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Yoga for Heart Disease and Prevention


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'Yogic Way to a Healthy Heart' Presentation by Dr Sonica Krishan at Cardiomersion 2012 - Lifestyle & Surgery, organized by Fortis Hospital, Chandigarh Surgical Society & Punjab Cardiology Society on Oct 20, 2012

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Yoga for Heart Disease and Prevention

  1. 1. Meditation for 20 min daily Early Sleeping & Rising Yoga/Exercises in moderation Deep Breathing (Pranayama)
  2. 2. Dr Sonica Krishan
  3. 3. Yoga helps the lungs take in oxygen more efficiently. Yoga strengthens the Heart. Yoga helps to make the blood 'thinner', preventing the formation of blood clots. Yoga reconditions heart muscles for using oxygen inefficiently. Dr Sonica Krishan
  4. 4. Yoga Teacher’s role Recommended Yoga Wear About Food & Water Medical Condition Precaution Avoiding Competition Dr Sonica Krishan
  5. 5. Highly recommended for heart patient. Regularizes blood circulation in the body. This Asana practiced during pregnancy aids in normal delivery of the baby. Precaution for Heart Patients: Do not hold the breath while performing the asana.
  6. 6. Bestows strength & flexibility to the spine. Recommended for relieving obesity. Purifies blood & imparts glow to the skin. Invigorates the gastric fire & has a wormicidal effect. Precaution for Heart Patients: Do not hold the breath while performing the asana.
  7. 7. Energizing, relaxing & invigorating Asana. Increases blood circulation in the body which imparts beauty & natural glow. Thorough massage of the intestines relieves chronic constipation. Practiced before going to bed, promises sound sleep. Dr Sonica Krishan
  8. 8. Recommended for spine problems. Helpful in losing excessive fat. Highly beneficial for asthma patients. Imparts flexibility & strength to spinal cord. Precaution for Heart Patients: Do not hold the breath while performing the asana.
  9. 9. Cleanses all the nerves of the body. Purifies the blood & relieves skin maladies. Invigorates the digestive fire. Imparts positive thinking. Balances the three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Dr Sonica Krishan
  10. 10. This mudra has been particularly designed for the heart patients. Patients of high blood pressure and palpitations may drive favorable results from practicing the same. Dr Sonica Krishan
  11. 11. Asanas & Pranayama should never be practiced beyond capacity. Heart must never be strained. At slightest sign of heart strain or pain, the practice should be stopped. Practice without breath retention. Inverted postures should be avoided. Dr Sonica Krishan