Dr K Kamal on IT-eG during 2003-2008


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This presentation maily includes slides on contributions made by Dr.K.Kamal in IT-eG activities. A few slides also depicts here an excellent contributions made by Mr. VK Varun in developing & continuous maintaining the Department and RTI web sites respectively .

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Dr K Kamal on IT-eG during 2003-2008

  1. 1. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  2. 2. Infrastructure Development: Provide Personal Computers (PCs) with necessary software support to all functionaries. Website: Enrich the contents of the website by including forms and guidelines relevant to various citizen services being provided by the Department. Networking: Establish Local Area Network (LAN) and develop an Intranet to facilitate file and information sharing between various functional units. Office Automation: Implement an office automation system to maintain records of receipt, issue of letters and movement of files IT Training: Provide relevant specialized training courses to the staff and Officers, to enable them working on computers. e-Reports: Convert the Acts, Rules, Circulars and other published material of interest or relevance to the public in electronic form.Under this Plan, efforts have been made to create some useful Information systems. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  3. 3. - CORE ACTIVITIESFor DSIR, the core processes, primarily involve activity on exchange of data/informationand therefore, an Integrated Project Application and Monitoring System (PAMS) would berequired. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  4. 4. Need however was realized to go developing the various Information Systems on itscomplementary processes first. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008
  5. 5. + +Convergence of Information Technology and Communication Technology=CREATED AN IT-CENTRIC WORK ENVIRONMENTDepartment has an IT-Action Plan for progressive implementation of e-Governance andsuccessfully establishing an IT enabled work environment. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008
  6. 6. INTRADSIR DMIS CINFOSYSAn intranet is established to facilitate exchange of information among DSIR officers. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  7. 7. All Forms and Guidelines available here NRFC Reports generator PGRAMSVarious all others applications software developed are now accessed through INTRADSIR (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  8. 8. ‘INTRADSIR’ This System acts as an enterprise-wide information system and it facilitates the exchange of various information among Department officials.The client server applications to automate internal entities for providing the services from thecore and complementary processes in an integrated manner. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  9. 9. Document Management Information System (DMIS) It is a web based system. The system is made operational to all the DSIR officers/staff at Technology Bhavan through INTRADSIRFor creating an IT-centric work environment, it remains foremost essential to adopt the use ofsuch electronic workflow applications to streamline any movement of information from desk todesk, allowing sharing of authorized data for effective decision support (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  10. 10. ‘CINFOSYS’ provides information on those supported projects under various components of the grants-in-aids scheme TPDU and is accessed through INTRADSIR.Development of data marts on various components of a grants-in-aids scheme of DSIR has leadto the availability of a comprehensive, Cardinal Information System ‘‘CINFOSYS’ is accessedthrough INTRADSIR (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  11. 11. Foreign Collaboration Approvals Information Management System. Department maintains a very valuable database on foreign collaboration approvals and it generates from this database, two volumes of reports on yearly basisIt generates the information on online/offline from the database of all the approvals of foreigncollaboration approvals approved by the secretariat of industrial assistance, Ministry of Commerceand Industry and Reserve Bank of India that were made during last 15 years. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008
  12. 12. PGRAMSA System available for on line submission of grievances, accessible through INTRADSIR (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  13. 13. RTI on DSIR websiteA separate section on Right to Information has been added to the Website for proactive disclosuresunder the Right to Information Act, 2005 enacted on June 15, 2005. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )
  14. 14. PIMS Stand alone PIMS at DSIRIn DSIR it generates reports on the present stock position comprises of remainingquantity of items with the stores, List of exhaust items. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008
  15. 15. PAMS On Lotus Domino NotesCustomization of PAMS has been done by TCS for DSIR use. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008 )PAMS requires to be made accessible to public to submit the proposal on-line
  16. 16. PAMS Technical Architecture: Utility Server Architecture Users using Browser to access applications Users coming in from the internet and using browser to access the applications. Firewall Firewall Antivirus gateway Domino Utility Server In cluster mode for High Availability Internet Hosting the web based work flow Applications Reverse Proxy Users using Browser to access applicationsCustomization of PAMS is being done by TCS for DSIR use. PAMS would be accessibleto public on DSIR web site through internet therefore would automate its citizen centeredcore processes. (IT-eG,DSIR/2005-2008