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Case study power point


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Case study power point

  1. 1. How to respond to a weekly Critical Thinking Activity’s Case Study Tips for Writing the BEST CTA!
  2. 2. Reading the Case• Read the case study carefully and take notes on the pertinent points.• What theory, points, concepts were covered?• Consider what the week’s Module covers.• How does this case relate to those concepts?• Remember that this assignment is trying to determine if you understand the week’s material!
  3. 3. Dissecting the case• What are the major points in the case?• Questions to consider: – What is the problem? – Who are the players? – How does the case relate to the concepts from the week’s module? – How can you “solve” the issues using the week’s theory?
  4. 4. Writing the analysis1. Restate the case briefly.2. Offer an overview of the theory/model/concept.3. Show how the case relates to the week’s concepts.4. Use the theory to answer the questions.5. End with recommendations
  5. 5. APA Tips• Ensure that you are adhering to APA format.• Be sure that you cite evidence accurately using APA style.• Offer the required number of sources as indicated in the assignment’s directions.• Do NOT offer opinion in the paper; support your statements of fact with evidence cited with APA documentation.