Thirty Somethin 
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Ronald G.  Shapiro,  PhD

November 2013: Is Preparing Your Photo Album an Afterthought? 
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write a resume to land that job

One of the first steps in selecting a
new employee.  or selecting an
Then read it from top to scittnm
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phras a‘ . -C‘iLlfS€-, '|fiOf3b‘ , our
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Don't Forget Important Details

iriuie the following scenario You
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ai? éfiil2ll‘i°Jl2'; l.: L.ii. F.i': .§%$2; Game Show Style
ElTl| E‘! ‘lllCl n toglite de...
fliirty mocking magazine

lHow Well Do We Describe Each Other? 

By - Ronald G.  Shapiro PhD

l. lanythrrty something adult...
Ed”°at'°" Game Show Style
3}’ Progra ms
Critical Topics  _
Effective Programs *
Awesome Results
ATon Of Fun!...
"""T4l""'""’ K

Vthth new advances in technology, 
increasing globalizaton,  and
economic uncertanties the days of
Sometimes from an ad it may be difficultto fully understand what itis
exactly a company may do or what services they offer...
Qi Do you offer consulting services. 

AI Yes,  I'm pleased to offer
consulting for industry.  students, 
employees ...
Sometimes knowing all of the facts
will help you to be very successful
as a leader orteam member at work
or as a parent or...
You were just invited for a job
interview.  Amongst all of the resumes the
employer received yours stood out from
the rest...
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pleas»:  mm to L'CIll0:IIl Thu situat...
perfecting resumes

Ora or the nrit steps in selecting a new employee
or selecting an trvv‘-oloyee rot pic-moron in a
Programs developed £6”

engage people as if they
are playing a game. 
Perfect for schools, 
colleges,  organizations, 
‘. —1, -. 

How Do You Attract Attention

Ifwe have items to sell or events to promote
we first need to attract the attent...
It Is Time To Plan

lt is back to school season for students.  It is
time for businesses to focus on the fall season. 
It ...


Volume 13
September,  2014

I've seen many comments at the bottom of
emails such as think about...
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3 N Education By
P0 G?  Entertainment
*5 : 
E —I
g Programs developed to
. — engage people as if they
;  are p...



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For the past several months rrtan of the
advertisers and write...
Thirty Something Magazine Reprints of Articles by Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Thirty Something Magazine Reprints of Articles by Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
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Thirty Something Magazine Reprints of Articles by Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD


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Thirty Something Magazine Reprints of Articles by Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD

Articles written by Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD for the Thirty Something Magazine titled:
. Is Preparing Your Photo Album an Afterthought (November 2013)
. Write a Resume to Land that Job (December 2013)
. Don't Forget Important Details (January 2014)
. How Well Do We Describe Each Other? (February 2014)
. Planning Your Successful Career (March 2014)
. Education By Entertainment Game Show Style Programs (March 2014)
. Be Successful: Ask the Right Questions (April/May 2014)
. A+ Job Interview (June 2014)
. Cooperative Competitive Environment in the Workplace (July 2014)
. Perfecting Resumes (July 2014, reprinted from December 2013)
. Should You Take Your Vacation?(September 2014)
. How Do You Attract Attention? (September 2014)
. It is Time to Plan (September 2014)
. Save the Wrapping Paper (September 2014)
. Cookies for Kid's Cancer (October 2014)
. Career Development in December??? (December 2014)
. Preparing to Reenter the Workforce (December 2014)

Please refer to the Thirty Something Magazine website ( for complete issues of the magazines.

