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Punch Above Your Weight Foundation Workshop


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Slide set that covers the basics of the Punch Above Your Weight approach to small business marketing.
1) Get your story right
2) Understand how social media work
3) Choose the right balance of online and offline activity for your business
We'll tell you how to promote your business and generate more leads in 12 hours a week

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Punch Above Your Weight Foundation Workshop

  1. 1. Punch Above Your Weight How to optimize y p your Marketing g Dr Alan Rae – Managing Partner Our Business is Making Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2007 Your Business Grow
  2. 2. Marketing 1. It’s b t 1 It’ about generating opportunities. ti t iti 2. You need a strong story that connects you to your customers. 3. You have limited time for sales and marketingg – 12 hours on average for a small business. 4. 4 You need to use the internet to prospect for you – to generate warm leads. If you’re clever you can get a 40% boost in leads leads. 5. We can help you achieve this Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2004-2009 2006
  3. 3. Market Structure – which world are you in? Markets end up with a Gorilla, 2 or 3 Chimps and lots of monkeys. The Gorilla’s World The Monkey’s World • Supply chain heads dictate the terms • E-procurement cuts costs • Collaboration is the name of the game • You have to dance to their tune • Being known for what you do is critical • Progressively the hurdles get higher Having a clear story and the money gets less Being able to Deliver • Firms go out of business Doing what you say • The industry consolidates Getting back quickly • Gets the results you want Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2010
  4. 4. What’s your story? y y • You need a narrative that connects you to the customer and motivates them to work with you. • It needs to be – Compelling – Relates you emotionally to the listener – Phrased in their language – Addresses their pain and spurs them into action • And is absolutely crystal clear and unambiguous about what you do and why. • All our research shows that people give or refer business to people that they know what they do
  5. 5. Getting your story right One exercise that I find useful is to compare our needs and values with those of the client This can give us a framework in which we can develop compelling narratives. ti This is all about values and how people think Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2010
  6. 6. Different Marketing Strategies
  7. 7. Social media were invented by monkeys • S i l media are online networks Social di li k • The same rules apply as in face to face networks – Reciprocity – Listen before you talk – Be polite – Be helpful p – Be clear about what you do and what you want Copyright Dr Alan Rae Our Business is Making Your 2009 Business Grow
  8. 8. Your online toolkit. You can create structures like this to get noticed by influencers Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2004-2009 2006
  9. 9. Criteria for spending much time online • Am A a national or a l ti l local player? l l ? • Is my business scalable? y • Do I have a reason to go on line? • How much time do I need to spend sales and marketing • Wh is the b l What i h balance b between on liline and offline? • How much do I believe in chance and random connections? Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2006
  10. 10. National and Global Businesses use social media Copyright Dr Alan Rae Our Business is Making Your 2007 Business Grow
  11. 11. You ve You’ve got 12 hours • Find a home group to network with • Be crystal clear about what you do • Get back to people quickly • Practice Givers Gain • If you need to build an online presence d t b ild li – You can write one blog article and keep a presence on one and a h lf social networks per week d half i l t k k – Focus on Linked-in then Ecademy which combines on line and offline • Conventional face to face activity with a bit of PR and adwords spend i what people actually d d d d d is h t l t ll do. Copyright Dr Alan Rae 2004-2009 2006
  12. 12. Taking it forward • We are looking for people to interview about their experiences with supply chain marketing, • Next online marketing workshop. Arora Hotel Gatwick 7th May / 80 page workbook / BrainMap £77 inc Details here. • For the full story on how to build a compelling web presence using adwords as a research t l and d i i i d d h tool d driving traffic through social media have a look at www punchaboveyourweight com • More information from Alan Rae on 0845 094 0407