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Life & Lifestyle


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It's the mind-body connection-only caring of body is not enough, obviously it is the need to take care of emotion of myself and the people around, otherwise life & lifestyle can not be healthy.

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Life & Lifestyle

  1. 1. Beginning our journey By Dr Rupa Talukdar
  2. 2. Our Life around: do I know it????????? Life around us, My family My colleagues My friends My associates & Others in our daily life Do we have minimum ideas of their emotional status?
  3. 3. How are they?  Look at the gesture and guess it?  Sign of Depression
  4. 4. Body weight and depression  Body weight increases: one of the sign of depression is overeating  Pink is the depressed person: so wt. increases
  5. 5. Sign of stress
  6. 6. Angry person or anger: whatever it may be!!!!!!!
  7. 7. Fearful or FEAR
  8. 8. Sign of frustration
  9. 9. Shocked young person
  10. 10. Stress, frustration and fear
  11. 11. Surprising
  12. 12. Thoughtful
  13. 13. Peaceful gesture
  14. 14. Happy
  15. 15. Happily agreed
  16. 16. Have some good idea of it Know the temperament of people around you They are there as we need their company for our healthy living We need daily care for our harmonious living, so also they……….any how we are inter-dependent. Slogan of life: “Live lively and help people around to live so”
  17. 17. Lifestyle SKIN CARE is very common words but what’s about MIND CARE ? We generally take least care of it. Isn’t it? Many skin care products are available as there is no TRAUMA/TABOO in it. But MIND-CARE is stigmatized: visiting a COUNSELOR is still second option-First option is to keep it under CARPET.
  18. 18. Lifestyle or Mind care The word is very common now-a-days Lifestyle is the way that includes, Medicine DiseaseChoice Sports Brands
  19. 19. BUT WE ARE HERE TO TALK ABOUT The Psychology of Lifestyle : Promoting Healthy Behaviour
  20. 20. Defining "Health" and "Illness" More Accurately in terms of Psychology Symptoms we may easily spot if we are mindful; the known healthy behaviour has been changed (dysfunction begins) day by day if it’s not arrested in the initial level, if it’s not neglected by close relatives, may be husband/wife/daughter/son and others in the family.
  21. 21. Generally lifestyle for common people Is this lifestyle? Having good no. of shoes!!!!!!!!!!
  22. 22. Is this? To live in a Housing Complex
  23. 23. Shopping? Travelling? Eating out?
  24. 24. • External is like above, and internal is to have connection for, Lifestyle indicates: Involvement of both parts of life: External and Internal Feeling of attachment with others around Happily enjoying family togetherness among the family members Mind care of self and others Concern about family members/friends/colleagues Feeling connected with people in crisis and also similarly others. Taking appropriate care of people around
  25. 25. Do I notice them around us in our close proximity/daily life?
  26. 26. Case of Insecurity
  27. 27. Obsessions, repetitive behaviour and routines from anxiety
  28. 28. Obsessions, repetitive behaviour and routines from anxiety
  29. 29. Causes and managing factors
  30. 30. Managing the close one emotionally First step is to stay connected: feel the connection by heart: that helps you to grow with positive behaviour Really it’s the need: triggering factors of psychological dysfunction in most cases are  Received neglecting attitude from beloved  Boredom in the relationship: lazy in exploring alternative way out  Escaping tendency from reality  Fearful to face the struggle of  living
  31. 31. When I /s/he am/is not well Finding no solution of a crisis/conflict Blaming others/system for faults Trying to spot always negative/error in self Giving unnecessary clarifications of deeds Thinking others always demanding/dominating Not ready to take responsibility Criticize others for a little cause and finding ‘self’ committing no blunder
  32. 32. Be alert and do needful Making them clear, 1. There are innumerable options in life: no need to be fearful 2. Stay positive and stay connected 3. Every crisis has appropriate solution 4. Life has struggle, but it enriches a person with wisdom that helps him/her to become powerful in shaping a life of his/.her choice 5. Without struggle life has no satisfaction
  33. 33. Thank you