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PR and IT synergy of energy


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PR and IT synergy of energy

  1. 1. PR & IT synergy of content and tools
  2. 2. Content • What is PR? Definition by IPR • PR is about… • Communication cycle and principles • Short history of PR • History of Press release • Integrated approach • Questions for open discussion
  3. 3. PR by definition "The deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics." Institute of Public Relations, London
  4. 4. What PR professionals actually do?
  5. 5. What PR is all about? (communication,education,management) • Press releases • Social media management • Articles and web news • Personal branding • Product PR • Internal communication • Institutional communication • Media Monitoring • Speech writing • Public affairs • Event management • CSR • Investors relations • Celebrity, Sport, Art PR • Research and analysis • Employee branding • Training • Public speaking • Company profiling • Corporate communications • Crisis communications • Strategic and tactical advising
  6. 6. #PR chanels • Traditional media • New media
  7. 7. Communication Cycle
  8. 8. Communication principles • Be honest • Be clear • Be consistent • And be accurate, be reliable, be fast, etc
  9. 9. Strong PR content = PROFIT • PR Integration with Lead Generation and Sales – PR is not sales. However, the integration of PR with sales and lead generation is one of a company’s greatest strategic weapons for effectively accomplishing revenue goals. • Strong PR content can drive the SEO results that produce business leads and that also serve as the functional “due diligence” that helps customer interest—from any source— convert more readily into active leads, and ultimately into sales. • Strong PR content is also the ideal information for salespeople to share with prospective customers and to use as the core of its email and direct mail campaigns.
  10. 10. Short History Overview
  11. 11. Short History Overview
  12. 12. Press Relasejust celbrated106 birthday • Have you ever heard the story of how a young man named Ivy Lee responded to a tragedy that took the lives of more than 50 people and used it to create what would become a mainstay of any public relations effort? • Ivy LeeAccording to public relations lore, the press release was born following a train wreck on October 28, 1906, in Atlantic City, N.J., that left more than 50 people dead. • The train was owned by Pennsylvania Railroad, one of Ivy Lee’s clients. In response to the disaster, he convinced the railroad to issue a statement about what had transpired. In doing so, he set in motion a practice for companies to address issues important to them, or, in the case of the railroad, to offer an explanation of what had happened. The New York Times was said to have been so impressed by Lee’s release that the newspaper printed it exactly as Lee had written it. Although it’s rare for media outlets to use press releases verbatim these days, they still often act as a starting point for a journalist to create a story.
  13. 13. PR then & now
  14. 14. To summarise PR
  15. 15. Thank you ! Dragana Aleksic Matic Director Development & Media Webb Dowse Intelligent Corporate Communications Sarajevska 11/3 11000 Belgrade Serbia mobile: +381 63 119 1016 landline: +381 11 2641 269