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Jimmy Kimmel The Chiimp Meets Young PeaceBuilders


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People ask all the time why PAX has special language like PAX, Spleems, PAX Leaders, and PeaceBuilders from my current and earlier work. Many do not understand the deep science that goes into how language can teach self regulation—even in situations that have high social pressure. So in this case, you can see two elementary students who a told to lie and cheat by Jimmy Kimmel. Obviously, he has not met PeaceBuilders. To read more about the science of PeaceBuilders, please go to and search "PeaceBuilders."

Published in: Education
  • PeaceBuilders was the second significant public-health prevention strategy I created, and all my scientific prevention work uses what is now called "Relational Frame Theory (RFT)" to facilitate or mediate generalized behavior change through a purposeful, positive aspiration language that involves both a sense of identity and present indicative. The PeaceBuilders pledge is specifically structured to accomplish this. The pledge goes like this: "I am a PeaceBuilder. I praise people, give up put-downs, seek wise people as advisors and friends, notice and speak up about hurts, and right wrongs. I promise to build peace each day.
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