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Building a Business's Digital Presence: A Local Guide


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Building a Business's Digital Presence: A Local Guide was taught by Caitlin Boroden & Jacques Bouchard at SUNY Ulster.

The class dived into the ins-and-outs of getting found online and guided you through the necessities of any digital presence. These topics included:

* Your Website: website content essentials and user experience
* Social Media: the importance of a social presence and how to build it
* Business Listings: Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, and more.

Published in: Marketing
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Building a Business's Digital Presence: A Local Guide

  1. 1. Building a Business’s Digital Presence: A Local Guide Presented by: Caitlin Boroden & Jacques Bouchard
  2. 2. @DragonSearch Today we will discuss: Your Website Social Media Business Listings
  3. 3. Your Website
  4. 4. @DragonSearch Keywords • Use Google Keyword Planner to learn how people are talking • Reference local towns/cities • Use keywords in content, url's, image file names, metadata, and menus.
  5. 5. @DragonSearch
  6. 6. @DragonSearch Contact Information • Make it easy to tell who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. • Add to every page, in easy-to-find locations • Make sure it's in text format, not images, so Search Engines can read it.
  7. 7. @DragonSearch Title Tags and Meta Descriptions Title Tags: 55-56 characters long. Appear in the tab in browsers and in the top line of search Meta Descriptions: 156 characters long. Appears only in search results.
  8. 8. @DragonSearch Title Tags
  9. 9. @DragonSearch Meta Descriptions
  10. 10. @DragonSearch Panda and Your Content • Google Search runs by an algorithm. • ‘Panda’ is part of it, and evaluates quality, length, and duplication. • Make sure your pages have a good amount of quality content. • Don't ‘stuff’ keywords!
  11. 11. @DragonSearch When Is ‘Thin’ Content Length OK? Not So GoodAppropriate
  12. 12. @DragonSearch Blogging • What will be interesting to your audience? • What do they need to know about your niche? • How can you make your blog about them, and get them involved/participating? • How can your blog mean business? (Follow the 80/20 rule.) • Share your space & write for others!
  13. 13. @DragonSearch Calls to Action Examples • Phone Number • Contact Form/Email • E-mail signups • Blog subscriptions • Social media shares/follows • Print/E-mail of page • Trackable Sale Best Practices • Always ask for business • Present multiple paths to conversion • Present logical paths to conversion • ‘Soft’ conversions
  14. 14. @DragonSearch
  15. 15. @DragonSearch Google Analytics • Free to anyone • Easy to set up - especially with WordPress websites • Tracks traffic and user behavior • Can track by traffic type • Can be used to track conversions • We'll have a GA class in the fall
  16. 16. @DragonSearch
  17. 17. @DragonSearch
  18. 18. @DragonSearch
  19. 19. Social Media
  20. 20. @DragonSearch
  21. 21. @DragonSearch Selecting a Platform • With so many social media platforms out there, choosing one that match your needs and audience can be challenging. • Don’t spread yourself thin. Start small and then move into other platforms as needed. • Choose a platform you enjoy using personally. If you are active on the platform on your own, you are much more likely to be active for your business.
  22. 22. @DragonSearch Facebook Cons: • Very little organic reach. You essentially need to pay to play. Pros: • Lots of users! Over 1 billion, in fact. • Users have the ability to engage in multiple ways + comment. • The ability to message and post on company pages gives users a very easy way to connect with you for questions, comments, or concerns. • As a business you have the ability to @-mention other businesses (not individuals) in your posts. • A comprehensive and highly targeted advertising platform (more on that later!).
  23. 23. @DragonSearch Twitter Cons: • Very fast pace. Updates fly by and you need to be highly active and agile on this platform to stay connected with news and trending topics. • Users expect quick replies on Twitter. If a user asks a question and you don’t respond in a timely matter, it will be noticed. • Like all platforms, Twitter is very public. If a user has a number of complaints, they are out there for all to see. Pros: • The ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. • Very easy to share relevant updates, news, images, videos, GIFs, and more. • You have the ability to @-mention other individuals or businesses in your posts. They will be notified of this inclusion which can lead to engagement and networking connections. • There are lots of great conversations happening on twitter chats. • Features an advertising platform.
  24. 24. @DragonSearch Instagram Cons: • Instagram recently introduced an algorithm that has the potential to reduce views (a la Facebook). Considering how recent the change, the effects have yet to be seen. Pros: • Visual! You have the perfect outlet to share images of your business, people, events, products, and the list goes on. • Incredibly popular - especially with younger audiences. • A great way to get involved with your local community. Follow your communities hashtags and engage. • Lots of #hashtags to get involved in!
  25. 25. @DragonSearch LinkedIn Cons: • On average, it has the most expensive advertising options when compared to Facebook & Instagram. Pros: • LinkedIn is ideal for business to business connections. However, there are still opportunities to connect with consumers on here, as well, depending on the business. • It is an ideal platform for professional networking and outreach. You may even be able to find your next employee on there. • Typically rich in quality content. LinkedIn has a publisher platform that allows you to share long form posts. These posts, however, must come from an individual’s page and not a company.
  26. 26. @DragonSearch … and many more. • Social platforms come and go. • It’s easy to jump onto every platform out there. • It’s better to be highly involved on a few platforms then spread yourself thin on too many.
  27. 27. @DragonSearch What to Post? • The platform's style and audience will influence what content you post. However, remember these main pointers: • Stay visual. No matter the platform, aim to include imagery with your work. It grabs a reader’s attention. • Don’t be overly promotional. Get involved with your community and industry and show some ‘social love.’
  28. 28. @DragonSearch Reputation Management • It’s important to monitor your brand name for both good and bad mentions. • Respond to negative feedback in a timely and professional manner. • Whenever possible, take negative conversations offline.
  29. 29. @DragonSearch Advertising Opportunities • The three primary social advertising platforms are: • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • However, there are others such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest too.
  30. 30. @DragonSearch
  31. 31. @DragonSearch
  32. 32. Break :)
  33. 33. Business Listings
  34. 34. @DragonSearch Local Listings
  35. 35. @DragonSearch Google My Business • Very visible in Google search • Listings can be claimed & developed • Collects reviews and builds your online reputation - increases traffic and conversions. • Helps your website rank better • Drives traffic
  36. 36. @DragonSearch
  37. 37. @DragonSearch Bing Places • Very visible in Google Search • Listings can be claimed & developed • Shows reviews from Yelp, Foursquare and other third-party sources. • Helps your website rank better • Drives traffic
  38. 38. @DragonSearch Yelp • Loyal, invested community • Listings can be claimed & developed • Reviews show in Bing, Google Search results, and many others. • Helps your website rank better • Drives traffic • For a restaurant, one star can mean a 5-9% increase in revenue. - Harvard Business Review
  39. 39. @DragonSearch
  40. 40. @DragonSearch Chambers + BBB • Real-life networking opportunities • Helps Google understand that you have a brick-and-mortar business • Helps your website rank better • Drives some traffic
  41. 41. @DragonSearch
  42. 42. Questions?
  43. 43. @DragonSearch Thank You! Caitlin Boroden Twitter: @caitlinboroden Email: Jacques Bouchard Twitter: @jacquesbouchard Email: DragonSearch Twitter: @dragonsearch Phone: 212-246-5087