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Art as therapeutic measure


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Human life span increases as the human civilization grows, but the retirement age is same, within 60/65 years s/he gets retired from her/his full time job/profession whatever it may be-finding nothing to do passionately they feel bored and irritated-at this phase Art THERAPY would be a great help.Art will keep senior citizens focus, motivated and always hopeful. It keeps them young in mind-if someone is young in mind s/he can conquer any tough situation with a smiling face. Art Therapist will train “How to be evergreen at 60s/70s/80s and so on. But it needs regular training and practice-depending on it creativity of you will take the shape and form.
Art Therapist will help you to grow with the process of art making-end product is not our issue-more you enjoy the process of growing happy with mindfulness more you enjoy life around. Art will fill your emotion with colour, form, plan to do more and also creativity.
When you do not like to talk or you are tired of talking/chatting –when you neither in busy schedule of daily life nor in routine work start enjoying time on your own way of imagination through canvas/craft materials.
Art Therapist has no interest to develop immediate skill –s/he needs to make you feel. It is not your perfection, it is your communication –it is your expression-your silent image of thoughts and observations. Art Therapist makes you to enjoy the freedom of expression created in the canvas by senior clients which s/he is desirous to produce.
It’s not shame to hold brush after 20 years-it is not embarrassing to scratch on a canvas before the junior members of your family-it’s a journey-now you begin journey towards the joy, peace, fulfillment of your silent expression to the World of Today. So my Senior Friends! Just Start, we all wait to see another world of you-the colour of gonna Days………….. By Dr Rupa Talukdar and the members of her Team MIND'S EYE

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Art as therapeutic measure

  1. 1. It gives an alternative way of living for the well being of physical and psychological growth From Dr. Rupa Talukdar; Chandrima GuhaRoy; Lopamudra Dutta and Susmita Mukherjee & our budding Art Therapist Ushna Dutta
  2. 2.  The discussion of today is Art as a therapeutic measure particularly for Senior Citizens.  Specially I am as a psychologist interested to make our twilight days colourful by practising ART & CRAFT.  You may ask me, “Is it necessary?”  I find it necessary because of reasons I am going to talk about.
  3. 3. As people grow old, after 50/55 life begins with a new episode called The TWILIGHT-  Increase of free time/leisure  Slow depression craves in because of flying off junior members of family-EMPTY NEST Syndrome  Onset of ANXIETY for the close one who are not at your side  Declining of physical strength and so also emotional health  Emptiness –less family work, family pressure This is the right time to start SECONDINNINGSof life: it needs Groundwork & Care
  4. 4.  By making group of 8- or 10- or like that  Group activities make the scope of socialization –not through mere chatting, through colourful activities using colour palette, brushes, scissors, pencils etc.  This helps a lot to keep Body & Mind both cheerful and active When people socialize they start chatting, but here when our senior citizens make a group to enjoy Art & Craft session using brushes, colour palette, canvas and paper etc. language would be sketch, drawing, painting and different craft forms. Language of ART Therapy is Expressive Art-this may be 2D or 3D forms Just see the two forms created by two participants in an Art THERAPY session-they were asked to participate in a Self Portrait Session-it is the dormant emotion
  5. 5.  Please observe the two pics
  6. 6.  The two pics are same in colour choice, and the drawing pattern-both the person is aggressive, assertive and with full of enthusiasm.  But there is some unique differences: which is butterfly- the life:  Life makes the two hugely different: the person drawn left pic is a social person and likes to take the help of others in fulfilling his dream-good human being.  The person drawn right pic is loner, needs no one to lead a life of success: bit selfish person he is.
  7. 7.  We only discuss here about Art & Craft Section:  How it works:  It is easier for our brain to remember Picture than Words-called associate memory  Art allows person to express openly: when words fail art helps to express spontaneous.  Art promotes attention: helps to be less restless, more motivated & focus and engrossed in creativity makes worthy use of leisure time.
  8. 8. Anyone anytime for better feelings as it helps to learn easily-the way ART helps anyone is the most creative and lively way. Here we are talking about for target people SENIOR CITIZENS
  9. 9. Attractive side of it, they can participate easily as they have huge source of memories those would be helpful in,  Connecting  Executing  Imagination  Grasping  Scribbling  Coloring  Expanding the original ideas  Many more which is required to give a FORM either 2-/3-dimensional way
  10. 10. As people grow generally s/he becomes,  Dependent on close one: becoming slow  Anxiety prone because of close one  Insecurity for the self  Depressive because of his/her own confinement at home  Always under supervision of young members of family  Empty nest-son/daughter are somewhere else because of services/study  Retirement-/VRS- lazy time around  Less motivated most of time  Feeling lonely because of few people in life-there is no strong attachment with any one other than family members Practising indoor activities like ART & Craft is the ideal way of connecting sweet memories in the present context.
