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Dreamforce '16 Trail Map: Life Sciences


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Blaze your trail to Dreamforce.

Download the trail maps for your role and industry and discover your four perfect days at Dreamforce.

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Dreamforce '16 Trail Map: Life Sciences

  1. 1. INt OCTOBER 4TUESDAY OCTOBER 5WEDNESDAY Your adventure starts here. 10:30 AM Red Pill or Blue? How Eli Lilly Chose Red on the Path to IT Transformation Moscone West 11:30 AM Convert Doubters into Believers: Aligning Marketing and Sales in Healthcare Marriott Hotel 12:30 PM Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Kickoff: A Unified Healthcare Platform Hilton Hotel 1:00 PM Eli Lilly: A Real-life Heroku Enterprise Success Story Marriott Hotel 2:30 PM Intelligent Patient Platform: Delivering Better Patient Outcomes InterCon Hotel 3:30 PM Salesforce in Life Sciences: Connecting Patients & Providers in a Whole New Way InterCon Hotel 4:00 PM Head over to the Salesforce Campground area in the Cloud Expo for live demos. Moscone South You’re on the right path! Keep going. 8:00 AM AppExchange for Life Sciences: Roche’s 123Compliance Story InterCon Hotel 9:30 AM Salesforce Health Cloud: The Future of Patient and Member Relationships InterCon Hotel 10:00 AM Modern Architectures: Architecting the Future for Big Pharma Moscone West 10:30 AM Salesforce in Life Sciences: Reimagining the Patient Experience InterCon Hotel 1:00 PM “Be a Customer Trailblazer” with Marc Benioff & Special Guests Moscone North 2:00 PM Head over to the Developer Forest and Admin Meadow. Moscone West Dreamforce Trail Map for Life Sciences Blaze your trail with these four perfect days. Click the sessions below to add to your agenda. Session Keynote Cloud Expo Special Event LEGEND
  2. 2. OCTOBER 7FRIDAY OCTOBER 6THURSDAY The most exciting part of your trail is today. 9:00 AM Deliver a Next-generation Platform Across the Care Continuum Using Health Cloud Hitlon Hotel 10:15 AM Population and Demographic Insights using and Wave Moscone West 11:30 AM Rethink the Patient Experience: What Healthcare Can Learn From Retail InterCon Hotel 12:30 PM Life Sciences Drive New Value With Agile Application Development InterCon Hotel 3:00 PM Salesforce Einstein Keynote: AI for Everyone Moscone West 5:00 PM Equality Summit Keynote: Road to Equality through Business, Sports & Government Moscone North 7:00 PM The AppBash Party City View Metreon You completed the Dreamforce Trail for Life Sciences! 10:00 AM Welcome to the Day of Compassion Moscone North 11:00 AM Can Compassion Change the Future? Moscone North 12:00 PM Day of Compassion: Compassion and Creativity Session Moscone North