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Deploy to azure in less then 15 minutes


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If you want to get things done and have your project up-and-running in no time, then you might want to take a look at Microsoft Azure. For PHP apps it's easy to set up and get going.

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Deploy to azure in less then 15 minutes

  1. 1. Deploy to Azure In less then 15 minutes DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE
  2. 2. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Michelangelo van Dam ‣ Pro PHP consultant at in2it ‣ President of PHPBenelux ‣ Open-Source contributor ‣ Conference Speaker ‣ ZCE and ZF-CE in itPROFESSIONAL PHP SERVICES
  3. 3. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Josh Holmes
  4. 4. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE What is Microsoft Azure?
  5. 5. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Microsoft Azure in a nutshell • A cloud solution by Microsoft to solve a “common” problem • Easy to get started with • Host a website, manage an API, process video or data • Comes with a series of services • For private purposes (blog, website, book collection) • For business purposes (CRM, ERP, CMS, API, Mobile, IoT)
  6. 6. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Microsoft Azure is flexible • Runs your apps as PaaS, SaaS or Iaas • Scales up when demand requires more power • Scales down when demand is no longer required • Support by big company -> Microsoft
  7. 7. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Microsoft Azure is the cloud provider every developer dreams of. — Michelangelo van Dam
  8. 8. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Microsoft Azure in numbers • Announced in October 2008 • Released on 1 February 2010 as Windows Azure • Renamed to Microsoft Azure on 25 March 2014 • Lists over 250 services • Operational in 24 regions
  9. 9. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE The road to infinity
  10. 10. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Marketplace applications • Blog, Photo galleria, e-commerce web shop • CRM, ERP, CMS • Educational platform • Web Analytics • Documentation wiki • …
  11. 11. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Virtual Machines • Linux flavored virtual machine • Provides full flexibility to • Run arbitrary services • Run specific applications • Scales up or down with increased/decreased requirements
  12. 12. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Big data on steroids • Scalable Hadoop clusters • For high performant data processing and analysis • With additional reporting and representation tools
  13. 13. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Powerful search engines • Index your data efficiently • Make it searchable using • Keyword matching • Full text search • Range searches • Spatial searches
  14. 14. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE All these services are based on Open Source technologies!
  15. 15. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Case existing project
  16. 16. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Minimal requirements Computing power Database
  17. 17. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Some time later… Search capabilities Storage capacity
  18. 18. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Some more time later… HDInsights - Big Data DocumentDB
  19. 19. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Microsoft Azure • Gives you the option to start small • Grows with your increased demands • Offers you platforms for even higher requirements
  20. 20. Demo Application Set up custom app
  21. 21. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Gathering requirements Web App Marketplace Mail Service Azure SearchMySQL DB
  22. 22. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Case a new project
  23. 23. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Marketplace
  24. 24. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Automatically configured
  25. 25. Demo Application Install WordPress in just a few steps
  26. 26. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Real challenges
  27. 27. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Performance issues? • Azure can help • To scale horizontally adding more instances when required • To scale vertical allowing you to segment your data • To improve caching and data retrieval (Redis and CDN)
  28. 28. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Great ideas, no budget • Azure can help • Start off with the FREE tiers • Build your minimal critical mass • Generate revenue or get investments • Scale as you grow adding better, paid services
  29. 29. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Overview of open source solutions in Microsoft Azure
  30. 30. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Web Apps OS Technology support OS deployment tools
  31. 31. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Web Apps Gallery
  32. 32. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Virtual Machines OS Operating Systems OS Provisioning
  33. 33. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Storage OS Caching OS Databases
  34. 34. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE HDInsights - Big Data OS Big Data tools
  35. 35. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Azure Search Based on Azure SQL Storage Tables DocumentDB Azure Integrated Trough Azure Search REST API
  36. 36. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Microsoft Azure pen Sourcepen Source
  37. 37. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Global recap • Azure is a great platform for available and internally developed open source applications. • Now businesses have a quick-time-to-market rolling out applications to the cloud. • Offers a wide variety of ready-to-use open source applications through the Azure MarketPlace. • Is easy to setup a continuous delivery procedure for your developers to ensure your app runs the latest version.
  39. 39. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE in it2PROFESSIONAL PHP SERVICES Michelangelo van Dam Zend Certified Engineer - - T in2itvof - F in2itvof Quality Assurance Ensure your apps are of high quality Zend Framework 2 Enterprise PHP framework Azure PHP Quick time to market Scale up and out jQuery Professional jQuery PHP Powers 80% of the internet On-site / remote Consulting Training Our expertise for your business needs
  40. 40. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Leave some feedback to improve this talk and get the link to the slides. If you like it, thanks! If you don’t, tell me how to improve this talk 18472
  41. 41. DUTCH PHP CONFERENCE Thank you