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Choosing the Right Solution: When to Use Pardot, Marketing Cloud, or Both


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Whether you're marketing a B2B or B2C business--and regardless of your company's size or industry--Salesforce has several solutions to help you achieve your goals. Join us to discover the ideal fit for your needs. In this session, we'll guide you through the questions you should ask yourself so that you can determine if you should use Pardot, Marketing Cloud, or both.

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Choosing the Right Solution: When to Use Pardot, Marketing Cloud, or Both

  1. 1. Choosing the Right Solution When to Use Pardot, Marketing Cloud, or Both Woodson Martin SVP Operations, Marketing Cloud Salesforce ​ Shannon Duffy ​ VP Marketing, Pardot ​ Salesforce ​ Adam Postelnek ​ Marketing Cloud Lead ​ Magnet 360
  2. 2. Safe Harbor ​ Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: ​ This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. ​ The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the outcome of any litigation, risks associated with completed and any possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal year and in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the most recent fiscal quarter. These documents and others containing important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. ​ Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
  3. 3. Different Companies Have Different Marketing Goals Build Brand Awareness Generate High Quality Leads Establish Thought Leadership Drive Revenue Generation Increase Brand Engagement
  4. 4. EmailMarketingVendors Social Relationship Platform Cross-ChannelCampaignManagement DigitalExperiencePlatformDigitalMarketing 100sofAnalystReports EnterpriseListeningPlatform Multichannel Campaign Management SocialMediaManagement&MarketingApplications DigitalMarketingHubs Lead-to-RevenueManagementPlatform EnterpriseMarketingSoftwareSales Real-time Interaction Management MultichannelCampaignManagement Lead-to-Revenue Management Platform Email Marketing Vendors Enterprise Marketing Software Sales DigitalExperiencePlatform DigitalExperiencePlatform MultichannelCampaignManagement DigitalMarketing EnterpriseMarketingSoftwareSales DigitalExperiencePlatform Real-timeInteractionManagement
  5. 5. Email, Mobile, & Web Marketing ExactTarget Digital Advertising Social Media Marketing Social Studio B2B Marketing Automation Pardot
  6. 6. Email, Mobile, & Web Marketing ExactTarget B2B Marketing Automation Pardot
  7. 7. ​ Drive qualified leads and pipeline to a team of salespeople. ​ Drive customer engagement and revenue through 1-to-1 communications at scale with consumers, users, and subscribers. ​ For companies where marketing teams have both these missions. Which Products Are Right for You? +
  8. 8. Pardot ​  Lead Generation ​  Lead Nurturing & Scoring ​  Prospect Insights & Profiling ​  ROI Analysis & Reporting B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce
  9. 9. “Pardot allows my team to multiply our efforts without increasing headcount.” Provide mobile device charging solutions to businesses with high traffic minimal real estate spaces Pardot nurture programs automatically identify and pass hand raisers to the sales team Sales is able to use their time effectively; 230% increase in successful contact with leads More efficient, streamlined processes and teams; collectively saves 20+ hours per week Kwikboost Helps More Places Power Up with Pardot - Peter Munnerlyn, Marketing Manager, Kwikboost
  10. 10. Which Products Are Right For You? + ​ Drive qualified leads and pipeline to a team of salespeople. ​ Drive customer engagement and revenue through 1-to-1 cross- channel communications at scale with consumers, users, and subscribers. ​ For companies where marketing teams have both these missions.
  11. 11. ExactTarget ​  Email Marketing ​  Predictive Intelligence ​  Mobile Marketing ​  Cross-Channel Journeys Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing
  12. 12. “Data is the underpinning to everything we do here… Marketing Cloud is pivotal to us being able to access that data.” 200 unique campaigns per month driven by a team of two marketers Predictive analytics and member preferences used to craft 1:1 daily emails Manage 40,000 fashion images monthly with Marketing Cloud HauteLook Drives Rapid Growth with Personalized Targeting Catherine Wood, Director of Relationship Marketing
  13. 13. Which Products Are Right for You? + ​ Drive qualified leads and pipeline to a team of salespeople. ​ Drive customer engagement and revenue through 1-to-1 communications at scale with consumers, users, and subscribers. ​ For companies where marketing teams have both these missions.
  14. 14. Adam Postelnek Marketing Cloud Lead
  15. 15. Pardot + Marketing Cloud + Connect With All of Your Customers
  16. 16. “Salesforce allowed us to have better alignment between our Marketing and Sales teams.” offers comprehensive database of millions of apartments around the country Pardot is used to target high-scoring leads with tailored content, increasing engagement and close rate Marketing Cloud automates millions of personalized messages across email & mobile during a 45-day journey Uses Salesforce to Connect with ALL of Their Customers Lisa Schuble, Email & SMS Marketing Manager
  17. 17. “Before we collaborated with Magnet 360, we were doing too much marketing based on instinct or intuition, not based on data.” Large financial services company needed to better connect with clients using digital solutions Magnet 360 joined Pardot tracking & lead scoring with Marketing Cloud’s cross-channel capabilities Sales & Marketing have robust, real-time information, on 100,000s of individuals in their CRM Prioritize, target, measure, and evolve their marketing and sales activities A Marketing Solution to Drive the Sales Process - Roadmap Stakeholder ​ 
  18. 18. Before Salesforce, Marketing and sales were completely siloed. Most marketing was run through agencies and Purina did not have visibility to actionable marketing insights. Purina worked with Magnet 360 to implement a cohesive Sales & Marketing Automation solution, inclusive of Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Pardot. Now, Purina Sales & Marketing can build out profiles with the customer at the center, enabling sales to deliver excellent experiences and marketing can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Actionable Insights Power Sales AND Marketing “With Salesforce, Purina is now in a place where we can drive customer engagement like never before.” ​  - Michelle Hermanson, Business Analyst
  19. 19. Pardot + Marketing Cloud Marketing Cloud Sales Cloud Pardot 500 A Email Mobile Social Ads Predictive Web Lead Scoring & Engagement Lead Nurturing Data ! Web Behavior Prospect Alerts Share Data Across The Customer Success Platform
  20. 20. David Rubin Sr. Solutions Engineer
  21. 21. Demo
  22. 22. Questions?
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