreign currency exchange rates and interest rates. Further information on these and other factors that could affect our financial results is included in the reports on Forms 10-K. 10-Q and 8-K and in other filings we make with the Securities and Exchange Commission from tirrie to time. These documents are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our websrte at www. selesforce. com/ investor. Salesforcecom. inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward- looking statements. except as required bylaw.
  3. 3. Best Practices for Crushing Your Quota ' Agenda ' Introduction — Customer Success - Peter Polasek, SVP SunGard - Robert Zimmerman, AVP Sa| esforce. com ' Questions and Answers
  4. 4. Customer Success is our #1 Priority , _ , . , i/'5 / .i’V, ”.r. .‘l , .". 4 1. ‘. Executive Sponsorship Data Quality Implementation Quality Process Definition Change Management Training
  5. 5. SUNGAHD Peter Polasek Senior Vice-President, Financial Systems peter. polasek@sungard. com Km L: (."'7 7_
  6. 6. All About SunGard SUNGARD" SunGard was founded in 1983 through the LBO of a division of Sun Oil Company and went public in an IPO in 1986. Since that time SunGard has completed more than 150 acquisitions. In 2005 SunGard went private as a result of an LBO valued at $11.4 billion. Investors include Silver Lake, Bain Capital Partners, The Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, KKR, Providence Equity Partners Inc. and Texas Pacific Group. INDUSTRY: Provider of software and IT services in Financial Systems. Availability and Disaster Recovery, Higher Education and Public Sector EMPLOYEES: 16,600 GEOGRAPHY: 25,000 customers in 50 countries. 84.38 2006 Revenue # USERS: 1169 PRODUCTS USED: SFA, Marketing, Service & Support, and some custom applications.
  7. 7. Business Challenge ' Excellent sales execution within the products, but very little leveraging across products ' Highly fragmented organization - 60 business units, 200 products, 1000 sales reps ' Customers had limited access to SunGard’s broader product offering ' Had “tried and failed’’ at previous attempt to establish cross-product referral program
  8. 8. New Cross-Selling (Referral) Program Goal - To increase revenue by capturing opportunities otherwise missed - _ _ - Added Goals ' Improve customer experience by providing "macro" access to products - Achieve above without requiring changes to individual sales styles ' Achieve above without “breaking ' existing customer sales experience — customers liked having specialized reps that understand their business
  9. 9. Old Referral Program Post-Mortem ' Tried to do “any-to-any” product referrals ' Impossible with highly specialized solutions ' Created a lot of “noise" leads ' Lack of Automation I Referral process was cumbersome — required phone calls, looking up contacts ' No means to monitor progress after you made a referral ' No means to keep track of referrals you've received
  10. 10. Steps to Crushing our Quota Decision #1: Salesforce. com would be “books and records" of program KELSIEES Increase Salesforce usage to 100% before program launch Define reasonable “scope" (“any-to-any" referrals didn’t work) Provide pre-sales product information database Automate steps for fast data entry (submitting leads <5 minutes) Ensure data quality before routing lead 9. Route leads based upon intelligent criteria (tier, geography, client, .. .) 10.Recipients must qualify lead before it is recognized as valid referral 11.Compensation model to reward both “the behavior" and ‘‘closed deals” 12.Dashboards for real-time status on referrals received and generated 13.Provide company-wide reports for exec reporting (and to create peer pressure) . °°. “.°’. U": ‘*‘ 2. l ’, ,.’. ‘., r; l 'l’, ,?; . 0 ‘ I[[‘)r(‘cG', ’_‘l_ ; '
