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Drawloop for Salesforce


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Automate Docs in Salesforce - Automate and merge the same documents you have used for years to close more deals, increase revenue and improve productivity. From within Salesforce, users click a button to create dynamic document packages (DDPs) using data from multiple objects, including custom objects and product line items. Or, automatically create DDPs from workflows. Drawloop is a certified solutions partner of

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Drawloop for Salesforce

  1. 1. Document Service Automate Docs in Salesforce Automate and merge data from any salesforce objects into any combination of documents - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, Visualforce pages or Quotes. Automate and merge the same documents you have used for years to close more deals, increase revenue and improve productivity. The document service youʼve been looking for “My reps love this solution,and I love the fact that it freesup more of their time to spend with customers rather than filling out paperwork and creating proposals.” IntraLinks Drawloop Sales 949.242.0455, option 1 DDP Merge - Merge any salesforce data dynamically into your docs • Dynamically create a document package (DDP) from any object merging salesforce data from any combination of objects. • Merge into any combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Visualforce pages and Quotes - return a single combined PDF or the original merged documents • Allow user to include optional sections or pages at run time and include required elements based on the DDP or salesforce field values (if this, then include) DDP Delivery - Send a DDP to any required delivery for your business • Allow users to select DDP delivery option (email, download, document queue, content workspace) or control at the administrative level where the DDP is delivered • Send DDP based on custom delivery options - send for e-signature, send to SMTP service, send to web-service (HTTPs), or route through salesforce workflows Merge from Objects Easy to Build Leverage Salesforce Merge salesforce data from multiple Quickly drop merge fields into docs, DDPs can (1) be delivered through objects into any combination of Microsoft upload to salesforce, and then build a salesforce email and workflows, (2) Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can DDP by selecting pages (required, stored on objects, (3) create tasks and return a combined PDF or the original optional and/or based on field values), update records at run time, and (4) be merged document(s). user security and DDP delivery options. deployed by object, roles and profiles. © Drawloop Technologies, Inc. - 4199 Campus Drive, Irvine, California 92612 USA - -
  2. 2. Document Service Features Merging Salesforce data into documents Dynamically merge any salesforce data (coming from any combination of objects) into any combination of documents. Allows your admin to build dynamic document packages (DDPs) using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint along with Visualforce pages, PDFs, Mail Merge templates, Salesforce Reports, Quotes and Content. Control document delivery Control how you want different document packages (DDPs) to be delivered. Some of your options include: (i) email document (as a combined PDF or original merged docs) through Salesforce email and associate with an email template or send through your SMTP server, (ii) download, (iii) attach to an object, (iv) send through content delivery and (v) virtually any custom delivery option like send to an e-signature service. Control the contents of your document packages Allow your admin to control how a dynamic document package (DDP) is put together. A DDP can contain documents and/or pages of documents dynamically packaged, based on what elements are required, optional (selected at run time by the user) or advanced (included or excluded based on Salesforce data). An example is your sales proposal. You want the cover letter and overview of services to be included in the sales proposal (required elements), but you want to allow the user at run time to decide whether to include information about existing customers (optional elements). And finally, the sales proposal needs to include product disclosures based on which products are selected (advanced elements – based on Salesforce data). “With Drawloop, we haveautomated the entire sales contractprocess, and most importantly, our customer data is accurate in Salesforce. This has saved our team hours of manual work.” LinkedIn Corporation © Drawloop Technologies, Inc. - 4199 Campus Drive, Irvine, California 92612 USA - -
  3. 3. Document Service Features Consolidated document management From the DDP manager (Salesforce object), you can control all of the elements for your dynamic document package from one location in Salesforce. This includes documents, final DDP page order, DDP output file name, security, related objects, custom integration options and a document tagging tool. Run DDPs from Salesforce workflows Any DDP can be triggered via an outbound message. Examples include web-to-lead forms to generate a custom document package, or generate and send a DDP based on a change in a Salesforce record. This can also be accomplished with Apex. Update fields in Salesforce Update any related record or related field when the DDP is run. For example, this allows you to change an Opportunity stage from “Proposed” to “Quoted”. Another example is changing a Salesforce field to then trigger a specific workflow action. Create new records in Salesforce Create a new record from Salesforce and/or DDP data when the DDP is run. As an example, you may want to automatically create a follow-up task when your sales proposal DDP is generated. This helps to create more visibility and accountability for actions within Salesforce at the time of document creation. “Drawloop allowed us to About Drawloop dynamically package our Founded in 2001, Drawloop delivers cloud-based document services to documents to meet the needs of merge and automate the same documents you have used for years. We our unique and specific outgoinglicensing document requirements.” take great pride in our document services and our global customer base comprised of enterprise corporations, financial service firms, technology ASCAP companies, small businesses and individuals. © Drawloop Technologies, Inc. - 4199 Campus Drive, Irvine, California 92612 USA - -