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Heart disease - Prevention and After Phase


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'Heart Disease- Prevention and After Phase' Presentation by Dr Sonica Krishan at Cardiomersion 2012 - Lifestyle & Surgery, organized by Fortis Hospital, Chandigarh Surgical Society & Punjab Cardiology Society on Oct 20, 2012

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Heart disease - Prevention and After Phase

  1. 1. Prevention and After phaseDr Sonica KrishanAyurveda Consultant, Author and Speaker,Chandigarh,
  2. 2. Dr Sonica Krishan
  3. 3. Nearly all of it is Preventable&Much of it is Reversible !Dr Sonica Krishan
  4. 4. One is to preventDiseaseOther is topromote WellnessDr Sonica Krishan
  5. 5. 2 Aspects of Heart HealthPHYSICAL ASPECT EMOTIONAL ASPECT3 Basic Prevention FactorsHealthy diet Yoga Stress ManagementDr Sonica Krishan
  6. 6. Focus on SattvicDiet.Less of Rajsic Diet.Least of Tamsic Diet.Dr Sonica Krishan
  7. 7. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)Hypertension Controlling HerbLasuna ( Allium sativum)Cardiovascular Guardian HerbGuggulu (Commiphora mukul)Lipid Regulator HerbDr Sonica Krishan
  8. 8. GarlicCloveBishop’s weedAsafetidaCinnamonGourd + Basil +MintGrapeBetelDr Sonica Krishan
  9. 9. Dr Sonica Krishan
  10. 10. Aachar (Character & Conduct)Vichar (Perception & Thought Process)Vyavhaar (Attitude & Behavior)Aahar ( Everyday Diet & Eating Habits)Dr Sonica Krishan
  11. 11. Enhancement of Heart healthLowering of High blood pressureReduction in Stress and AnxietyDevelops the Immune systemBoosts Natural working of the HeartDr Sonica Krishan
  12. 12. Dr Sonica