Ukraine, Europe, Russia and V for Freedom


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The short history of Ukraine. The reasons for Revolution in Ukraine on January, 2014. Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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Ukraine, Europe, Russia and V for Freedom

  1. 1. Ukraine, Europe, Russia and V for Freedom! V for Vendetta
  2. 2. Ukraine is Europe Historical Overview
  3. 3. The Kurgan hypothesis: Ukraine as the urheimat of Indo-European peoples. The territory of Ukraine has been inhabited for at least forty four thousand years. It is where the horse was first domesticated and a candidate site of the origins of the Proto-Indo-European language family. The Scythian Kingdom existed here from 750–250 BC. Along with ancient Greek colonies founded in the 6th. !
  4. 4. At the VII century Eastern part of Ukraine and Crimea were conquered and transformed in to Khazar khanate. ( Khazars, a semi-nomadic people from Central Asia) This is the first Eastern Ukrainian cultural reformatting. In the XIII century the East Ukraine becomes a vassal to the Mongolian Empire (second Eastern Ukrainian cultural reformatting).
  5. 5. First Lithuanian King Mindaugas and the first UKRAINE King Danilo together attended Pope’s organized crusades against the Mongols.
  6. 6. Almost 250 years (1320 to 1569), Lithuania and Ukraine lived as one family. The Ruler Gediminas built two castles: Vilnius and Kiev.
  7. 7. The Monarch Vytautas built two residences: in Trakai (Lithuania) and in Kamenetz – Podolsk (Ukraine). Vytautas returned the Eastern Ukraine to Europe.
  8. 8. After the Union of Lublin in 1569 and the formation of the Polish– Lithuanian Commonwealth Ukraine fell under Polish administration. Polonization efforts in XVII c. led to the Cossack uprisings. ! Bohdan Khmelnytsky started the first Polish-Jewish pogroms. It destroyed about 300 Jewish communities and about 60 000 Jews were killed or sold into slavery by the Turks. B. Khmelnytsky seeks union with Russia.
  9. 9. From 1667 East Ukraine under Muscovy 1557 Moscow principality declared themselves Kingdom of Russia, and later converted Ukrainian (Kievan Rus) history to Russian history. Europe up to eighteenth century called todays Russia - Muscovy.
  10. 10. From 1800 UKRAINE belongs to Russia and for 120 years blocked from Europe Russia did not recognize the Ukrainian identity and carried russification policy. Limited the press and forbade Ukrainian language in public. ! "What did not complete Russian bayonet will finish Russian school." Muravyov the Hangman
  11. 11. In 1918 UKRAINE for a short time becomes independent Republic But in 1920 Russia again occupies East Ukraine.  During 1932-1933 Stalin organized Holodomor, the consequences of this are from 4-10 million of Ukrainians dead that would be around 19% of all Ukrainian citizen that lived in that era. Their place is taken by the lumpenproletariats from Russia. This is fourth and most daring East Ukraine cultural reformatting.
  12. 12. The tragedy of the Crimean Tatars In 1944 Soviet Government organized forcible deportation of the all Crimean Tatars (183155 people) in two days! ! The Tatars were replaced with Homo Sovieticus and with ex soldiers from Russian Naval Base. The 80% of settlements were renamed.
  13. 13. Ukrainian consciousness mostly survived in the Polish occupied part of the West Ukraine. In the hunger starved, exiled and foreign filled East Ukraine regions turn in to “Surzhyk” culture. This culture is based on erased and replaced history in peoples mind. Customs are based on alcohol consumption, justice is replaced by a Thug based rules and people are made to be afraid of the government to the core of their souls.
  14. 14. In our days Ukraine, in East region, miners became slaves, working in the illegal “Kopanka” (mining fields), without any social guaranty and work securities. This destroys nature. While the local government moved in to criminal authority hands.  
  15. 15. “Kopanka"
  16. 16. I want to live in Europe, not in Soviet style Ukhnate! The “Region Party” from East Ukraine are ruling Ukraine like in Khazar’s Khanate.
  17. 17. New Miner
  18. 18. People rebelled against the criminal policies of arbitrariness and impunity of politicians.
  19. 19. Symbolic act against the dictatorship - the destruction of statues of Lenin.
  20. 20. Kung Fu Panda’s stage or friendly part
  21. 21. 2013 2012
  22. 22. Second stage – Harassing the Tiger. The first assault on peaceful people
  23. 23. Awakening of the Tiger
  24. 24. Mr. Yanukovych
  25. 25. “Protection of Free hearts”
  26. 26. Booty
  27. 27. Third stage – Awakening of Dragon Second Assault on Demonstrators
  28. 28. His Highness – Molotoff!
  29. 29. They think that they mocked the Tiger!
  30. 30. They woke him up!
  31. 31. They think that they defeated the Dragon!
  32. 32. They woke him up!
  33. 33. Awakened Dragon breathes fire!!!
  34. 34. Final Fight
  35. 35. A Good Day to Die!
  36. 36. Heavenly hundred
  37. 37. Victory!?
  38. 38. But Dark side..
  39. 39. FRAID OF TS Mr. Putin!
  40. 40. Europeans! Help your brothers and sisters to join the light side not the dark one!
  42. 42. Symbols, Hidden Meanings and Management S I M B O L I A I , PA S L Ė P T O S P R A S M Ė S I R V A L D Y M A S