  11. 11. Approach for each Item: Bring salesforce. com usage to 100% before program launched ' Created monthly audit from salestorcecom to execs showing logon % and rating update diligence Define reasonable “scope” for referrals (“any-to-any” didn’t work) ' Grouped products into 8 separate market segments Provide product database containing need-to-know info for pre-sales ' Created uniform descriptions for each product ' Structured into books for 8 market segments containing only pertinent products ' Made available on saleforcecom and in hard copy Automate referrals so that submitting leads truly takes <5 minutes ' Used existing salesforce. com lead entry process adding 2 new fields to create a referral
  12. 12. Approach, continued: Pre-qualify data quality in lead before routing to prevent noise - Defined 8 suggested lead data elements, require at least 3 Each lead inspected before routing, those with insufficient data bounced back via salesforce. com Route leads based upon intelligent criteria (tier, geography, client, .. .) ' Constructed queue for processing referral leads to leverage routing already applied top website inquiries Recipients must qualify lead before it is recognized as valid referral ' No credit for lead until the recipient qualifies by converting to an opportunity in salesforce. com Compensation model to reward both “the behavior” and “closed deals” - Created closed—dea| commissions ' Also have quarterly awards for most referrals, broadest referring. referrals from non-sales personnel
  13. 13. I Dashboards for real-time status on referrals received/ generated Provide company-wide reports for exec reporting (and to create peer pressure for minority non-adopters) I Uses salesforce. com to generate: I Per-sales person report (sales peer pressure) I Company-wide report (business unit peer pressure) I Salesforce. com adoption report
  14. 14. Business Unit Dashboard Iclcrral: Made by Esrukcrauc :5 Llcarawm Referral: l-; i mlved by Bl‘l. ilh. ‘|’o01 5. Liver: IIIIKIUVIIIIIIQI‘-’ (INK II)'~ollIlllAl. ‘s 3pm M nrku ng uwi (013000 Quad fled I I no status I r and finmn 3'11“ 10 3 Nu” ed ’ = i: is: uni ma 1° - llecoil Cont Raoul Co: Uflfiflllfl Iflfl I Old (III! !! Belinda Cooderam ant; Ross Ln-isiuen Ul; <:l| Dan ele EN. " Ciau SJi4.li xl E'i: Peters Dm '5to“‘§r y-I Ivnagny I1‘ I‘IIor1 Iv‘ ll l»-. -eJ' am Gav‘/ we um . III: «I ii" II :0 mo ' Iinna ia; i )n'n 'aI s lie. I ‘Lumiu aviuJ Linda BI4.l R0‘ kart Nnhan Furl: -an‘ Ira Irrrgon l': ul ln1n-n '| a.. lflII = w'>. u Ru lull Ewe I/ -,iers A'cv Pics: Ll'v"| Hell C’IllS. iIuJI. £ Da. idP. ch1r: is )ll rnrnwrk lrii lIJIlalw' ll 1lIlI {yr l9I' ‘arm H4. an ‘um: I Fail ‘hl'. 'dl «mo rm-~ T mfvl ll Vnil inn Crsecl Arna-i: ce Hem. p:n urv-. n ltltnl Daiell: Ddvnu Eavd Ricard: I ‘A’! s than-I lim ). iIau'vv joazn ml-olzu I= r'(, '( on’: if In Z. iIw lxazir lo: rmahame: l I'n I»uIi‘4n S: tIiOll. i an. Wiam Cree:
