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Oral Cavity & The Tongue (Anatomy of the Neck)


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Oral Cavity & The Tongue

Published in: Education
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Oral Cavity & The Tongue (Anatomy of the Neck)

  1. 1. Oral (Mouth) Cavity (Page 102) Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  2. 2. Parts of Oral Cavity 1- Vestibule: between lips and teeth. 2- Mouth cavity proper: Inner to teeth. Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  3. 3. Vestibule Mouth cavity proper Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  4. 4. Boundaries of Mouth Cavity Proper 1- Infront & sides: Teeth 2- Roof: Palate (hard & soft) 3- Floor: A- Upper surface of anterior 2/3 of tongue. B- Lower surface of tongue. C- Below tongue. D- Myelohyoid muscle and its relations. Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  5. 5. Vestibule Frenulum of tongue Deep lingual vein Pilca fimberiata Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  6. 6. Anterior belly of digastric m. Myelohyoid m. myelohyoid nerve Submental artery Beginning of anterior jugular vein Superficial Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  7. 7. Geniohyoid m. Hyoglossus m. Genio-glossus m. Stylo-glossus m. Lingual nerve Hypoglossal nerve Deep part of submandibular gland Submandibular duct Myelohyoid m. (cut) Deep Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  8. 8. TONGUE (Page 106) Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  9. 9. External Features Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  10. 10. Oral part Pharyngeal part Upper Surface Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  11. 11. Sulcus terminalis Foramen cecum Lingual tonsil Circumvallate papillae Filiform papillae Fungiform papillae Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  12. 12. Frenulum of tongue Deep lingual vein Plica fimberiata Sublingual fold Sublingual papilla Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  13. 13. Frenulum of tongue Sublingual fold Sublingual papilla receiving opening of submandibular duct Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  14. 14. Muscles of the Tongue Intrinsic 1- Transverse. 2- Vertical 3- Superior longitudinal. 4- Inferior longitudinal Extrinsic 1- Styloglossus 2- Hyoglossus. 3- Genioglossus. 4- Palato-glossus. Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  15. 15. A- Extrinsic Muscles Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  16. 16. Palato- glossus m. Stylo-glossus m. Hyo-glossus m. Genio-glossus m. Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  17. 17. B- Intrinsic Muscles Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  18. 18. Vertical muscle Transverse muscle Superior longitudinal m. Inferior longitudinal m. Intrinsic muscles T.S L.S. Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  19. 19. Blood Supply of Tongue Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  20. 20. Arterial Supply Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  21. 21. Ext. carotid art. Lingual art. Dorsal lingual arteries Deep artery of tongue Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  22. 22. Venous Drainage Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  23. 23. Deep lingual vein Dorsal lingual veins Hypoglossal nerve Common lingual vein Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  24. 24. Lymph Drainage Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  25. 25. Submental nodes Submandibular nodes Jugulo- digastric nodes Jugulo-omohyoid nodes Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  26. 26. Submental nodes Submandibular nodes Jugulo-digastric node Jugulo-omohyoid node Post. Belly of digastric m. I.J.V Omo-hyoid m. Dr. Sherif Fahmy
  27. 27. Nerve Supply • Motor: Hypoglossal nerve except palato-glossus muscle. • Sensory: Anterior 2/3: lingual & Chorda tympani. Posterior 1/3: Glossopharyngeal nerve Dr. Sherif Fahmy