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Thirty Something Magazine Reprints of Articles by Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD

  1. 1. Thirty Somethin Reprints by Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD November 2013: Is Preparing Your Photo Album an Afterthought? December 2013: Write a Resume to Land That Job January 2014: Don't Forget Important Details February 2014: How Well Do we Describe Each Other? March 2014: Planning Your Successful Career March 2014: Education By Entertainment Game Show Style Programs April/ May 2014: Be Successful: Ask The Right Questions June 2014: A+ Job Interview July 2011:: Cooperative Competitive Environment In The . ~'». 'orkp| ace July 2014: Perfecting Resumes (reprint) September 2014: Should You Take Your Vacation? September 2014: How Do You Attract Attention? September 2014: It is Time to Plan September 201l: -: Save the Wrapping Paper October 2014: Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Check back several times each year for new articles
  2. 2. | I ‘—'l 1' : .l-| -'. -|. ij‘l-| ._‘: 5. 1' jl i(-_—' C‘ ‘L’ :3 mi 4" c I} V I ‘ A :1‘. :r _c: -1 3:} ~“l — a. ‘ . f 2;» :6; r, 21') 1:0 : } . (—' 71‘. -L 7) I ' 1' ‘I! 3 . -E‘ (W, T K) Til (if if ‘ I 1:; 3.? Is Preparing Your Photo Album An Afterthought? Written By Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD One ofthe best ways to make an event honoring a very special person (on their birthday confirmation, graduation. engagement, promotion, anniversary or retirement) memorable is to have a terrific photo album to distnbute to guests shortly alterthe event concludes. However, I've seen numerous collections of photos which never get sorted and I've noticed numerous photo-gaps in existing albums. To avoid this happening and have an awesome photo album. design the album while planning the event itself. As an added dividend, planning the album will help you to plan for a more successful event. Planning a photo for the first page of each album chapter. Your album design might include: ' Planning a photo forthe cover and/ or title page. ‘ Outlining all ofthe chapters which might be included in the album and prepare brief notes of what to include in each chapter. Suggested chapters would include: - Pictures ofthe venue - Setting up forthe event - The chefs and the menu - The honoree arriving « The guests greeting the honoree - Wishes for the honoree — Guests chatting and interacting - Dinner is served - The cake and/ or candle ceremony « The games and activities - The gift presentations - The cleanup crew ‘ Coordinating the design ofyour invitations with your photo album design. ‘ Appointing or hiring a photographer (or photographers) forthe event and developing a detailed schedule for completing and distributing the album ' Instructing individuals taking photos (assuming they are not professional photographers) to: take many photos (I typicallytake 100 or more), take only very high resolution photos, and to be sure they can see facial expressions of individuals in their photos. Also. nevertake Just one photo of any given pose. Take several and selectthe best ones. There are many ways to add your own ‘signature’. ‘personalization’ or ‘style’ to an album. In lieu ofa card. I recommend encouraging each guest (or family) to make a sign (on 8.5 by 11 inch or A4 photo matte or other heavy paper) expressing their good wishes to the honoree and bring it to the event Your Wishes forthe Honoree chapter would then include photos of each guest (or family) holding their sign, presenting their sign to the honoree. and then Oi the honoree holding their sign. iv (vi “" ‘IAIr iii» r- v4i<I -’ i‘‘—< ) , _ 5.. . ‘.4 ‘ - - After taking each photo collectthe signs and place them into a 3 ring binderfor the honoree to keep as a souvenir Also, take one photo of each group without the sign. Be prepared, and have an extra few completed signs. paper and markers (and/ or a computer and printer) ready N5! in case some guests forget theirs. By following this process you will have involved each guest in preparing forthe event and you will be virtually guaranteed that you will have a photo of the honoree with each guest and a meaningful record of the special wishes from each one. If your honoree is very adventuresome. consider asking each set of guests to bring a second set of signs with a positive surprise message to the event Blindfold the honoree before your guests present the surpnse messages and take photos of the guests presenting the honoree with their sign and ofthe honoree holding theirsign. Collect these surprise signs and place them in a separate section of the 3 ring binder. Don't tell the honoree what the sign says or show them the binder until the photo album is ready. If possible, have a second celebration in which the album is presented to the honoree either in-person, or if distance is an issue, overthe Internet