  11. 11.  In Psychological words COLOUR has unique effect on EMOTION: Susmita Mukherjee will help you to know more abt it  By changing your original chosen colour for the next best colour Art Therapist will give you serenity of emotion: Chandrima Guha Roy helps you to make it clear  As people grow old it is necessary to be in uniform temperament: no high, no low: what is called TRANQUILITY that one can achieve through creativity.  Creativity always helps to be with imagination, enthusiasm, motivation- to be around suitable colour appropriate to your original emotion facilitates a lot for being emotionally strong. I request Susmita Mukherjee to continue the next portion of the program.
  12. 12. Now we invite you to participate in PICTURE DRAWING SESSION -But here we call you to come on the stage to choose your favourite painting JUST TO KNOW YOURSELF
  13. 13. Competitive mindset, has fighting spirit, feelings of being watched, flexible type, cooperative and bit lazy; dreamer and friendly. Colour: Optimism. Harmony- refresh-state of equilibrium, peace loving, energetic, has warmth-loves for security-there is a sign of oppression.
  14. 14. Amiable ,family centric person, sociable, bit worried, sensitive, warm and kind, emotionally oriented preoccupation, aware of own personality waiting to bloom Colour: Sophistication, glamorous, security, emotional safety, efficient, creative , anxiety prone
  15. 15. Fear of failure, escaping from situation, depressed, can not cope up easily, needs to express , flexible and imaginative Colour: Intelligent, can trust, communicative, logical. Suppressive, loyal and spiritual person.
  16. 16. Lack of fighting spirit, insecure, wants protection, touchy personality, bit unrealistic, has demand for socialization. Colour: down to earth, practical and reliable; stable person, competent person; intelligent and communicative
  17. 17. A sociable person, optimistic, emotional, not to conscious about self, refusal to look inside oneself, sad. Colour: Creative, confident, friendly but has irrationality and fearful-sometimes stays in anxiety.
  18. 18. A sensitive, hesitant, energetic person and thinking oriented; desirous to get on with things, imaginative, methodical and indecisive Colour: demand for physical comfort, warmth, security ; sensuous and fun loving person; has feelings of deprivation and frivolity-bit immature; he has frustration not being to able to fulfill dream.
  19. 19. Competitive, has fighting spirit, looking forward for some achievements, passionate to fulfill target, sensitive, independent mindset, flexible, needs finding unity and peace Colour: down to earth, practical, reliable, stable person, believes in harmony, balance, peace.
  20. 20. Torn between a desire for more freedom but has an inner wish for more basic protection and security, materialistic, emotional and has crave for affection, head ruling person. Colour: calm, concentrated, sophisticated; has warmth.
  21. 21. Lack of cooperation with/by others, creates relationship difficult, introvert, energetic in thinking, can not get along with others, bit stressful, desire to achieve difficult goals, warm and kind person Colour: physically courageous, agressive, intelligent, logical, likeness in harmony.
  22. 22. Emotional, wants harmony and love, desire to escape from a situation, clinging for travelling, basically freedom lover Colour: has sophistication, give emphasis on glamour of life. Security and emotional safety both are important to her life. Bit cold
  23. 23. Drawn by a student of ART Therapy- we don’t want perfection, only participant needs to act on it for bringing happiness.
  24. 24. Using the filler drawn previously instead of colour-it helps to be more intense and self-possessed
  25. 25. Colour white is used in many Western countries to represent purity and innocence- they use white dress in marriage, but it is seen as a symbol of mourning in many Eastern countries.
  26. 26.  In our state Red is the symbol of enthusiasm and happiness, so we use Red in any festival.  Perception of colour is somewhat different; there are some color effects that have universal meaning.
  27. 27. Please come and choose your colour
  28. 28. Entire session of ART THERAPY has 6-Magical steps
  29. 29.  Choose art materials( crayons, markers, coloured pencil, sketches) as you feel comfortable with  Turn on music of your favourite tune  Before living with your project be with you without being judgmental-you don’t require to be like Picasso, Da-Vinci, Aban Tagore, or N.Bose-just try to let your inner emotion to flow in the paper via materials you like to choose  Choose colour and start colouring on paper; after 5 mins take a step back and see if any images form  Focus on that area to highlight it.  Flip the paper over and write down a description of your piece- what came up during the time you worked on it-and what you feel now and what you felt before-just release your inner emotion in a creative form
  30. 30. How the activity be helpful? Allowing ‘self’ to play in this exercise will hopefully connect the inner feelings to express at ease-like our child hood days-innocent, lovely and spontaneous way-this helps to relax one emotionally in a creative way.
