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Content Marketing for Associations & Nonprofits: An Overview


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The 2012 Content Marketing World Conference opened with a pre-conference workshop on Content Marketing for Associations and Nonprofit organizations. The workshop opened with this overview.

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Content Marketing for Associations & Nonprofits: An Overview

  1. 1. Content Marketing Workshopfor Associations & Nonprofits Steve Drake AMR Management Services @stevedrake • #cmworld #cmworld
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Welcome• Overview of Associations, Nonprofits & Content Marketing• Real World Content Marketing: What’s Working & Not Working• Work Teams focused on implementation• Discussion & Wrapup #cmworld
  3. 3. 2010-2012: Guiding Lights 2011 2012 2011 2011 2010 #cmworld
  4. 4. Race for Relevance Realities Action1. Time 1. Board Size & Competence2. Value Expectation 2. Staff Empowered3. Consolidation- Specialization 3. Technology Integration/Plan4. Generational Differences 4. Fewer Committees5. Competition 5. Relevance to Members, Targeted6. Technology Markets #cmworld
  5. 5. EOMAWKI 1. Economy-Recession 2. Generational 3. Technology #cmworld
  6. 6. Maximum Engagement• Engage & move from FREE to FEE• Content can make it happen #cmworld
  7. 7. Managing Content Marketing • To engage your members/donors, become a publishing powerhouse • Tell your stories • From Push to Pull • Identify your key personas • Nurture & feed your subscribers #cmworld
  8. 8. New Rules of Marketing & PR • Old rules obsolete in online world • Real time now required • Speed wins • Plan for NOW, react NOW #cmworld
  9. 9. Commonalities for NPs, AssociationsTechnology Ge n e r a t i o n sEconomic Impacts Professional StaffGovernance Business Models #cmworld
  10. 10. Association Content Vehicles• Printed magazine or • vlog (video blog) journal • Tweet• Printed newsletter • Webinar• e-newsletter • Podcast• Tip of the Week • Direct mail flier• Blast email • Facebook post• Weekly (or daily) blog • LinkedIn update• Website • YouTube video• Speech or outline posted • Flickr file of photos on • Pinterest • Other #cmworld