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Entrepreneurs and Leaders: Urgent Call for 21st Century Leaders

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Entrepreneurs urgent call for 21st century leaders.pptx

  1. 1. An  Urgent  Call  for   21st  Century  Leaders©   Conscious,  Compassionate,  and  Charitable  Entrepreneurial  Leaders   Needed  NOW!   Are  You  a  21st  Century  Leader?   Prepared  by  Dr.  Steve  McSwain,    Speaker,  Author,  Thought  Leader,   and  Trainer  –  For  More  InformaPon   or  to  Book  Steve  to  Speak  and/or  Train   Visit  www.SteveMcSwain.com   or  Your  Preferred  Speaker’s  Bureau   The  material  in  this  Powerpoint  presentaPon  is  Copyrighted.  No  porPon  of  this  PresentaPon  shall  be  reproduced  or  uPlized  without   the  expressed,  wriWen  consent  of  Dr.  Steve  McSwain,  President  and  CEO  of  The  FoundaPon  for  Excellence…Inc.  Dated  6/2/2014  
  2. 2. Leadership   CreaPng  More  Conscious,   Compassionate,  and  Charitable  Leaders   for  21st  Century  Challenges   1.    The  CONSCIOUS  Leader   2.    The  COMPASSIONATE  Leader   3.    The  CHARITABLE  Leader   THE  3  “C”  LEADER  
  3. 3. 1.  Leadership  is  mostly  EXTRINSIC  and  only  a   liWle  INTRINSIC  .  Meaning?  No  Born  Leaders!   THE  3  “C”  LEADER  KNOWS…   hWp://assessments.johnmaxwell.com   A  LEADERSHIP  Assessment   You  Should  Know  about  from   My  Mentor  John  Maxwell…   KNOW  THYSELF?  If  you  do  not,  go  here…  
  4. 4. A  “Strengths”  Assessment   You  Should  Know  About  Too   Why  is  this  important?  It  is  important   because…     “To  the  degree  that  your  current  posiPon  calls  upon  your  top  5   signature  strengths  on  a  regular,  daily  basis,  to  that  degree  you   feel  fulfilled,  excited,  and  happy  about  the  job  you’re  doing.”     hWps://www.authenPchappiness.sas.upenn.edu   Dr.  MarPn  Seligman,  University  of  Pennsylvania…   OH,  AND  GO  HERE  TOO…  
  5. 5. Survey of Strengths – Dr. Steve McSwain   Here are my scores on the VIA Survey of Character Strengths. For how to interpret and use these scores, see the book Authentic Happiness. The ranking of the strengths reflects my overall ratings of myself on the 24 strengths in the survey and how much of each of the strengths I possess. My top five are the ones I pay attention to and find ways to use more often. •  MY Top # 1 Strength - Humor and playfulness - I like to laugh and tease. Bringing smiles to other people is important to me. I try to see the light side of all situations. Which is why I’m a humorist. •  My 2nd Strength - Hope, optimism, and future-mindedness - I expect the best in the future, and I work to achieve it. I believe that the future is something that I can control. I really can’t but believing I can works well for me. •  Strength #3 - Curiosity and interest in the world - I am curious about everything. I am always asking questions, and I find all subjects and topics fascinating. I like exploration and discovery. •  Strength #4 - Fairness, equity, and justice - Treating all people fairly is one of my abiding principles. I do not let my personal feelings bias my decisions about other people. I give everyone a chance. •  Strength #5 - Appreciation of beauty and excellence - I notice and appreciate beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performance in all domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience. This also explains why I married so beyond my deserving. HA HA
  6. 6. 2.    Leadership  might  be  DEFINED  in  a  sentence                    but  it  is  only  ever  DEVELOPED  over  Pme.   How  to  DEVELOP  as  a  Leader…   1.  Read   2.  Reflect   3.  Replicate  Yourself   “INVEST  IN  YOUR  BEST  AND  YOUR  BEST  WILL  HELP  THE  REST”  –  John  Maxwell  
  7. 7. 3.    Leadership  is  never  determined  by  TITLES,                      POSITIONS  or  PROMOTIONS,    but  by                              followers.  (John  Maxwell)  