  31. 31.  Materials like old magazines or newspapers, scissors, glue, a large piece of paper and poster board, a writing piece of paper  Take your time to jot down the materials and idea that you like to have for growing  Focus on your goal and start flipping the papers of magazines  Select images and words from it for developing –your Goal  human mind needs to be purposeful-that helps to achieve maturity of ideas/goal  So when you are in the process-automatically images / pictures / words are chosen by you –stick them on the poster board-and create your VISUAL BOARD which is called EXPRESSIVE ART WORK
  32. 32. How the activity be helpful: With this act you can focus on your purpose for a long time through sticking the chosen images and words on the poster board-this helps you to focus on your goal what is called LAW of ATTRACTION-states that we bring into our lives the things we think about the most and the board is a daily visual reminder of the things we want for ourselves.  This is where I want to be,  So, what am I doing right now that will help me to get to these goals,  What am I doing that’s hindering me from making these things happen
  33. 33.  Pick up a couple of blank masks, paint, glue, feathers, beads, flowers, tissue papers, ribbon and any craft item you want  Before beginning any project it is important to focus on what your goals are for the particular exercise.  For this project you need to split the writing paper into two halves: part-I labeled as INNER SELF and part-II labeled as OUTER SELF  Take sometimes to think about and write down what characteristics each of those selves have and what types of emotions these selves has and what type of emotions these selves feel  Inner is who you are actually when you are alone and outer shows you when you socialize  After that use the materials start working on BLANK MASK in a way to express both the SELF as the inside of the mask is INNER and outside is OUTER
  34. 34. How it would help you? This is another form of art that focuses on INTROSPECTION It is important to be able to identify what parts of our SELVES we show others and what we keep private; this can lead to further exploration-  What is there inside of me admirable to share with people outside?  Does my outer self change in different situations and why?  How do you feel to express that outer self Vs inner self?  Does one cause more anxiety and does one feel more authentic?
  35. 35.  You need simply a piece of writing paper envelope and pen.  If you want to be crafty you need stickers, other decorative item as you like and glue  Important part is to write all about the stuffs you love and think about all the things of your body and mind that does for you-this is a time to appreciate all the wonderful things you offer to the World  You can write words of encouragement to yourself for the times when you truly need it
  36. 36. How it would help you? It is the natural tendencies of human being to be with wrong/depressive part of life-but we have many palpable events which are really treasures -but we forget them in our daily life. So writing and reading a love letter help us to give credit for being incredible and take us to a place of compassion and love for ourselves. It is easy to be nice to others but hard to nice things for ourselves. This approach is very common-so take time to love yourself with this exercise.
  37. 37.  Needs a canvas, paint brushes, paint, a pallete or paper plates, water, paper towels, pencil and mirror and find a comfortable place to sit  Make sure you have a mirror before you so that you can visualize you through it  Begin your journey with a pencil on the canvas-it does not mean to be exact- during a self-portrait session we can start a dialogue between our thinking mind and our ‘gut’ to draw from an inexhaustible source of meanings, which must be expressed. The self-portrait can be incredibly empowering.  Self-portraiture can be a means of self-reflection and accepting the self both beauty and deficient being unbiased-fighting with inner critic is one of the hardest part about the specific task.  Pen down the experiences, your feelings of finding your portrait drawn by you
  38. 38. How it would help you? Art therapists/you also can be informed of the benefits and drawbacks of recreating the self by examining the art which reflects your inner self. It can be a different experience for people who spends time only critiquing themselves in the mirror and attracting emotions to those critiques. You have created self-portraits as a vehicle to understand yourself Self-portraits can allow you to be open and receptive to the self, which is an important component of therapeutic growth. Having a different experience in front of the mirror gives u the opportunity to have a different perspective, which after more practice, can hopefully decrease the initial instinct to judge.
  39. 39. Blank unlined index cards, scissors, magazine, writing implements and glue. Participants are requested to list the factors that affect their self- esteem & the list of things that can do to raise their self confidence Ask participant to keep an ongoing list on the paper 1. Past success 2. Think in a more positive manner 3. Take healthy risks 4. Practice self acceptance 5. Accept that ‘it’s enough to do my best’ 6. Let go of guilt 7. Don’t label yourself and other 8. You are just as good, if not better ,than others 9. See the good in yourself 10. Focus on your strength, people/things you love 11. Find positive people to socialize with 12. Develop a support system 13. Learn new skill
  40. 40.  Engage in hobbies  Try to be organized  Don’t give up  Avoid people who are negative  Keep a gratitude list  Keep an achievement list  Smile and laugh as possible  Try to see humour in life  Don’t worry what others think  Focus on positive aspect on your life  Accept who you are  Make a list of your positive qualities  Be true yourself, live your own life. Participants then glue the card on a sheet of papers and after that they are asked either to draw or stick pictures from old magazines’ paper beside the line representing the special quality of him/her.
  41. 41. How it would help you? These daily affirmations can help you to develop a more positive self esteem. Having positive thoughts about yourself can potentially re-write the connections in your brain causing you to feel better about yourself.
  42. 42.  These are all recycled products made up of newspaper, obviously you could get to see..its a great threat to Global its an Eco Friendly Products. It has got very good response in hotel industries and in different Govt. Emporiums and moreover many state governments are perusing T & D for the under privileged.  Apart from these Eco friendly and Commercial aspects, it has great impact in both physical and mental health. Let us discuss about physical we grow old our bones and muscles starts decaying...gradually it slows down our motion and causes great hindrance to normal activities. In order to check this ailment we can practise this type of activities which leads to interesting and motivating exercise of fingers eventually the whole arm.  So far mental health is concern, this is worth mentioning ...its a "Mind Booster" activity which gives shape to waste products a unique makeover look and a best utilization”.
  43. 43. Thank You