  15. 15. Per-Referral Drill Down i'ite*ed J1: («lit R-. -fen cil Puulmt Sin ts w ill APSYS Clem L1-ailonliti ‘: U.ll| )1|lu_‘ Rairm Ref-: iIe1l R-: feI| iiii1_Ev: p UIIIO: -IIIQ1 Ci». -alul Lutl C~1.r/ eilr: -ii Om, -oiluilg llf‘. l‘. I‘)llI’ Dmrl l‘_T 0*/ vncr rntce licmliy two: thine. | L‘_)II$'fiIlIs‘. l:[Ié" '21-(Oil El L|3lH1l ~ L. I _. _ lJ l-l L» v. -l‘. Li'i'. .|_L .7 tii'. _ti’; 'I. I. I lilitnaa - -i—9:: ‘. :2 , ;r: i l--IL’-91'-1 J . i'J: I -i. Li‘ FL'lmoI I‘ Lm-l '5'. -itiim -'2 i. : TlC'dl2I((i'l'1ICJ .1-2-in li-. '. ~l .1 _J~‘-'1i. 'LLIl e; .Il _t _LL. - 4:‘ . ii_ii. i.. t 2: . »LL Ethro: -‘:19’ E-omian F8‘. 5: 1 i. .l'i.1-JP: -1: -‘. i‘lE= .;I1[i‘i ii". -.; lZE. ‘ | 'cwcIl i‘ Le-1-I9‘. -itiis: Cl3.l3ll‘. I'JI1l‘, "3‘r'| l| Wcircr iii: 1 5-2:‘. :2 _ i: -I-: -r _. "_’;1,. |Z| Z? lrrecr ll9lll“fl'1r'—' Cl nil '-. ~tNsiSi= .;i-ii~Isi
  16. 16. Results ~ew2°°7°u°ia 2°°7i"6m°~hs Lead Quality 10% converted 67% converted Program launched in mid-Feb — 2007 results from only 6 ‘/2 months Pipeline does not include 500+ “open“ leads 40 closed deals (average sales cycle is 9 months) All 60 business units participating 90% of sales have submitted and/ or received referrals Customer experience improved by having access to broader array of products All of this is “incremental business" not in individual product forecasts
  17. 17. Number of Referrals Generated 1,400 - 1,200 - 1 JDDO ‘ Disqualified Open leads : Qua ‘ifiad 800 k 600 - . fi4 400 1 200 < Jan Feb War Apr Nay Jun JL‘ kin Sap Oct Nov Der, 1!“ ‘ ’ . ’‘}‘; (L‘’‘l, )?; ' gt‘ [l‘)§1'. L'Q} 7 V-
  18. 18. Pipeline from Referrals 150000.000 eoo 140000000 500 120,000,000 ’ ’ 400 100000.000 30.000000 300 D Va‘. ie 4 4 Number 50,000,000 l 200 40,000,000 100 20,000,000 0 = - 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sup Oct Nov Dec gm, ., ,., (;‘, ‘., ’=«“§; ' ‘N / i‘>: 't’. c(‘§'7 __
  19. 19. Automation is Critical Two business units had pre-existing referral programs: I Had been in place for >1 year prior to corporate program I Already had product knowledge I Had much richer compensation model than corporate program These programs did not flourish until the corporate program was in h ? I Automation changed non-productive phone tag exercise to 5-minute guaranteed referral delivery mechanism I Dashboards provide everyone with real—time “at fingertips" status As a result, referrals immediately became part of the culture (despite a lower referral compensation model)
  20. 20. Summary What we did specifically may or may not apply to your environment ‘ The larger point is that if you can dream it, you can do it What we embarked on was very ambitious, but implementation was easy with salesforce. com as underlying infrastructure ‘ Training was minimal because it leveraged already familiar sa| eforce. com processes Automation allowed the desired behavior to become part of the culture
  21. 21. :“ . fires é : * Robert Zimmermann Area Vice-President, Corporate Sales rzimmermann@sa| esforce. com / i‘): 'L'. c(‘}'7 r_
  22. 22. All About salesforce. com saleyorcc. com‘” guccess On Demand. ” Salesforce. com is the market and technology leader in on-demand business services. The company's Corporate Sales organization distributes the Salesforce suite of on-demand CRM applications to SME companies worldwide. We also evangelize and sell the Salesforce Platform, the world's first on-demand platform, which enables customers, developers and partners to build powerful new on- demand applications that extend beyond CRM to deliver the benefits of multi- tenancy and The Business Web across the enterprise. INDUSTRY: Hi-tech EMPLOYEES: 2,302 GEOGRAPHY: Global # USERS: 2.302 PRODUCT(S) USED: SFA. Marketing, Service 8t Support, PRM, and too man custom a licationsto list!
