Stay young with Ayurveda !


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Ayurveda Guidance for Early Aging : Stay Young with Ayurveda
Celebrate just being young ! Are you bothered about early signs of aging ? These may include early graying of hair, dry and wrinkled skin, dark circles below the eyes, flabby skin etc.
Blame it on food adulteration, modernized sedentary lifestyles or even environmental impinge. The signs of aging have become obvious and deluding !

The ongoing process of aging needs to be hampered or slowed down when the signs of physical and mental deterioration seem to commence. At this time, Ayurveda stresses on following small lifestyle modifications of diet, exercise and normal sleep which would add years to your life.

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Stay young with Ayurveda !

  1. 1. Ayurveda stresses on following small Lifestylemodifications of Diet, Exercise and Sleep which wouldadd Youth to your Years and Years to your Life !Dr Sonica Krishan
  2. 2. Defy Aging Naturally - Ayurveda aims at correctingany kind of imbalance in the body and rightly implies thebody as Self-Correcting Mechanism.Dr Sonica Krishan
  3. 3. The daily Food intake should be freshly cooked,appealing to taste and easily digestible. Refrain fromspicy meals, fried foods, cold drinks, caffeine rich foodsand drinks & alcohol .Dr Sonica Krishan
  4. 4. Everyday optimum Exercises keep you active, flexibleand away from progressing ailments.These exercises should be according to your own strengthand tolerance.Dr Sonica Krishan
  5. 5. Sound Sleep for seven hours daily keeps your body andmind relaxed, helps regain the daily loss of energy & isalso a necessary ingredient for retaining – as well asreviving – Natural Wellness, Vigor and Vitality.Dr Sonica Krishan
  6. 6. Ayurveda offers age-old rehabilitation therapy ofRasayana that imparts Natural Rejuvenationmanagement & delaying the debility of AgingDr Sonica Krishan
  7. 7. Ayurveda recommends living in comprehensive Naturalsurroundings is aptly supportive therapy along withfollowing the general rules of Living and naturalregimen of Seasons.Dr Sonica Krishan
  8. 8. Yoga & Pranayama help in slowing down the process ofaging by decreasing the body cell degeneration andimparting vitality and vigor to Mind, Body and Soul.Dr Sonica Krishan
  9. 9. Practicing Meditation provides inner peace, helpsreduce debility and aids in slowing down the process ofAgingDr Sonica Krishan
  10. 10. Ayurveda Herbal Remedies are great support forendorsement of YouthDr Sonica Krishan
  11. 11. Aloe vera is believed to help subside the aggravated heatin the body and at the same time retain moisture in theskin, keeping it soft and suppleDr Sonica Krishan
  12. 12. Neem is light in nature, cold in action, subsidesaggravated heat, is natural antiseptic and natural skinhealer.Dr Sonica Krishan
  13. 13. Turmeric mixed with gram flour (besan) andsandalwood powder applied to the skin makes it soft andglowing and helps remove blemishes.Dr Sonica Krishan
  14. 14. So as to do away with the progression of signs of aging,you could apply some Sandalwood oil mixed into Coconutoil and massage into the withering skin texture.Dr Sonica Krishan
  15. 15. Rose water can be applied externally to the skin forfairer complexion. Also take two teaspoons of Rosesyrup mixed in a glassful of water once or twice a day.Dr Sonica Krishan
  16. 16. Aamla (Indian Gooseberry) is natural source ofWellness, bestows anti-aging virtues and contains specialproperties of Rejuvenation and Revitalizing of theentire body systems.Dr Sonica Krishan
  17. 17. Ayurveda Panchkarma – or the five modes ofPurification and natural Detoxification – can bean excellent support to keep the withering processof aging at bayDr Sonica Krishan