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  1. 1. PortfolioDragana B. Mihic,
  2. 2. Architecture
  3. 3. CEMETERY CHAPELS AND MORTUARY BUILDING ArchitectureContext:The cemetery complex in Vrbanja includesnine objects related with cemeteryfunction.The most important is theChapels and Mortuary building, which hasbasement and ground floor with usefularea of 2685,40 m2. The Regulation Planplaced the chapel along the main complexaxis and at the central square. Thefootpath leads from the central cemeterysquare proceeding to the main Chapel.The access road leads into an economiccourtyard placed on the back side of thechapels and mortuary building.Design:Function of these objects requiresintroverted architecture of shadows andcloseness, which derived the design ofthe building. Chambers dedicated forpaying respect to the dead and formourning are discreetly lit up and themood in the mortuary is set by the warmcolour of the wood enclosing walls andsacred character due to the avoidance ofa direct view to the outside. Theirsacredness is accented by the rooflights. The main entrance is accented bya canopy which is exceeded to thebuilding regulation line. The maincorridors in the object are in form oframps, and therefore easy accessible.Facade is clad by a local material-satone called PLIVIT with light brown andlight gray colour and horizontal barpattern. CEMETERY CHAPELS AND MORTUARY BUILDING Vrbanja, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina; July 2008. Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 003
  4. 4. ArchitectureCOMPETITION DESIGN_THE HALL OF SPORTSWITH THE CONFERENCE CENTRE _3th AwardThe design concept was to establishchangeable and dynamic multifunctionalspace.Accent has been put on the motion.Movement inside the object wasaccomplished by ramps. It is adiagrammatic symbol of a movement on themain court and it´s changes of intensityand level of the game.The External cladding and the internalbridges are from GKD steel slidingpanels, that gives changeable appearanceto the building allowing constant changeof lightning. The Concrete structure ofthe building is connected with a ceilingconstruction above the sports hall whichis made off steel trusses.The entrance hall is connected with therestaurant and the conference hall.Above this block are the judges anddelegates rooms, which are accessed bythe internal bridges, and connected witha journalist’s box. The entrance intoancillary rooms is from the back side ofthe building. Those rooms aredifferentiated by position and height,contributing to dynamic outerappearance. COMPETITION DESIGN FOR THE HALL OF SPORTS WITH THE CONFERENCE CENTRE, Orašje, Bosnia and Herzegovina; November 2007. Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 004
  5. 5. ArchitectureCOMPETITION DESIGN FOR THE LIBRARYEXTENSIONThe extension of the library buildinghad to be fit into the strict siteconditions of the protected central cityarea.The form of the building is derived fromthe building function itself asreminiscent of books on a shelf.Introverted form of the street facadeand opened courtyard facade accentuatethe concept.The External cladding is made of cortensteel plates, using the colour thatprevails on surrounding buildings.The main entrance is trough the existingpassage leading in an atrium between twobuildings that besides communicationscontains a reading stairs and exhibitionarea. The facade of the old buildingtowards the atrium is glazed. The groundfloor is used as a children´s libraryand the first floor is used for thescience library and the reading room,both connected to the main buildingthrough the central corridor. COMPETITION DESIGN FOR THE LIBRARY EXTENSION, Novi Sad, Serbia; December 2011. Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 005
  6. 6. ArchitectureSTUDENT WORK: MUSEUM OF SPORTSContext:The Location predicted for the Museum ofSports is in Blok 26 at New Belgrade.Simplified lines represent homage to thenearby monument of Modern architecture-Federation building, and a wired ballclad with steel foil symbolize ballassociated with the Belgrade Arena acrossstreet.The basic concept of the design iscreation of a low horizontal volume withsculptures inside and outside the museum,which contributes to the building andgarden continuity.The entrance is accented by a concretepanel and with a concrete wall whichintroduces visitors into the building andsimultaneously separates a service andthe main entrance. Glass facade has beenpulled in under a cantilever. Theentrance hall is the place for overallorientation. The ground floor is intendedto be for temporary exhibitions while thesubfloor is for permanent exhibitions.Movement through exhibitions is circular.Mobile partition panels contribute toflexibility of space.The Building form is linear, simplifiedand could be elongated in the future.Differentiation between the service andthe public part of the object has beenaccentuated through the use of differentmaterials.MUSEUM OF SPORTSBelgrade,Serbia;Final projectFebruary 2007.Student: Dragana B. Mihic 006
