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The Internet Research Center


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Presentation which was conducted in the framework of China Hi-tech Fair kicks off in Shenzhen

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The Internet Research Center

  1. 1. Barcelona, March 8th, 2016
  2. 2. Research Focus Internet Architectures and Services 5G Networks:  Multi-tenancy (network slicing)  Network virtualisation (SDN, NFV)  Service orchestration and Service chaining  Recursive Inter Network Architecture (RINA) Ultra dense networks of small cells Cloud Technologies:  Cloud networking (overlay network services)  Edge/Fog Computing  VM and Container Management (OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes…)  Hybrid Clouds (Public/Private) Big Data:  Data Monitoring  DataBase Management (relational, non-relational, distributed)  Business-driven data model design  Data analytics over Spark/Hadoop  Data virtualisation and integration
  3. 3. Research Focus Mobile Wireless Internet 5G Networks:  Ultra dense networks of small cells  Wireless backhauling  SDN control for 5G RAN  Integration of unlicensed and licensed bands Beyond 5G (B5G):  Integration of VLC (Li-Fi) as a new air interface of B5G networks IoT & Cyber Physical Systems (CPS):  Energy harvesting for embedded systems  Application of IoT to Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities  LPWAN technologies: SIGFOX, LoRa, NB-IoT
  4. 4. Research Focus Media Internet Media Delivery:  Adaptive streaming (DASH)  Synchronization (NTP, DVB-CSS)  Media Processing (Cloud Mixing)  Mobile live video streaming (RTMP) Immersive and Interactive Media:  VR Multiplatform (Unity3D and WebVR clients)  Production tools (Adobe Premiere plug-in)  Quality of Experience based in quantitative user behaviour analysis  Self representation mechanisms  Automatic Interactive characters
  5. 5. Innovation Business Units Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, eHealth, Social
  6. 6. eHealth and Social Inclusion VINCLES Project Mobile social network for breaking down the social isolation Connects elderly people with their family, friends and focus groups from the same neighbourhood. More than 2.000 people will be involved in Barcelona (1st stage) Provides videoconference, chat, photo sharing and reminder notification features.
  7. 7. Smart Cities. Mobility LEDgo (Visible Light Communication) Watch Live Demos MWC 2016 Watch Demo Automated Guided Vehicle
  8. 8. Smart Cities. Open Data Symphony platform Features Technologies Website Data indexing Extract Data processing Data visualization
  9. 9. Digital Social Innovation Catalonia Laboratories (CATLabs) Creation of the digital social innovation community in Catalonia. Involve the citizens in the innovation system. By coordinating the several local user-driven initiatives already in Catalonia, set up a whole collaboratory.
  10. 10. 1. R+D projects Collaboration (H2020 and private) 2. Deployment of a 5G experimental facility in Barcelona, with the support of the Government of Catalonia and the Mobile World Capital 3. Talent Programme. i2CAT can host researchers from China institutions to participate in EU research projects and to complete PhD studies. • 5G (SDN, NFV, Big Data) • Cloud technologies • Open Data • Internet of Things (IoT) • Immersive and Interactive Media
  11. 11. 1. Integration / development of new features and use cases for company products and solutions. 2. Landing. Creation of R+D teams with researchers from company and i2CAT
  12. 12. 1. Local deployment of company products: Use Case definition, Technical validation, User validation (Living Labs) 2. Field trial roll-out. Look for beta-testers and support from private and/or public entities
  13. 13. 1. LEDgo (Visible Light Communication). Partners to exploit the Technology:  LED Manufacturers  Indoor location service providers  Mobile application developpers 2. Creation of new product/solutions by integrating company and i2CAT IPRs. • VLC IPR (Patent file) • Industry 4.0 Marketplace Platform • Software Engineering Group
  14. 14. Participation in the main ICT Trade Fairs hosted in Barcelona
  15. 15. Futher information about i2CAT... i2CAT’s Video: Internet, Future Research i2CAT’s Annual Report 2015