  3. 3. Thirty Somet write a resume to land that job One of the first steps in selecting a new employee. or selecting an employee for promotion in a competitive working environment is to solicit and subsequently review resumes from numerous job candidates. Resumes may initially be scanned to eliminate candidates who simply do not qualify for the iob. If there are numerous candidates for fewjob openings, the resumes are compared, ot'ten side by side, to select the best candidates for an interview. In a few cases, generally when candidates have a rare combination of skills and experiences. there will be only one candidate for a given job. Thus, the resume merely needs to be adequate. and the candidate will be asked to come for an interview. In most cases, there will be multiple resumes and only a few candidates will make it to the interview stage. whether or not one makes it to the interview stage is partially a game of chance (e. g.. was the resume reviewer in a good mood or a bad mood when they saw your resume. or did they even look at it was the resume reviewed before yours good or bad) on the other hand there is a lot a candidate can do to increase the chances of being selectedfor an interview. 9 Candidates who submit resumes which are Results Oriented And Relevant (ROAR) are likely to Generate Realistic, Outstanding Wins (GROW). So. here are some tips to help you to have your resume ROAR so that you can GROW: 1. Read resume books and websites for tips and suggestions, but remember that following the book will produce an average (or a C) resume. Outstanding (or A) resumes getthe interviews. Hiring an inexpensive resume writing service will, most likely produce a C resume as well. Hiring an expensive. quality. resume writer may help you to gain an interview. but then at interview time your resume may not match your interview discussions. On the other hand, having multiple critics and reviewers (paid or unpaid) reviewing multiple iterations of your resume will help you to perfect your resume. 2. Produce a unique resume. which looks good online or printed, including the proper keywords for automated matching tools, tailored to each position you are applying for showing why you are the perfect match forthe iob. Remember. your resume is your sales pitch — not your life history. ing Magazine 3. The most important sections of your resume (outside of the contact information) in the writers opinion are: a. A brief statement which clearly shows the employer that you are highly relevant to them —— you have done your homework know what the job is all about demonstrate what you can and will do for them, show how each of your experiences makes you the best candidate forthe job, and reflects your enthusiasm. oftentimes. candidates will write a statement which is all aboutthem — their personal goals or whatthe employer can do for them. This type of statement is not productive. and may be harmful. Some candidates do not include any summary statement. Indeed many professionals will say not to include a summary statement In this writers opinion, that is doing yourself a major disservice. If you were in sales, would you ever want to present a sales pitch or facts and figures without showing the customer how your product will best meet their needs? b. Your education, especially ifyou are iust entering the work force. c. A listing ofyour experiences. Generally. this section is best organized in reverse chronological order showing the name ofyour employer. your dates of employment and some descriptive text Oltentimes. job candidates err by explaining their responsibilities in this section. In many cases the responsibilities can be inferred from the job title, thus the space is wasted. In other cases, there is no reason for the potential employerto care what the responsibilities were. What is critical here is to be results oriented. You should list several bullets showing how you excelled in the position. For example. ifyou were a grocery store clerk instead of saying you scan groceries and count money you might offer that Customers seek my register because I am the fastest most accurate, and mostfriendly cashier. I always recommend value add to my giagtomer, often increasing sales by 4. In response to the common question how long should a resume be? Some people will argue it should be a page long. others a page and a half. some will argue for two pages. The best recommendation I can make is to complete a draft
