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Export Your eCommerce Store. Pay For Result. Growth Program. The Power of Export

  1. Export Your eCommerce Store. Pay For Results. Growth Program “The Power of Export”
  2. In short - We pay Ads budget - We create marketing materials - We manage Ads - You pay for results we’ve achieved
  3. Our Reward Revenue Sharing Model
  4. The program: detailed description ● Developing a marketing strategy from A to Z ● A to Z marketing strategy implementation ● Development of communication materials (idea + production) ● Website tailoring and adaptation for sales ● Content creation, localisation ● Advertising channel planning ● Implementing advertising campaigns and managing advertising channels ● Extensive advertising budget (70% covered by, 30% by client)
  5. Primary conditions to apply ● The company’s product/service must be export-oriented ● It could be a start-up or a company that has been operating for several years, or an app ● Preference will be given to companies that already have initial sales experience of the product in export markets ● Preference will be given to e-commerce companies ● The company has not yet reached a turnover of EUR 5 million in the export market ● The company has manufacturing capacity to increase production volumes relatively quickly ● Strong potential for product scalability
  6. ● Successfully operating since 2013 in 20 countries ● Google Export Partner & Google International Growth program participant ● 25+ highly qualified experts ● 200+ successful case studies ● The eCommerce revenue we generated for our clients in 2021 totalled 358 mln EUR ● Each European country where we run advertising campaigns has its own native speaker specialists and partners ● 208,000+ hours managing digital campaigns (145,000 hours for export markets) ● Our approach is based on performance. We create/implement marketing strategy to achieve your goals
  7. “Since 2013 has been focused on helping exporting ecommerce companies grow. Due to our successful work and excellent results in this area, Google has included us in its exclusive International Growth program. For our clients, this means an excellent opportunity to benefit from strategic and consultative support from the Google Export team. In turn, helps take care of product promotion and advertising budgets.” Sergey Volvenkin (PhD) Senior Export Strategic Planner and Founder of Watch Founder’s Video (3 min)
  8. We’re glad to help you to grow in export markets In order to apply for the program please fill out this questionnaire or if you have any questions feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you! Sergey Volvenkin (PhD) Senior Export Strategic Planner and Founder of (+371) 29-43-51-94 Linkedin