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Beating Death and Disability


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Lecture given for the Rotary Club of Elgin

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Beating Death and Disability

  1. 1. Beat the Clock (with Integrative Medicine)
  2. 2. Top Dx High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Pre Diabetes Reflux Erectile Dysfunction A water pill A statin A sugar pill A reflux pill Viagra Big Bandaids for Big Symptoms
  3. 3. Integrative Tx High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Pre Diabetes Reflux Erectile Dysfunction Magnesium/Potassium Omega 3 Fish Oil Fiber/Low GI Foods DGL/Digestive Enzyme/H2 Viagra Small Bandaids with Small Side Effects
  4. 4. 1. Try avoiding the Bandaids 2. Find the Root of the Problem 3. Empower Change
  5. 5. “Within every ailment is the answer”…(so learn the cause) High Blood Pressure—————— High Cholesterol——————- Pre Diabetes————————————— Reflux—————————— —+ Erectile Dysfunction—————+————+
  6. 6. Integrative Tx Cut back on Red Meat Add some Fiber Go Plant Strong Small Frequent MRE’s Sleep Deep Move Practice Mindfulness Treat the Roots!!
  7. 7. DrRic Lifestyle Changes Thinking Eating Activity Everyone Needs a Personal Plan
  8. 8. “I know what to do I just have to do it” Returning to old ways yields old results Doing what you did in highschool? Takes experience to apply newest tech Sustainable Change best with “eyes on”
  9. 9. DrRic Coaches Personal Trainers/Yoga Therapist/Tai Chi/ Physical therapist/Chiro/Sport-Specific Expert Nutritionist/Registered Dietician/Naturopath Pastoral Care/Psychologist/Counselor
  10. 10. DrRic Saguil Advocate Medical Group Bartlett (630) 213-3232