  7. 7. ArchitectureOFFICE BUILDING DERVENTAThe object is placed on the site of anexisting office building at the entranceinto small Meat processing centre, whichhas been devastated during the civilwar. Part of the existing buildingstructure will be used according toexisting scheme as individual offices. Aseparated building for the entrancecontrol is associated with main buildingand cantilevered.The entrance hall has double height.The first floor is arranged as an open-plan office due to the request forflexibility, with a separated restauranton the roof terrace. Solid form of therestaurant facade accentuates differentusage from the rest of the building.OFFICE BUILDING,Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina;March 2007.Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 007
  8. 8. Architecture LAND REGISTRATION OFFICE BUILDING KOTOR VAROS The reconstruction of an old temporary prison unit into a land registration office was performed according to specific standards related to this buildings. The task was to transform a devastated object with defined outer form and non-representative appearance into a public office. In parallel to the interior reconstruction and adjustment to the change of use, the remodelling of the building outer form was conducted by cutting narrow windows on the front facade and by shortening the roof extensions over the walls, adding the ramp and the structure above. The new look obviously reflects the public use of the building.LAND REGISTRATION OFFICE BUILDING,Kotor Varos, Bosnia and Herzegovina;July 2008.Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 008
  9. 9. Architecture AFFORDABLE HOUSING DERVENTA The house is planned on the very small parcel at a street crossing with an irregular building line. The building plan is envisaged as an intersection of two rectangular forms cutting each other under 15 degrees angle. The project predicted a garage on the basement level, using only half of the parcel. The ground floor is the largest level of the house accommodating the SE oriented living room, a combined dinning room and a kitchen. The main entrance is from northern side of the building next to the bathroom and the staircase. Irregular form of the ground floor is abandoned on the first floor where rectangular shape of the building is kept, while the irregular parts form the terraces and a roof garden. The main rectangular cube of the building was followed by a wooden cladding on the facades.AFFORDABLE HOUSING,Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina;March 2013.Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 009
  10. 10. Urban planning
  11. 11. Urban planningSTUDY FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE RIVERUNA BANKSThe River Una outlines manyextraordinary natural forms through herentire flow, therefore is considered tobe one of the most beautiful rivers inEurope. Urban planning includeddefinition of boundaries of theprotected area of the twelve-kilometreriver coast length through Bihać.The zoning inside the protected area ismade based on the analyses of thecurrent planning documentation and byvalorisation of found conditions.The regimes of the protection and thepermissible interventions are definedfor every zone. Detail conditions aredefined inside the protective area andthe contact zones. The Study includesthe measures for the protection andrevival of the river Una banks and theriver bed.A pedestrian foot-path was conducted in3-5 meters width on the ground andpartially above the river depending onthe particular site conditions. Alongthe path many activities are introduced,such as open theatre, touristic stops,panorama sites, info points, fishingstops, beaches.The most valuable contribution of thisStudy is animation and simultaneouslyprotection of the river and theriverside.STUDY FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE RIVER UNA BANKS,Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina;September 2007.Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 011
  12. 12. Urban planningLSL GLAVATI-PRCANJLocal study of location for Glavati - Prcanj isprepared for 24 ha of Prcanj, settlement in BokaKotorska.The plan is based on conservation principles andprotects revalorized values of this part of BokaGulf. Main contribution of the document isestablishment of two separate construction zones andconstruction free area of St.Ana´s valley.This way helps to protect one of the last preservedhistoric ambient of isolated summer palaces withfamily church that belongs to old Kotor´s familySbutega.Separate conditions are defined for reconstructionof old stone houses and for new constructions.Significant contribution is establishment of thespecial building rules for neighbouring buildingsaround cultural monuments and old stone houses.LSL GLAVATI-PRCANJKotor,Montenegro2009 – 2011Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 012
