glaucoma retina ophthalmology raised iop hereditary retinal dystrophies iop strabismus squint alternate cover test neurophthalmology cover tests electroretinogram erg photoreceptors rp retinitis pigmentosa cord cone and rod dystophy cone dystrophy ido ophthalmoscope indirect ophthalmoscope pvd induction vitrectomy steps vitrectomy spectralis heidelberg optical coherence tomography rd retinal detachment secondary open angle glaucoma normal pressure glaucoma normal tension glaucoma ntg risk factors white dot syndrome posterior uveitis choroiditis uveitis poag target iop hypertension ocular hypertension importance of diurnal variation diurnal variation formation of aquaous aquaous humour aquaous as oct oct ar autorefractometry retrolental fibroplasia rop retinopathy of prematurity normal fundus fundus childhood tumor tumour retinoblastoma macular hole perimetry field test automated perimetry dry eye tear film tonography tonometry astigmatism sturm's conoid toric lens angle of anterior chamber gonioscopy exophthalmos proptosis protrusion of eyeball corneal ulcer corneal staining fluorescin stain rose bengal stain colour vision vision trichromatic theory colour neuroophthalmology accommodative esotropia kpro keratoprosthesis
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