  4. 4. Then read it from top to scittnm o: ,ecti. e| ‘fterrea-zing e h phras a‘ . -C‘iLlfS€-, '|fiOf3b‘ , our re. ie. cidthatphrase increase the chances that the reacer will mantto read more or Cali me iv: -ir an interiiew7 ifso -eep it ifnotcro R it out Repeat this process until . _.u ha. e notcrossec c= utan. thini_: tor2 or 3 readings You now ha. e the per1e«: tIengthresu"ie E On occasion ind . idua| s . viH :9 a ent tram the . ~.cir-tizirce for se. eia| ,eais perhaps raising children orta-'ing care of eideri, reiati. -es Upcin att"‘ tingto reenterthe *. ‘.Cfr‘iO{ e the. as‘-' what to putontheirr Lime L1, zest iecométenijati-: in is to continue leadership roles in i: o"i°1unit_, organizations DFOTESSIOFIGI organizations and czrturth-: -r ecucation during these gap _. ears incluce at! of _. our ai: i:cmi: Iishr*1ents in these roles in the experience section of . c=ur resu'*ie Sofie, zcandidates as: -' it the. should li1C| LJC9 raising farm]. as one of their evperiences Li, ansmerto that question is . '.‘OLl| -C. ‘ , -3u wantto ix. -:ir-' for an eaiplc-i. er who -‘MDLIIC not hire ,0Li secause of _. CiLlfC-3C| ‘5|Ofl10 attenato _. i:= ur tavtilfi Just ze con. incing in . i:iur presentation that , ou are no. » highl, s-illed and read, to assign a high pflflflti to our emp| i3_. er s Aer-' requirements By - Ronald Shapiro PhD : '.°‘. |'. l". “-_IYTlfl'Ie ‘-‘hliii-. -"ii‘'. ' -'5i'li‘—Vl : i V »""‘1;4:“-. lnI~‘ —': iiini: i'*': -,. _i,1iiiiiu, i;. iiii% — ; .rm». ~.i“r-ign-i. ~ A . ‘ = ’r: t-. i-mil; -'/ '1'): -4*‘-, .luI-‘, >5 . ‘.'. 'l= P5')IIl'. I(‘-¥~'J', |5'1~‘, .‘ "Mai '5’ v"| ,IIIN~. >. n , .V '7" K "x. f /1- 7' -t A / ~*“ 4 Mi“gmuimni-ilumt-iv: — ‘ 5‘ _ ’ -(vluIuHIII7-mifom ,4 G i , (p, _,, “ / fa)$~. :[; [r. ‘~Y4ilJll/ // H’ , -i: m'murvm-ra =4-‘Iu-rm= ,, fix _ L __ 'IIlI"= HN= ll0flIMI-' iii: : i -1vmI‘— Hula A ' . ~——. ,_ x i , . , .., ,. §g'_, rig: -i= ;': ? -"qr ‘(r)I, |.« : ioi.1'iu= i~i»~ -'1-iii-i-i ‘I-mii-cu-Ilia H; (-MN‘-m-II | liI'l: td»11' -131:4-it-l"fil-(-t= |~‘fl-la l(-lmll-Z '-‘i -‘littl, -Hi-, ?’i| ,' , , Iia: (-iii-‘mien: -1miiiiiel-‘t]guai= )2f. .i‘t= it ell)! .. '«‘. ’»‘j. ‘,,4l= '1:Ye iii13>1I". 'i'. 'i'. 'i. :t6iii-i= m-imwauirzi-ii= numi= mi. ":-in
  5. 5. ‘IT-i‘lI"l‘I'ifl; ~’y "lair-. i;J¢t; :l ‘ii: -s Don't Forget Important Details iriuie the following scenario You i, ee to participate in a Ty‘ Style w You are securely clt‘Ll standing in frontofan ht h and and askwhat is on your ht hand7 After smelling your hand , i aris. ‘.ercorrectly lotion lthen -iiir left hand and askwhatis ll lefthand’? lfyou respond as -ople do you ll probablysay itiun or nothing l touch your gain and repeatmy n You ll probably repeat your ir ifyou said lotion the first time , l_ll, l might say nothing on iieritrepetitions lmightgive , i 3 hintby placing a cloth ring on , ii right hand las shown in the 3 i and again asking what is on irrii: :rit hand You ll probablysaya riiiii 1 hair scrunchie I ll then touch vliicll ft hand again and ask whatis wri , 'iiir hand You might stll say Say it iiliing Alternatively l mightask you : - in e quesuons such as where were i ’llllll or where did you get ied7 I ll then touch yourleft ain and repeatmy question , n your left hand’? You might nothing l mighteven remove , ii ltilindfold touch yourleft hand air and repeat myquestion what iiri ii: ii, ir left hand l place some lotion on your You mightstill say nothing if you haven tfigured out the correct answer yet please look carefully at Sahar s photo The correctanswer is both my engagement and wedding rings How long would it have taken you or your friends to answer correctly? ‘. v‘. l1y7 There are most likely two reasons why most people take manytrials beforetheyanswercorrectly First people adaptto familiar items Since many married women wear