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Dragonicum is a new international business-to-business marketplace and company directory, covering Africa & Middle East, Americas, Asia & Pacific, and Europe. Dragonicum is always at your service, by providing and developing competitive market visibility for your company, as well as advising your commercial operations to an international high standard.

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Dragonicum Your Gateway To International Business

  1. 1. Your gateway to international business Dragonicum.com is a new international B2B market place and company directory, located in the heart of Europe, in beautiful Slovenia, Online trading is an easy, the natural and historical time- and cost efficient way meeting point of cultures to manage investments. between the East and the West. By using internet it is Dragonicum will service you possible for you to directly as your strategist to research and invest in ensure quality and business opportunities all consistency across your over the world. Internet marketing program.
  2. 2. Dragonicum's Developers Dragonicum.com, the international trade portal, was developed between 2006-2009 in co-operation with the Slovene programmer, Janko Metelko, owner of Refaktor d.o.o. Inger-Marie Wold Fabic Owner and Developer of Inger-Marie Wold Fabic Dragonicum.com (Norway), owner of Dragonicum, has more than 20 years' experience with international affairs, marketing and sales from Norway, China and Slovenia.
  3. 3. Business ethics and professionalism We are devoted to conduct client relationship intergration, horizontally and vertically, based on business ethics and professionalsm, business rules and efficiency. Our vision is to be the most trusted business bridge builder between continents on Internet. Our goal is to create the best marketing effects and values for our Dragonicum members.
  4. 4. Investment in business opportunities all over the world via Internet But it is risky, and you should take precautions to ensure that you do not become the target or victim of scams and fraudulent schemes. These days there is a rise of tailored Trojans aimed at customers of banks, business portals and social networks, and we are witnessing increasing awareness of the value of people's identity. Businesses are at risk because their lack of understanding cyber security has resulted in a widespread failure to implement the necessary preventative technology.
  5. 5. Security makes Dragonicum unique Internet criminals are stronger than ever and seem to take advantage of Internet's capabilities, therefore be wary when you receive unsolicited emails, and when you search for new products, services and partners on Internet, because anyone can post web site information which is accessable from anywhere in the world in order to carry out various types of fraudulent schemes.
  6. 6. Safer trading with Dragonicum.com Different as Dragonicum.com is from other online business portals is that we focus on security from the start. Our priority No 1 is to create Today there are too many and maintain a safe and well lit trade portals keeping their market place for our member door widely open for the companies. infiltration of scammers and cyber criminals, with the Security makes Dragonicum. result that they have lost com unique! completely control over their website's trade community.
  7. 7. Dragonicum's Security Measures Our security center is designed to help our members in identifying trustworthy trading partners. Some of our security measures: Only legitimate companies are welcome to join Dragonicum. Member candidates must pass through an authentification and verification process. Member candidates will not get access to the member's area before their membership application has been approved. Member profiles must be filled out with comprehensive contact and company information before it gets announced on the front page.
  8. 8. Dragonicum.com Security Center Learn how to protect yourself and your company by being cautious and critical to all requests that your company receives. - Bluetooth Hacking, Bluebugging, Bluesnarfing - Change your passwords regularly - Cyber Crime Awareness - Cyber Crime Prevention - Cyber Crime Complaints - Internet Fraud Schemes - Protect your account - Regular Backups
  9. 9. Efficient Internet Marketing Your company is doing well, but could it do even better? Your company's two main objectives should be to You will find Dragonicum.com attract customers and to as a valuable Internet partner convert the customer traffic whether you want to increase into inquiries. business to business contacts, generate more Your web presence's goals sales, or enhance branding of should be to improve the your products and services. business as a whole and complement your company's offline marketing and sales efforts.
  10. 10. Dragonicum.com's Services - Company Directory: defined for more than 13,500 services - Trade Leads Directory; buying, selling, co-operation leads - Trade Show Directory: worldwide trade shows and events - Country Reports: facts & statistics, business culture, links - Latest News, BBC News, EUobserver, Newspaper Directory - Forum - Topical subjects, HR, Health, Safety & Security, Environment - Cultural pages, Business Etiquette and Protocol - Advertising, Marketing, Translation - Web Design & Development, Webmaster Services
  11. 11. Advanced Search Engines Your company profile will be easy to locate, and it is simply impossible for it to "just disappear" in the huge Company Directory because Dragonicum is provided with Search Enginges and Advanced Search Engines for keywords to industry sectors, products and services, company names, countries, export and import markets, key products and customers.
  12. 12. Dragonicum Company Directories Dragonicum's Company Directories are defined for more than 13,500 industries, services and products Dragonicum members are presented with individual company profiles containing - Comprehensive company presentation, logo and photo - Contact information - Direct links to their email and website - Business lines linked to the company directories
  13. 13. Dragonicum Trade Leads Directory Dragonicum members can post trade leads free of charge - Selling Leads: featured products and services - Buying Leads: sourcing products and services - Co-operation leads: search for partners and representatives The latest trade leads are shown in the running banner across the front page of Dragonicum.
  14. 14. Dragonicum Directory for Trade Shows and Events Worldwide Dragonicum's Trade Shows and Events directory is one of the most comprehensive on Internet, covering Africa & Middle East, Americas, Asia & Pacific, and Europe. Search for trade shows and events by year, industry, region, country or venue. Find direct links to each of the events' official websites and contact information of the venues. Dragonicum is a busy place, but never too busy to help you find an event!
  15. 15. Dragonicum Country Reports Country Report Directory for Africa & Middle East, Americas, Asia & Pacific, and Europe. - Facts & Statistics - Useful links - Official Holidays - Society & Culture - Business Culture, Etiquette & Protocol
  16. 16. Dragonicum News Services Latest News from BBC News and EUobserver Brussels Online Newspaper Directory covering Africa & Middle East, Americas, Asia & Pacific, and Europe Dragonicum Newsletters
  17. 17. Dragonicum Forum Dragonicum Forum comprises everything related to Travel & Tourism, Adventure Travel & Sports, Travel Health & Insurance, Art & Culture, Cargo & Shipping, Business Ideas, Marketing, Management, HR Human Resources, Internet Security m.m. You are welcome to share your ideas in our interactive and open forum which is intended to serve as a resource to assist and support our users and members.
  18. 18. Dragonicum Topical Subjects Business Gift Guidance Business Card Etiquette Human Resources Guide Occupational Health and Safety Safe Online Trade Security Center Sustainable Companies
  19. 19. Dragonicum Premium Services Advertising Marketing Assistance Translation, professional - Chinese, English, Italian, German, Slovene, Norwegian, Swedish Web Design & Development Webmaster Services Web Hosting Services
  20. 20. Dragonicum visitors from 112 countries Membership in Dragonicum could make a significant difference to your business in these uncertain times. Dragonicum suits businesses of all kinds. As a member you will benefit domestical and international online promotion of your company, with your own company profile incl. direct links to your email box and website. In this way will all inquiries concerning your company, products and services go directly to your company, because we do not act as middlemen.
  21. 21. Visit us at http://www.dragonicum.com Dragonicum membership can help you make more out of your marketing strategies, and give you a more efficient internet marketing opportunity. Demonstrate your credibility for customers and competitors by joining Dragonicum today! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!