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Moving House Tips - Dream Team Movers


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Dream Team Movers are a relocation company based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. We want to share some of the tips we have found from many years working in the commercial removal and relocation market. Some small bite-sized tips that will make any house or flat move, that little bit easier. Have a great move :)

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Moving House Tips - Dream Team Movers

  1. 1. Moving House Tips By Dream Team Movers
  2. 2. Hello. Moving home can be stressful. Let us help ease the pain of moving with our handy guide.
  3. 3. Before you start. We always suggest having a clear out. De-cluttering is the one thing that can help you the most when it comes to your move. I bet you’ve wanted to get rid of some items for a while and now is your chance! ✓ Start at least 4 weeks before your move ✓ Don’t do it all at once - 10 - 20 minutes per day is fine Why not make some money for your move? Sell your unwanted items on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook and you’ll have less to move come the big day!
  4. 4. Let’s Recap Don’t do it all at once, as you will wear yourself out. Take your time and do it little and often - you don’t want to get stressed or disheartened. Start one room at a time, take 10 – 20 minutes a day and you will eventually get there. We suggest you start having a clear-out at least 4 weeks before your moving date. Once you start de-cluttering, you will be so surprised how much stuff you don’t need, or even forgot about.
  5. 5. General Packing Tips Start collecting boxes. You may be able to get some for free from friends and family. Alternatively you can buy them from various places such as: or local storage companies. Before you start, you will need: ✓ Moving boxes ✓ Scissors ✓ Packing tape ✓ Pens ✓ *Labels*!!! ✓ Pad of paper for note taking
  6. 6. General Packing Tips ✓ Moving boxes - This is for storing all your treasured possessions. So think strong and well packaged. ✓ Scissors - For cutting tape and packaging materials as well as labels and anything else. ✓ Packing tape - Heavy duty tape that can withstand the move. You don’t want boxes opening in transit. ✓ Pens - You will need to write on labels and take notes about what is in which boxes. So grab some pens; markers and ballpoints. ✓ *Labels*!!! - Possibly the single most important part of the move. The better you label, the easier it will be at the other end! ✓ Pad of paper - You need to make detailed inventories of boxes; what is in them and where they came from.
  7. 7. General Packing Tips ✓ Moving boxes - Always pack your boxes by room and label your box. Always label boxes according to their designated room in the new location as this will make it much easier at the other end. ✓ When packing your boxes make sure that all items fit nice and snug. Avoid letting anything hang out; the lid won’t fit and bulges - as you won’t be able to stack them and could cause damage to the items that are packed. ✓ When packing plates, always pack them vertically as they are less likely to break. ✓ Make sure all delicate items are bubble wrapped Dream Team Super-Tip: When moving yourself, use a suitcase with wheels for heavy stuff. It will be easier to shift when it comes to moving day.
  8. 8. General Packing Tips ✓ If you have to pack small items, we suggest packing them into smaller boxes and then into a bigger box. This will help things get organised and prevent them from getting tangled up or going missing. ✓ When packing jewellery, we suggest packing in cling film. It will prevent it from getting tangled later. Make sure you group them e.g., one pair of earrings together in one cling film wrap and so on. ✓ One more thing... when transporting liquids always place cling film on the top then screw the lid on firmly. Or you can tape the lids to reduce spillage. You definitely don’t want liquid everywhere. Dream Team Super-Tip: We always suggest, packing one suitcase with all the things you will need for the day you move and the day after. The last thing you want to be doing is searching through everything for clothes or a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  9. 9. Transporting White Goods ✓ Always defrost freezers and dry them. You don’t want a smelly freezer. Try and do this at least 48 hours before moving date, as your freezer will need that long to defrost. Also please bare in mind that your freezer will also need 24 hours once it has been moved. This will help the gasses to settle. ✓ On the day you decide to defrost, plan your meals as you don’t want to waste anything. You may need to think a few weeks ahead and start clearing down your frozen food. ✓ When un-plumbing your washing machine and dryer; Always unplug the hose and empty. Open your drum for a few days and let it dry out to prevent other boxes from getting wet during the move.
  10. 10. Transporting White Goods ✓ Always clean your oven before moving. As the grease will leave marks on anything it has contact with. ✓ When disconnecting any gas appliances, we suggest instructing a gas safe engineer. Next: Flat packing Furniture
  11. 11. Flat Packing Furniture ✓ Use food bags - these will help keep all fixings such as screws and bolts together. We also suggest labeling them as it will help to identify what they are from. ✓ Cables and connections - When unplugging television, stereos, computers and so on. We always recommend taking a photo. This will help you remember where everything was placed and how they connect to each other. ✓ Tools - Make sure all the relevant tools that you will use to assemble are in one box and labelled. This will save time hunting for the allen keys or the Philips screwdrivers.
  12. 12. Good Luck We hope these home moving tips will help you go in the right direction. Don’t forget we are here to help if you need us and can supply packaging and boxes, or even take care of all the packing for you. Giving you one less thing to worry about. Good Luck! From Dream Team Movers Originally published here: With help from FAS Media