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5 Content Marketing Strategies/Tools to add value and enhance your practice. This session focused heavily on message develop and target audience selection. 60% of the audience -- mostly occupational health nurses -- was focused on internal marketing; 20% on external marketing and 20% on both. 60% of the audience focused on marketing to increase awareness of their practice with 20% focused on getting more clients/patients.

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  • Thought I’d tell you a bit about myself. Mrs. A & Man on the MoonClarke, The Woman’s CollegeSoy to the WorldFarm-grown Christmas TreesAward-winning + Case Study in Consumer Marketing book Change on the fly!
  • 8 1 aaohn webinar

    1. 1. 5 Content MarketingStrategies/Tools to Add Value & Enhance Your Practice Steve Drake SCD Group Inc.
    2. 2. About MeCoach: “Drake, you’d be better if you were more mobile, agile and hostile!”
    3. 3. Share information aboutcontent marketing to helpyou grow your practice.
    4. 4. Today’s Agenda• Your expectations on today’s session• 3 Tools – Listening/Searching/Curating – Creating – Distributing• Comments & Discussion
    5. 5. Content Marketing• Content marketing is the strategy of communicating with your audience and prospects without selling to them.• Instead of pitching yourself, you are delivering information that helps (them). The content is about and for them, not you.• Content curation is an art of compiling information from a variety of sources and presenting them in a creative manner in front on your audience.
    6. 6. Example
    7. 7. Content Marketing• to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience …• to drive workers engaged in healthy living.
    8. 8. Content MarketingFocus on …• Is this content important to my prospects?• Will this content add value to my employer?
    9. 9. Assumptions• You have a well defined audience• Discovering, curating & distributing content builds trust, credibility and value• Becoming thought leader builds business• Digital media provides tools; you provide time• Mindset – not size – matters• Complex or simple: up to you• 10 to 90 minutes a day• Avoid Plagerism … Do Research
    10. 10. Seek. Sense. Share.
    11. 11. 1 Listening/Searching
    12. 12. Discover & Create“Monitor/Listen” for great content: 1. Google News Alerts 2. Google Scholar 3. Twitter feeds (see TweetDeck) 4. Professional Blog sites 5. Conferences & conference speakers
    13. 13. Listening at Work
    14. 14. 2 Curating: Making Sense
    15. 15. Curation: Pull it Together• Is it relevant & important?• What does it mean?• Is it 2+2=5?
    16. 16. 3 Contention Creation
    17. 17. Content Creation• Keep idea file• See connections to your goals• Create (write) content (blog, tweet, Facebook)
    18. 18. Messaging
    19. 19. Messaging• Step 1: determine your specific audience(s)• Step 2: what is his/her point of view – Worker health vs fewer absences• Step 3: craft specific message for each audience• Remember: what you say vs what they hear
    20. 20. Messaging• KEY: – Tell stories that reinforce your key messages• Within confines of HIPPA, use “case studies”
    21. 21. 4
    22. 22. Newsjacking• “Jump on news in your profession”• Create your response or perspective• Put comment on original story• Post to Twitter, blog, Facebook, etc.• RealTime
    23. 23. 5 Content Distribution
    24. 24. Content Formula1 = Something daily (news update on website, thought for the day, Tip of the Day, etc.)7 = Something each week (Tip of the Week, weekly eletter, etc.)30 = Something monthly (magazine, newsletter, webcast, etc.)4 = Something quarterly (Webinar, etc.)2 = Something twice a year (white paper, research report, etc.)1 = Something annually (conference, eBook, etc.)
    25. 25. Editorial Calendar
    26. 26. Tools• Step 1: determine what tools are available – External: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – Internal: intranet – Internal: blogs• Step 2: select tools for each audience
    27. 27. 6
    28. 28. 60 Minute PlanREMEMBER: Tools are FREE; Your time is not!Listening• 20 minutes in morning (after initial setup)Curating• 20 minutes or moreDistributing• 20 minutes or more (using scheduling tools)
    29. 29. Repackage RepurposeRedistribute
    30. 30. Want This Stuff?Download this power point …www.slideshare.net/DrakeCo
    31. 31. Want More?Content Marketing/Management forAssociations & Nonprofits  Pre-conference workshop  Tuesday afternoon, September 4  Awesome conference!  Save $100. Use “SCD Group” in discount code Disclosure:  I’m coordinating the workshop