  23. 23. Key Challenges Business Challenges Aggressive revenue growth goals Rapidly growing sales organization New and emerging product lines Forecast confidence Technology Challenges Implementation of new sales methodology Deployment of new incentive management system / t‘): 'L'. c(‘}'7 r_
  24. 24. Key Challenges (continued) ' Summary of Challenges - Achieve and exceed revenue growth goals and. .. Maintain extremely high customer satisfaction Maintain high rep productivity Efficient use of scarce resources Onboard and retain the best sales talent in the market
  25. 25. The Solution ' How did we address these challenges? ° Realigned distribution model ° Workflow and alerts for competition, won deals, lost deals ° New custom object to support sales methodology ° Dashboards to track all aspects of business Integration of new sales incentive system Deployment Details Products implemented — CRM, custom apps #Users — 350 Integration points — incentive system Training — salesforce university Business Units affected — Corporate Sales
  26. 26. Sales Methodology &i: ouo¢hald v t4.. o.. .4- --1 I2 OOIUIC In-&n“whM' Ofinuan I-w-w-tun unlhncnsiutvill hinm jut) Ill& WCII Iflifillljflljlf VICIVDIUXUF»! V us-u-I»; bum--an new unit cannula -n tmuon--; r'p u. .i-nu. WC—‘ Itlfiflfiflfibhflhl IVI BIG 1 Ir nvuuuvn-In tannin than-uuuuuu Clj-nun: -II: hcfincogbnn - widhllnznl In :11: NC: In II-In manhunt lafiolhun. lulnl mnunoiuauualuul-nlnlnlr Danni. -uw In Imuu. I! h man would all -vezauiuu rgrnascan-avatar: rung-mas bake SN3 valiant: not Ill uwdntlro Ilnnnvnnuunudunhyinnxu I-nan It-ulna fob-&— uhmiun h Cllfilnfifiliii incl: -5 IIl| % I ‘CID! flllllfil 1| ' Duulbe clincher‘: Vflh-N51. he Illv Ddllll lhdr nut. UIII uu—oIc: Inn nun-in-ii, unnIiIu¢u-alumni uonnquunn vuhunl Iubiux :01! u. HuIlI&uoOMQl IGIII 'm&u'nuoi§fi aaoativvlutilnn rmoaaallmtmuonfluntbm union: v can’ uuo-ux, --I qymad. y-«luv VII! !! 5 tum-u--v I-Inn-s. II-~ -Ir. I ~lI'Il—l HI" I-my RM-4' lunulbuluuonouniluuln finrfiouil uuunnulu nun Innua-uvauocnuniouuus unuu TI -no ‘iulaocn no OIUBJIH-Jo in-I fin: ‘gin I—I-0-If “T11 | '$UI§lUCIH! lb X U13 XMWOCFID KO ' Dualbo nun N GICISOIII mlfivg pvocus luocuolal-guru. Ilwun--a-ooaulllul-lbw -Ircyleoufifin-fiuut l. IrncalIenaouIliuIlu$unIuI2ltl: anui-uu. m IPIIIWQXDODQII 1%! ‘ Vflitthlflllfiflfilififlfll Id-I ! '|vN Omit‘ / /' dl1‘. ‘lQlérce0
  27. 27. Opportunity Pipeline Reporting jfiifltlt-E-flflifillfi | flI CJHII 0‘ IYI ZWC j; hug. ~40» um w. ~J. m.o «1 mm: H 4 sun 4 4 so rIu; '.. - run-' ‘ Hm I fl1|M' ‘mum uric-. " M1 ‘in, -:w‘. ni rflu-r. 'I. ‘r! l'flI. ‘! fa-l I I nip-fit-‘I in nu - to ~ ‘mu mo. -ulwnt '.1J. .£ RM! If! -: r -vlv-ur l| a‘. ‘I¢l. ‘. l. :!"IG 0'30‘ M 314119007 ‘ . 3'3?? ? S'1.‘? lI‘v E & ‘~“-'- '1 -= l-*- j bu u :3 I ma. :ui. - la ‘mar II I -lulu vi; Q4331“- nulwal Q| J3fl¢ 9510:’ Bill . : df into run than m ‘Q. a« ‘e lfllllh I use‘: 3: db: $. :6 L5JA‘! !JI. O ll. l- ‘M. Zl. Ilh‘u. l Up‘: uh l~Lat' Inc in’ '.4L’. mud l’J1.". ‘.' ‘I'll-' ‘lalfirq Ina. -in :10«¥. I IN‘ 'r'. lO: MI! ru-an mlnnv Uuvnrnl fiauuftr ‘Jun Iv’ II QFXIT 5 Nlmil‘. I Hui‘! Ia lil WWI) 814$ GEE : nvu 3' hlxfll
