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Ayurveda Guidance for Weight loss


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Losing weight is more easy said than done ! This is surely a universal truth..the flab seems to stick on by default and as and when you try to get rid of the same, you simply seem to be driving uphill without much support. Thus the repeated efforts leave all your enthusiasm futile and you are exasperated and rather discouraged.
Ayurveda Guidance for Weight loss is a supportive and holistic understanding of ancient wisdom of Ayurveda which could help you to lose as well as maintain optimum weight.

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  • Dr Sonica Ji has undoubtly provided useful guidance for wt. loss which are equally valuable tips for diabetics,hypertension,cardiac problem,anxiety,stress..with documented proven excellent results..under some dedicated efforts and with her supervision natural wt. loss is possible and doable..thanks for posting doc.
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Ayurveda Guidance for Weight loss

  1. 1. You know You are Overweight when -• There is excessive increase in body fat and bodyweight.• Your body stature is fatty and bulky.• You usually remain lethargic, inactive and obsessed.Dr Sonica Krishan
  2. 2. Obesity is termed as Aatisthoola or Medho Vridhi inAyurveda which denotes accumulation of the fattissue. Ayurveda believes that impairment of thegastric fire or Agni, which is responsible for breakingup of the molecules of fat, leads to obesity.Dr Sonica Krishan
  3. 3. Efficiency levels both in case of body & mind aredeteriorated and the average life span is shortened.Dr Sonica Krishan
  4. 4. The obese person is at a risk of developing seriousdiseases like diabetes, hypertension, joint pains etcand many physiological as well as psychologicalailments.Dr Sonica Krishan
  5. 5. Ayurveda conveys that an overall change in youreveryday lifestyle is the key to success in reducing theexcessive weight.Dr Sonica Krishan
  6. 6. Eating habits need to be assessed and modified. Laymore stress on less fattening and yet nutritious meals.Food items like sprouts, fresh salads, vegetable soupsand roasted snacks can be used to fulfill the appetite.Dr Sonica Krishan
  7. 7. Feast more on seasonal fruits and vegetables thatprovide adequate fiber and nutrition to maintainenergy levels and provide fullness combatingsuperfluous hunger pangs.Dr Sonica Krishan
  8. 8. Quality as well as quantity of food, especially oily andfried food, fast food, sweet and spicy foodstuffsshould be restricted.Dr Sonica Krishan
  9. 9. Food items Sweet in taste should be decreased indaily diet schedule, intake of diet components havingBitter and Sour tastes may be included in everydaydiet regime.Dr Sonica Krishan
  10. 10. Food items like oats, barley, honey, pulses like moongand arhar, and herbs like dried ginger, bitter gourd,aamla, soye, etc. help in removing excess body fat.Dr Sonica Krishan
  11. 11. A glass of lukewarm water along with a few drops oflemon juice and half a teaspoon honey is to be takenon an empty stomach first thing in the morning.Dr Sonica Krishan
  12. 12. Ayurveda discourages sedentary and lethargiclifestyle. Also avoid over sleeping and sleeping duringthe daytime.Dr Sonica Krishan
  13. 13. Mental relaxation is needed which may be easilyderived with half to one hour of everyday Meditation.This aids in developing a positive mental attitudetowards overcoming the ailment of obesity.Dr Sonica Krishan
  14. 14. Yogasanas and Pranayama or the deep breathingtechniques have been specified for the purpose ofeasy weight loss and to accelerate the weight lossprogram.Dr Sonica Krishan
  15. 15. So as to bring down the body weight, or the Medhadhatu (fat body tissue), it is regarded essential topractice daily exercise not only of the body, but alsoof the mind.Dr Sonica Krishan
  16. 16. Dry Massages, Hot stone Massages and Enemas arehelpful for weight loss.Dr Sonica Krishan
  17. 17. Surya Mudra - The ring finger is made to settle atthe root of the thumb, with the thumb exerting a littlepressure on the ring finger. As this hand alignmenttends to increase warmth in the body systems, thisalso aids in weight loss.Dr Sonica Krishan