their wedding and engagementrings all of thetime they adapt to them Second people typically don I pay attention to directions Whilel askedwhatis on your left hand when l ask paiticipants to repeatmyquestion many respond whatdid you puton my left handl So you now have a fun game to tijy at - urnext meeting youth group ‘yalentines birthday anniversaiy bacheloretteorothersimilarpaity lncidently the actiyity also works quite well with school or college rings which people have been wearing for some time People also tend to make errors when l askthem to describe their ring in detail ifthe ring has a complex design (like a school ringi llo rings’? The activity works with nail polish too
  6. 6. . ii . . l-i b . .— Education ai? éfiil2ll‘i°Jl2'; l.: L.ii. F.i': .§%$2; Game Show Style ElTl| E‘! ‘lllCl n toglite detfils iirrheiwttryiiig two . ‘ B so ye a ro em s you o rciu a __ reallybtljs ayrpleasle tlalge sdognegtiime i . . ‘ y I t ‘ L L; I 7 . I iiiliif. “"'? l?'i-‘. si §i‘éZ%? .i; €.l‘aii§ " ‘ Entertainment impoitantto youlll it By - Ronald Shapiro PhD M critical Topics Effective Programs Awesome Results A Ton Of Funl! l_ Our programs improve communication, job and school performance, educate, and entertain at the same time. ___ Perfect For Your Business School Youth Group Organization University Special Occasion °o Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD CQ DrRonShapiro1981@SigmaXi. Net 401.272.4664 http: //www. EducationByEntertainment. Com 41
  7. 7. fliirty mocking magazine lHow Well Do We Describe Each Other? By - Ronald G. Shapiro PhD l. lanythrrty something adults who have preteenage oi teenage sons and daughters understand the need for close communication between family members Some families communicate verywell butthere is always room for improvement in close personal communication The need for improvement may notbe obvious to preteeris and teens On occasion it may not be obvious to parents either Thus the following game was developed to help family members see that there maybe room for additional meaningful communication We recruited four’ fabulous pairs of mothers and daughters at a youth group event in lfassachusc-tts lfcm s blindfolded their daughters with scarves thatwere embroidered with the word fabulous‘ across the front as can be seen in the photo belov. We next presented the moms with small white boards and asked the moms to write rust four positive onc- word descriptions on the white boards — the single word You would use to describe your daughter. Your daughter would want you to use to describe her. Your daughter would use to describe you. You would want your daughter to use to describe you. The mothers handed the white board to their blindfolded daughters and we tool; the photograph shown below of the mothers standing behind their dal, lglT‘i€l"3 while their daughters held the white boards The blindfolded daui_: ihters were then reminded what their mothers were asked to do and were asked whatfour words appeared on the white boards they were holding As irtuiried out only 16 6% ofthe mother-daughter answers matched pen‘ei: tiyand another 16 6% answers were synonyms Two thirds of the descriptions did not match‘ Additionally in all cases mothers correctly predicted thatthe V/ a_ythe_ would describe their daughters would not match the way their daughters would wantthem to descrrbethem ln addition to reporting that the game was fun mothers and daughters realized thatthere was need for increased communication You might want to repeat this activityat 8lT GVGVTT }. OU are SDOITSOFIITQ Of Slmpll. hand your pre-teen orteenager a pad ofpaper and ask them to write the four magic words Do the same exercise yourselfand then compare notes Olmcirsly this game show or table (-‘: )«ElClSe can be repeated between ff|6l‘dS and otherfamrly members too I we done this on several occasions and everyone involved reported the activity was a lot offun One team of friends (hairdresser students) scored 100% correct in a variation of this game however they did violate the rule thatall responses had to be positive Try the game show Ol' the table exercise with your family and hopefully your family Vlll be provided with motivation to increase meaningful communication 19 February, 2014
