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Chef a la local [autosaved]


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Chef a la local [autosaved]

  1. 1. Chef A La Local Local Food. Local Chefs. Local Taste. is happy to bring forth…
  2. 2. TARGET MARKET “THE 417 SOCIALITE” • Up and coming areas in Springfield • Young and established professionals • More apt to spend money • Cares about this community’s success “THE SPRINGFIELD CULTURE YUPPIE” • Avid supporters • Takes a stand on social + local causes • Trying new and diverse experiences
  3. 3. GOA LS1. Increase event awareness amongst the local community. 2. Grow the number of guest attendance up to 150 attendees by the end of the campaign. + OBJECTIVES1. By the end of the campaign, we will maximize exposure of the organization and their community initiatives. 2. Construct a brand message for the campaign that will resonate with intended markets. 3. Develop unique ideas and fresh tactics to pull at least 100 new/potential donors.
  4. 4. TRADITIONAL MEDIA SUMMARY WHO: • KY3 • Springfield News Leader • 417 Magazine • KSPR • KSGF 104.1 FM • The Standard student newspaper • Any supplementary researched effective media outlets will be explored WHY: • Target Market • Credible local sources • Local reach, influence, and proximity
  5. 5. PRESS KIT MATERIALS To encompass a streamlined PR campaign for the Show Me Chefs competition show and the Chef A La Local fundraising event, a press kit was developed. It includes 4 main ingredients with 1 unique spice: • Show Me Chefs Fact Sheet • Prototype News Story • Prototype Press Release • Prototype Feature Story • Direct E-mail Marketing
  6. 6. INVITATION MATERIALS Please review pages 14-17 for prototype invitation materials.
  7. 7. BUDGET
  8. 8. Evaluation of Measures From analyzing social media impressions and reach, to evaluating the continuous communication process of decoding and encoding messages, the evaluation method for this fundraising campaign will be critical to our recipes for success. We will look at these key ingredients: • Media coverage and Traditional Media • Interactive and Social Media • Stakeholders • Benchmarking ORGANIC RESULTS. GOOD FOR THE SOUL.
  9. 9. QUESTIONS + ANSWERS? Thank you Chef A La Local Local Food. Local Chefs. Local Taste.