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Parents Ultimate Education Guide Resource for parents and schools


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The Parent's Ultimate Education Guide is an outstanding book that teaches parents how to maximize each child’s learning abilities. Keep your K-12 child motivated to stay in school and to engage in creative learning. Prepare your child for college or trade school early. This resource will teach you how to maximize your students academic suiccess

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Parents Ultimate Education Guide Resource for parents and schools

  1. 1. Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide Chief Executive Officer Dr. Stephen Jones SAJ Publishing
  2. 2. Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide Seven Secrets of How to Study
  3. 3. Seven Secrets of How to Study What challenges do parents face?  A culture of low expectations in the schools.  Counselors and teachers are overwhelmed by the number of students  There is not sufficient information about study skills and tutoring.  Parents have given up on the teachers ability to motivate their child to learn.  Parents do not know how to create an effective learning environment in the home.  Most parents have not attended college and do not know how to prepare their child.  The schools lack the resources to offer courses that are academically challenging.
  4. 4. Seven Secrets of How to Study Closing the Gap in Minority Achievement – Dereck Bok Chronicle of Higher Education October 20, 2003  Closing the gap in academic achievement and SAT scores has not diminished over the last 15 years  Performing well on the SAT does not always guarantee that an African American student will not struggle  Dr. Douglas Massey who wrote, “The Source of the River” says a survey of 4000 students regarding underperformance has determined that poorer preparation to learn, low self-esteem, and inferior public schools has contributed to performance problems  Dr. Massey also confirms that minority students exhibit more concerns about their intellectual ability and self-doubts. Putting students into remedial classes only reconfirms that they do not have the aptitude to succeed.
  5. 5. Seven Secrets of How to Study Can parents find help? • There are very few how to study resources that target parents • Parents are overwhelmed with how to do homework with their student • Counselors are out numbered by a student ratio off 500:1. • Professional tutoring services are too costly
  6. 6. Seven Secrets of How to Study An Innovative Book that Teaches How to Motivate your student Parents Ultimate Education Guide, Seven Secrets Special Edition
  7. 7. Seven Secrets of How to Study Is their a resource for parents? Parents Ultimate Education Guide Parents Benefits 1. Parents will improve their knowledge of the learning process 2. Parents will learn make good education choices 3. Parents will consistently see their students earning better grades 4. Parents will uncover hidden scholarships and grants 5. Parents learn how to keep their middle and high school student motivated to learn 6. Parents learn how to help their student to prepare for tests
  8. 8. Seven Secrets of How to Study CHAPTER 1  Parenting 101  Main Content: This chapter helps parents to establish a good learning environment in their home.
  9. 9. Seven Secrets of How to Study CHAPTER 2  Preparing for Tests  Main Content. Students learn to reduce test anxiety while also effectively preparing for tests.
  10. 10. Seven Secrets of How to Study Chapter 3  Where’s the Money for College  Main Content: This chapter will help parents to organize an effective plan to pay for college.
  11. 11. Seven Secrets of How to Study Chapter 4  Halfway to College  Main Content: Parent’s learn how to raise their student’s confidence that that they will enroll in and graduate from college,
  12. 12. Seven Secrets of How to Study Chapter 5  Know your students Teacher.  Main Content: Parent’s learn how to effectively communicate with teachers.
  13. 13. Seven Secrets of How to Study Chapter 6  Create a home study plan  Main Content: Parents learn how to use homework as a learning opportunity to get organized for tests.
  14. 14. Seven Secrets of How to Study Chapter 7 College 101 Main Content: Parents learn how their high school student can get accepted into college.
  15. 15. Seven Secrets of How to Study Teaching study skills requires a commitment Dr. Stephen Jones is:  Teaching parents who are unfamiliar with college life  committed to helping parents and students to develop personal and intellectual goals  confident that Seven Secrets will increase your son/daughters in school motivation, and increase the number of students who graduate from your college
  16. 16. Seven Secrets of How to Study 10 Habits of Highly Successful College Students  1. Time management is a way of life.  2. Begin with the end in mind.  3. Maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity.  4. Say no to friends and family who are your major  distractions.  5. Fire up your study habits to maximize your success.  6. Meet all of your instructors in their office more than once.  7. Research, Research, Research  8. Focus on fitness of mind, body, and spirit.  9. You are the first student to arrive to class and last to  leave.  10. Don’t let dating move you away from your goal.
  17. 17. Seven Secrets of How to Study How should students prepare for college?  Write down your college goals and stick to them. What kind of grades do you want to earn.  Recognize that performing well on the SAT does not always guarantee that a student will not struggle.  Get all of your high school and college books in advance and begin to study over the summer.  Begin to increase the amount of chapters that you read each night by two hours.  Eliminate the habit of procrastinating on projects, term papers and tests.
  18. 18. Seven Secrets of How to Study Money for college  Complete your FAFSA form by January 2007  Compete all scholarship applications immediately  Never pay for a scholarship search  Write scholarship application letters immediately  Apply for at least ten scholarships each week  Conduct your own research on the internet. Specifically use the  Attend a college fair and meet with financial aid advisors  Call your state office of financial aid and ask for help  Never stop applying.  Enter your information on
  19. 19. Seven Secrets of How to Study Contact Information  Dr. Stephen Jones  P.O Box 5178  Springfield, Pa 19064  (610) 832 -3843  