  8. 8. “People  BUY  INTO  THE  LEADER  before  they  BELIEVE  in  his/her  vision.”                –  John  Maxwell   3.    When  people  like  neither  the  vision  nor  the  leader,  they  get  rid  of  both.   2.      When  people  like  the  vision  but  not  the  leader,  they  get  rid  of  the  leader.   1.      When  people  like  the  leader  but  not  the  vision,  they  seek  another  vision.   4.    When  people  like  both  the  leader  and  the  vision,  they  will  follow  anywhere.   John  Maxwell’s  LAW  OF  THE  “BUY  IN”  
  9. 9. 4.    Insecure  leaders  may  DOMINATE                      but  secure  leaders  DELEGATE.   “Great  things  will  happen,  but  only  if  you  do   not  care  who  gets  the  credit.”                                                                                      -­‐-­‐  Mark  Twain  
  10. 10. 1.    Choose  the  tasks  you’re  willing  or  should  delegate.     2.    Select  the  right  person  to  whom  to  delegate.   3.    Trust  those  to  whom  you  delegate.   4.    Give  clear  assignments  and  instrucPons.   5.    Set  a  definite  task  and  complePon  date.   7.    Give  public  and  wriWen  credit.   6.    Don’t  look  over  their  shoulder.   HOW  TO  DELEGATE  –  Insights  by  Harvey  Mackey  and  Jan  Yager  
  11. 11. 5.    Leaders  KNOW  and  LEAD  from  the                        place  of  their  SIGNATURE  STRENGTHS.   hWps://www.authenPchappiness.sas.upenn.edu/quesPonnaires/brief-­‐strengths-­‐test   Go  HERE  to  Discover   Your  SIGNATURE   STRENGTHS  –  the  VIA   24  Character  Assessment  
  12. 12. 6.  Leaders  SHAKE  MANY  HANDS   and  MOVE  MANY  HEARTS.  So  said  J.  Maxwell   Three  QuesPons…     1.  Do  you  care  about  me?     2.  Can  I  trust  you?   3.  Can  you  help  me  fulfill  my  hopes   and  dreams?  
  13. 13. 6.  FOCUSED…VISIONARY   Leaders  realize  knowing    WHAT  NOT  TO  DO    is  as   Important  as  knowing  WHAT   TO  DO.     “Anyone  can  STEER  A  SHIP;   it  takes  a  leader,  however,   to  CHART  A  COURSE”   -­‐-­‐  John  Maxwell   NEED  PROOF?    Then,  read  Isaac  Jacobson’s  NY  Times  Bestselling   Biography  of  STEVE  JOBS  –  Talk  about  FOCUS!!  
  14. 14. 8. Leaders  Know  GROUCHY  CUSTOMERS   make  GREAT  COACHES.   That’s  my  take  on  Bill  Gates  comment…   “Your  most  unhappy  customers  are  your  greatest  source  of  learning.”     So,  what  has  your  last  grouch  taught  you?  
  15. 15. 9.       “I’ve  learned  that   people  will  forget   what  you  said,   people  will  forget   what  you  did,  but   people  will  never   forget  how  you   made  them  feel.”   Maya  Angelou   (1928  –  2014)  LEADERS  make  the  team  feel   Wanted,  Needed,  Appreciated,  and  Valued     And  more  frequently  than  just  the  Holiday  Party  
  16. 16. 10.    Leaders  LEAD…   1)  In  Consciousness-­‐raising  –  self-­‐aware;  in  touch  with   Their  inner  life;  their  environment,  etc.   2)  In  Showing  Compassion  –  toward  them   Selves,  their  families,  co-­‐workers…     3)  In  Charitable  Giving  –  generous   In  the  life  they  live  &  legacy  they  leave.   If  NOT  YOU,  WHO?   If  NOT  NOW,  WHEN?  
  17. 17. FOR  REFLECTION…   1. Regarding  ENTREPRENEURIAL  LEADERSHIP  in  the   21st  century,  the  most  important  maWer  is  ___________.   2.  To  me,  the  IDEAL  ENTREPRENEUR  is  _______________.   3.  Going  forward,  I’ll  take  this  one  important  truth  and   apply  it  to  my  own  leadership  context  ______________.  
  18. 18. Thank  You   The  material  in  this  Powerpoint  presentaPon  is  Copyrighted.  No  porPon  of  this  PresentaPon  shall  be  reproduced  or  uPlized  without   the  expressed,  wriWen  consent  of  Dr.  Steve  McSwain,  President  and  CEO  of  The  FoundaPon  for  Excellence…Inc.  Dated  6/2/2014   Thank  you  for  viewing  this  presentaPon.   I  sincerely  hope  you  found  value  in  it.  This   was  one  of  several  talks  I  recently  delivered   To  a  gathering  in  London  of  managers    from  the  financial  Services  industry.     If  you  have  found  value  in  this,  please   Share  it  with  others.     If  you  are  interested  in  my  services  as  a     Speaker,  trainer,  and  coach,  contact  me   At  502-­‐777-­‐9426  or  visit  my  website  at   www.SteveMcSwain.com