  28. 28. Regional Dashboard lbw 0wh1t¥a'u---who--Om i'. v Wu-n-uI 1-1-n - Iu: -.D-SI: -.u-. :~ ut- imn—-’. .-¢-i~-- . -A Marfifisaflrmcr 1S‘¢$5Ut‘. &:: IQ IIJ¢l‘Hfl! £'. ‘lL: I‘ III‘-Invhtlhllb O1‘! lI'tIVkIIg’. ‘I¢'. $It tn»- uu-u an em. »- U8! 3% . n ma. J35?“ JD CK JEJSIK . rl|44u . l!I. ?< UW)‘ VlIK3'C‘H": IIhllXl L3 ' WA! Lctllotitfl ULUJIDIIJ UQII Li $I NDIIIIR paaasalrtn 1 DE 77§< Imu-rfiunwa .2" uzu SLIA xl«uo. cw-utuo an In: M‘: M'OI‘I'v9'i"0r'IY. 'n :5‘ NR5 4104' N¢A‘S: #¢: fl:: a- U0 FIK In - ntnyyununn n-- irn ‘mu. atunuyausem nu ma :3-tr lazufioacmn : l:.1 now: than-azmtn hr. vnr-an A 31$ hug-a A nnia Hrnmn-at IIEMI-‘u mt-w u-a-. i--nu. l'V'»V'l tug 13 Cuwnllh RfliV‘II| .V’. 'lifii:1’D'JaIl‘I M -: ncvul: d us. -oe-zuunc (fin-slit-Iivfxliluu Dbuwfl Own! llidllofl IHIMPII . l11"§A IIU lI: |!I= ‘ WI flaIL'! hI'I"l . 'u. i.?4 . II in! “ ‘| C R I Suntan! ’ mt . I.‘1 ¢fl: h>lfi :4 J. l'Il| .l& ll-«unfit . ueooav: -nu! Ywutvmu 0 0:95;»: av. -‘sun: mun ours in tin Imam haul vu- ul E. . I. .z. II. t--In-. .. I -. . o In vu-u -L --we-nu uh In-usugaanono-I-var ;8-b. ‘- . Vrutnr: 3:99: llu mm no at um: -I ‘ ILIII-L 4:: u. . 5-. .. . ..p . .-ln. :.rs-. |.oll»' wrnrvviu . so. m4. . ~.¢. ... -v . -. .-- ‘-lllt a VAII. -1 3l'‘ lofil (0-90!! !-‘ uni: : 0 -u- r ‘m-It 1 N- ' 9‘ 0 : . 3 tiflll-IIIlIBlI(| |§0ll) ruluntllv -Chad I 4u"I Ihoolvc I trust 3-; u--. "L1Q¢ .9-ulhn-n an-lunch JflS§LlZ. LIIj A-hi
  29. 29. Results ' What were the results? ° 30°/0+ growth rates year over year 100"/ o+ growth rates in new and emerging products Win rates increased against competitors Higher customer satisfaction as measured by Customer Sat Overachievement against quota/ plan
  30. 30. Imagine it. Learn it. Use it. How to apply what you’ve learned when you get home Centralize change management Leverage flexibility of salesi"orce. com to implement distribution changes Automate critical sales processes Integrate to support business goals / i‘): 'L'. c(‘}'7 r_
  31. 31. QUESTIONS <3’: ANSWERS Robert Zimmerman Area Vice President Peter Polasek SVP, Financial Systems Km t: (."'7 V_
  32. 32. Session Feedback Let us know how we're doing! Please score the session from 5 to 1 (5=exce| |ent,1=needs improvement) in the following categories: Overall rating of the session Quality of content Strength of presentation delivery Relevance of the session to your organization Additionally, please score each individual speaker on: ‘Overall delivery of session We strive to improve, thank you for filling out our survey. . 3' "r. t‘l'i, i". .. t / i‘): 'L‘. c(‘I'7 7_
  33. 33. force Best Practices for Crushing Your Quota Track: Sales I Pipeline Basics Kyle Thompson. Salesforcecom Peter Polasek. SunGard Robert Zimmerman, Salesforcecom