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e-Commerce Search Marketing Program -- a full SEM solution.

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See,s SEM Presentation

  1. 1. E-COMMERCE SEARCH MARKETING PROGRAM By: J. Luis Sanchez Presented for: See’s Candies Corp. Date: 02/10/2009
  2. 2. HOW TO CREATE A FULL SEM SOLUTION DESIGNED TO HELP SEE'S FAMOUS OLD TIME CANDIES® •  Grow Business •  I n c r e a s e Revenue •  Achieve ROI Goals “ Most ecommerce budget andspend nearly 80% of resources---people, operations time---simply maintaining site functionality and neglecting the online marketing aspects. ” Let’s Realign Operations with New Marketing Strategies to Sell More Effective.
  3. 3. SEARCH MARKETING SOLUTIONS & VALUE PROPOSITION •  Winning combination of people, strategy and technology •  - •  -- •  - •  - - •  - •  - •  Customized solutions - - - - - •  Established best practices - •  Multiple pricing models for alignment with company’s objectives •  Search and Affiliate Management Coordination
  4. 4. COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH MARKETING PROGRAM Improve current SEM strategies to ensure Paid increased Search reach & profitability. (PPC) Create plan for SEO Paid Comparison best practices. Inclusion Shopping (PI) (CSE)
  5. 5. PAID SEARCH (PPC) •  Paid Search Strategies o  S h o r t Te r m - R e d u c e C o s t , I n c r e a s e •  Performance •  Account optimization Cost Growth •  Performance metrics Stabilize Performance Metrics o  Longer Term – I n c r e a s e V o l u m e •  Campaign growth •  New opportunities
  6. 6. Paid Search (PPC) Methodology Launch Baseline Optimize 2 Weeks 2 Weeks Continuous Paid Search (PPC) •  Review Business •  Baseline Data •  Bid Management Objectives •  Create Optimization •  Creative Management •  Formulate Strategies Strategies •  Keyword Management •  Gather Data •  Execute Optimization •  Landing Page Selection •  Set Up Accounts •  Program Management
  7. 7. ORGANIC SEARCH (SEO) •  O r g a n i c S e a r c h S t r a t e g i e s •  Short Term – Increase Visibility/Rankings for top keywords •  More pages indexed •  Focus on easy/quick-fixes •  Longer Term – Increase Rankings overall •  More difficult / complex updates •  Template / architecture changes
  8. 8. Organic Search (SEO) Methodology Launch Baseline Optimize 2 Weeks 2 Weeks Continuous Organic (SEO) •  Keyword Research •  Full Site Analysis •  Site Architecture / Page Construction •  Baseline Ranking •  Create Optimization Report Strategy •  Coding Implementation •  Content Relevancy •  Set Up Site Access •  First Round of Updates •  Link Popularity •  Action Plan •  Web Server Optimization
  9. 9. FEEDS (PI & CSE) •  Feed Strategies •  Paid Inclusion •  Increase listings in Yahoo’s index (not supplant) •  Increase traffic and sales at a lower cost than PPC •  Comparison Shopping Engines •  Submit optimized product feeds for additional distribution and visibility •  Achieve optimal placement in engines where users are closer to the purchase end of the buying cycle
  10. 10. Feeds (PI & CSE) Methodology Launch Baseline Optimize 2 Weeks 2 Weeks Continuous Feeds (PI & CSE) •  Create FTP Access •  Distribute optimized feeds •  Add New SKUs •  Optimize Current Feed •  Baseline Performance •  Remove Non-Performers •  Set Up Feed Update •  Create Optimization Plan •  Manage Custom Bids Schedule •  Execute 1st Round of •  Update Title/Descriptions •  Set Up Accounts (each Optimization engine) •  Update Custom Fields
  11. 11. Search and Affiliate Benefits •  Maximize Performance •  Understand the value proposition of the affiliate channel •  Incremental, effective, efficient revenue! •  Can be used effectively to drive competition lower on results pages •  Design, implement and police pragmatic search publisher policies •  Decrease channel conflict •  Increase cooperation •  Share valuable data and ideas across teams to assist both channels •  Keyword suggestions (long tail exposure) •  Poor performing categories that might gain traction elsewhere •  Manage both channels cohesively and with one goal in mind – advertiser performance!
  12. 12. J. Luis Sanchez is CEO and Founder of Business Trend Solutions, provider of the ABOUT THE AUTHOR leading ecommerce platform for consumer brands. Prior to founding Business JOSE LUIS SANCHEZ Trend Solutions in 2009, Sanchez was Director of eCommerce, an online company he led in 1999, built to market leadership; for nine years, he was the primary force in leadership of this highly successful, recognized, and profitable online retailer. Long an ecommerce visionary, Sanchez as a senior consultant has been educating clients, colleagues and friends about the meaning of "quality e- business". He currently focuses on customer relationship management technology, ecommerce architecture, and analytic applications as well as the ecommerce infrastructure and e-business technologies that support this customer-centric domain. Sanchez applies his experience and expertise to help customers evaluate, compare, and select CMS and SEM products to develop approaches toward successful implementation. Product vendors continue to leverage Sanchez’ skills and insights to develop product requirements, to better understand the competitive environment, and to assist in planning and delivering marketing programs. Sanchez draws on his extensive primary and secondary market research in the architecture, design, evaluation, and selection of enterprise -- e-business computing infrastructures. In consulting engagements, Sanchez often uses the technology frameworks he has developed with corporate IT organizations to help them with architecture and product selection decisions. He frequently works with companies to help them determine product requirements, market and product positioning, competitive analysis, and customer satisfaction. Sanchez has successfully managed company launches, product introductions, and business and product repositioning. He has also developed and documented business plans for raising capital and for mergers and acquisitions.