  13. 13. Urban planningDUP PRCANJDetail urban development plan prepared for 95 ha ofPrcanj, settlement in Boka Kotorska. The settlementis characterized by its longitudinal line of housesalong the sea coast. The cross section of thesettlement is characterized by three separatedbelts, the urban coast houses, the rural area behindand the forest area at the top of the hill. TheCoast line formed of the old stone houses isseparated as Block 1 and isolated with a belt ofgreenery to emphasize this area. Strict buildingconditions and protected zones are defined in Blockfour, just beside the Holy Mary temple, the focalpoint of the bay. This block has lower buildings,partially rural in character. A Recreation zone isdefined next to the school´s courtyard related to anexisting sport pitch. This zone is on a half waybetween two major touristic locations. Majorinnovation is a road above the settlement, whosefunction is to replace the existing coast road whosetraffic disables approach to the narrow strip ofbeaches and puts the architectural heritage ofPrcanj in danger. This new road would connect nearbysettlements and should allow pedestrian use of thecoast road.Intention of this plan is to protects existingvalues and at the same time helps economic andtouristic development.DUP PRCANJKotor,Montenegro2009 – 2011Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 013
  14. 14. Urban planningDUP DONJI ORAHOVACDUP DRAZIN VRTDetail urban development plan is prepared for 81 haof two Boka settlements. Drazin vrt is a smallvillage and every intervention should be plannedvery carefully, hence only minor changes aresuggested, such as more functional road and only afew new buildings. The Touristic settlement isplanned as an ECO lodge village. DUP Orahovac keepsmain guidelines from the existing plan. Entirely newis a bicycle path across the hill that add richnessin mountaineers tours and provides access to untilnow inaccessible forest area.DUP DONJI ORAHOVACDUP DRAZIN VRTKotor,Montenegro2009 – 2011Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 014
  15. 15. Urban planningURBAN SQUAREThe urban workshop in Tirana was held under theguidance of NGO organisations and Universities fromMontenegro, Macedonia and Albania. The project taskwas finding a locatin inside given urban area, whichhas potential to become a meeting place, or aterciary center of the neighburhood, a new urbansquare. The square shape and its structure is resultof the adjacent influences,the site condition,activities or potential activities.The resulting urban sculpture acumulates all thatfactors and becomes generator of activities. Thesquare location is on the pedestrian crossroad, butat the same time it creates impresion of a hiddengarden in a contemporary city.REVIVAL OF URBAN SQUARES IN BALKAN CITIESTirana, ALBANIA2011Design: Dragana Mihic, Nikola Nikolovski,Fiona Imami 015
  16. 16. Interior
  17. 17. InteriorBATHROOM RECONSTRUCTIONBathroom design had goal to improvebathroom comfort, organise necessarystorage space and improve functionality.Main accent is on the so called cosmeticarea. This area consists of a sink thatis built in a console slab, shelves andstorage units. The large slab area fromtime to time becomes a cosmetic table,and mobile storage cubes are used asseats. Part of the floor was elevated andframed with floor and wall bordure,contributing to visual separation oftoilet area and forming a stair used forwindow access. Mobile cubes with wheelsdim.40x40x40 cm are used as bathroomstorage, while one of them, with the topcover, is used for laundry. All of thebathroom furniture is custom designed.Due to number of users (family of five),hydro massage shower has been set, inorder to reduce the time of bathroomusage. Windows are made of anodizedaluminium with sanded glass. Ceilinglight is linear and track the floorbordure.BATHROOM RECONSTRUCTIONDerventaJanuary 2007.Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 017
  18. 18. InteriorRESTAURANT „AD LADIOS“,Interior of the restaurant „Ad Ladios“is result of complete transformationof an existent cafe-bar, that was inextremely bad condition. The Ownerwanted to get peaceful and warmambient for dining and drinking ofcoffee, using mixture of traditionaland contemporary design elements.To achieve this goal, warm colours, asbeige and cacao, were used incombination with wood and wroughtiron.To get isolated entities, part of thefloor area is lifted. The wood stripson the ceiling connect interior andgarden, and emphasize the walkingline.The existent dark space with smallwindows and walls clad with wood hasbeen lit up by enlarged windows andlight wall colours. Floor is incombination of wood and ceramic tiles.RESTAURANT „AD LADIOS“,Trn; Banja Luka,June 2007.Architect : Dragana B. Mihic 018