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Dreamforce '16 Agenda Builder Guide

Agenda Builder is your chance to put together your session agenda for Dreamforce! Use this guide to make it a seamless and easy experience. Go live: September 7, 2016.

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Dreamforce '16 Agenda Builder Guide

  1. 1. Dreamforce ‘16 Agenda Builder User Guide
  2. 2. Ready for Agenda Builder? ● This is your chance to put together your session agenda for Dreamforce ● Can’t enroll in a session because it is full? Don’t worry - 25% of all session space is held for walk-ins **Except for Hands on Training and Workshops** ● Remember not to overbook. Save time to network, explore Dreamforce, and unwind. We recommend only booking 3-4 sessions per day.
  3. 3. What’s New this Year in Agenda Builder ● Trail Maps: Grab a Map with sessions recommended for you based on role, and industry. You can update your preferences at any time in Agenda Builder. A Trail Map will list suggested sessions, keynotes, zones and other activities and places that you should check out. ● Recommended Trailhead Modules: We've identified Trailhead Modules for every session so that you can earn related Trailhead badges during or after Dreamforce. Every year we work to make Agenda Builder as useful as possible. We’ve added some new tools this year to help you get the best content on your calendar!
  4. 4. New this year are Trail Maps - we will have a Trail Map for each of the roles and Industries. Use the Trail Maps when they are published for help in selecting sessions— these are great tools that will help reduce the amount of sessions you are thinking about scheduling. A Trail Map will list suggested sessions, keynotes, zones and other activities and places that you should check out. New Feature: Trail Maps
  5. 5. Let’s Get Started! Step-by-Step Instructions
  6. 6. To access Agenda Builder, go to and select the ‘Login’ button from the top right. Haven’t registered yet?
  7. 7. If you created your Dreamforce registration with your Salesforce User, click "Salesforce Log in.” If you created your Dreamforce registration with a Salesforce Events User or created a new account to register, click "Salesforce Events Log in". If you created your Dreamforce registration with your Marketing Cloud User, click "Marketing Cloud Log in.”
  8. 8. Use your Salesforce, Salesforce Events, or Marketing Cloud credentials to log in on the next screen. Don’t remember them? Click ‘I forgot my password’ and use your username to retrieve. All login pages will get you into Agenda Builder.
  9. 9. You’ll start with a full list of sessions. To start navigating them quickly, you’ll want to use filters or search by name.
  10. 10. Expand any filter category by clicking on the plus icon or name. Once they are expanded, click on the choices within that category to select your filter. You can choose more than one item in each filter and use multiple filters at once.
  11. 11. To see a session description, click on its title from your session results list. You’ll go to the session’s detail page, which will include the description, including speaker information, a list of related products and roles for that session, and the location. You can also interact in “Session Chatter” and see related sessions below.
  12. 12. Looking for a particular session or speaker? Type it into the search bar, and the sessions will automatically filter while you type, and will show up on your ‘sessions’ list.
  13. 13. You have the opportunity to enroll and bookmark the session from the session page. If you click the “enroll” button, you’ll reserve a seat for the session and it will show on your agenda. You can also bookmark and share the session from the same location.
  14. 14. You can check your sessions filtered or search results across multiple days by choosing a different day across the top.
  15. 15. If a session is already full, a walk-in option will be displayed in the session detail. For most sessions, 75% of all available seats are reservable in Agenda Builder and the other 25% are reserved for Walk-ins. The only sessions that the 25% Walk-in rule does not apply to are Hands-on Training and Workshops. So if you see a session that is sold out, just select the Walk-in option it so that it shows up in your Agenda and you can grab one of the walk in seats – given away on a first come, first served basis.
  16. 16. You can also enroll in or bookmark a session directly from the session list. To add a session to your agenda, just click on the green check, and it will fill green. Click the pink star to bookmark a session but not register for it – the star will fill pink.
  17. 17. If you try to add two sessions at the same time, you will get a time conflict message alerting you that you already have a session at that time. You will not be able to book sessions with overlapping times, but you can bookmark as many sessions as you want during the same time.
  18. 18. If you have a conflict, you may want to cancel the session you’ve registered for. To cancel a session, go to that session in the session list or session detail. Click on the “Enrolled” button next to that session, and when it is no longer filled with green, you are unenrolled.
  19. 19. If you want to see your calendar, simply click ‘My Agenda’ on the left of your screen.
  20. 20. You can sort through your bookmarks and enrollments on the My Agenda page. You can see everything on your agenda OR you can hide your bookmarks to only show your enrollments.
  21. 21. You’ve Got Your Agenda! ● Don’t overbook: We recommend only booking 3-4 sessions per day so that you have time to go with the flow and enjoy those micro moments that continually pop up all over San Francisco ● Print it out: While your agenda is ready to go on your mobile device, be sure to keep a hard copy - you never know when your electronics will give up on you ● Revise, revise, revise: Refine and change your agenda leading up to the conference - get recommendations from friends, partners, MVPs and more via the Success Community, blog posts, and social media ● There are more than sessions: Don’t forget to block off time to visit the Campground, Lodges, and Zones ● Get out of your comfort zone: Check out sessions outside of your job or industry - for example, we have 75 sessions in our Emerging Trends theme on IoT, Wearables, Storytelling, Science Fiction, Innovator’s dilemmas plus our unbelievable lineup of Innovation speakers. Top Agenda Tips: