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Drawbridge Tech Talk: Docker


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Alvin Deng gives an intro to Docker, a platform for engineers to build, ship, and run applications by using containers.

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Drawbridge Tech Talk: Docker

  1. 1. Intro to Docker Alvin Deng, Drawbridge Credit to intro-november for strong references of Docker and for some of the illustrations.
  2. 2. The Challenges Static Website Nginx + Modsecurity + OpenSSL + Bootstrap User DB PostgresSQL Analytics DB Hadoop + Hive + Thrift + OpenJDK API Endpoint Python 2.7 + Flask + PyRedis + Celery + Psycopg + PostgresSQL- client Background Workers Python 3.6 + Celery + PySpark + Tensorflow Analytics Engine Spark + Pig Development Cluster Public Cloud Production Cluster Contributor’s Laptop Customer Data CenterQA Servers Disaster Recovery
  3. 3. The Matrix From Hell
  4. 4. Cargo Transport Pre-1950
  5. 5. Another Matrix From Hell
  6. 6. Intermodal Shipping Container
  7. 7. Docker Static Website User DB Analytics DB API Endpoint Background Workers Analytics Engine Public CloudProduction ClusterContributor’s Laptop Customer Data Center
  8. 8. Why Engineers/Data Scientists Care - Build once… (finally) run anywhere - A clean, safe, and portable runtime environment - No worries on missing dependencies - Run each app in its own isolated containers - Eliminate concerns about compatibility on different platforms - Instant replay and reset of image snapshots
  9. 9. Why SREs/DevOps Care - Configure once… run anything - Deployment lifecycle is more efficient, consistent, and repeatable - Eliminate inconsistencies between dev/test/prod/customer - Improve the speed and reliability of CI
  10. 10. Separation Of Concerns Bob the Builder - Worries about what’s “inside” the container - Code - Libraries - Data - All Linux servers look the same Jane the SRE - Worries about what’s “outside” the container - Logging - Remote access - Monitoring - Network configuration - All containers start, stop, copy, attach, migrate the same way
  11. 11. Containers vs. VMs It only needs to save the diffs between container A and A’
  12. 12. Docker Basics - Images - Basis of a Docker container - content is at rest - Containers - The image when it’s “running” - Standard unit for application service - Engine - System that executes commands for containers - Handles networking/storage for containers - Registry - Stores, distributes, and manages Docker images
  13. 13. Spawning Containers
  14. 14. Changes And Updates
  15. 15. Thank You Demo and Q&A