  8. 8. Ed”°at'°" Game Show Style 3}’ Progra ms Entertainment Critical Topics _ Effective Programs * Awesome Results ATon Of Fun! !!“ Our programs improve . ‘ I 1 communication, ~ ) , _,, My job and school "'“ wr- performance, educate, " """ and entertain at the same time. Perfect For Your Business School Youth Group Organization University Special Occasion V~ Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD DrRonShapiro1981@SigmaXi. Net 401.272.4664 http: //www. EducationByEntertainment. Com , , 34]
  9. 9. """T4l""'""’ K Vthth new advances in technology, increasing globalizaton, and economic uncertanties the days of teaming yourjob during the first few months ofemployment, and then performing itforthe restofyour career ended a few decades ago. Individuals who are constantly developing new technology skills, improving communications, becoming better at setting their ideas and thoughts stand a better chance of being promoted or at least maintaining their positions or finding a new position if theirs should be eliminated. lndividi. ials who remain stagnentare more likelyto have a dated skills set, be right simd outof work and have more difficulty securing a new position. Thus, there is a real need for all employeesto create and follow a meaningful development plan for themselves. lalolumos Planning Your Successful Career By Ronald Shapiro PhD There are three components to a meaningful plan. You need to document your: careeraspirations. Describe your ideal job, the responsibilities (and hardships) associated with the job. and the skills required to obtain that job. CurrentskiIls. Descr1be your current strengths and weaknesses. Careerpath. A realistic path listing all ofthe steps necessaryto get you from where you are todayto the ultimate job including a timeline for accomplishing each step. Your career path should be very specific for the next year, specific for the following two years or so, and showing the direction to be followed forthe remaining time period. You will, most likely not be able to develop this plan on your own. You may need to consult with your management, for example. Additionally, some experts in the field of career development recommend that you find a mentor, someone who is at least a few steps ahead ofyou in career progression to adinse you. I would suggest that one mentor is not enough. You really need to form your own “board of directors, “a group of people with different strengths who you can call upon as needed and meetwith periodicallyto advise you on the different aspects of your development. if you are satisfied with remaining at your currentlevel in your company your plan is relatively straightforward You need to learn new products new services and new technologies so that you can meaningfully advise others and will be a highly regarded memberofyourteam If for some reason your currentposition becomes less desirable or disappears you will be well versed in interviewing for another position withri your company or possibly for a similar position with a new company lfyourgoal is to grow you still need to learn all aboutthe new products services and technologies in addition you need to be learning the nextiob that you hope to move to Your career plan might include taking courses earning a degree doing a temporary assignment or simply helping outwith special projects which would help you to team new skills and would also give you visibilityto people who might be in a position to hire you for your new position Shadowing orspending a week ortwo with someone in a managementrob a few levels above you in the business might be helpful too Realize that to grow you may need to learn a variety of differentrobs and demonstrate expertise and outstanding performance in a number ofdrfferent areas by making several lateral moves before being promoted As you progress in your career after completing every single prorect record in a log the name ofthe pl0]€CI the beginning and end date and up to five or six mayor accomplishments on the project Also keep a log of your maror contacts their email addresses and theirphone numbers As an insurance policy keep this information at home on paperand . ’ or on your own electronic device If you are sharing your own device atwork be aware thatthe company may completely wipe it clean when you leave or it may get lost or stolen so keep all ofyour impotantpersonal records photos etc on your own non—shared device at home 5 bid like to tnarrk Dr Itlarganta Posada Cossuto for helpful oonrre, -its /9.. .? ' I :2 March, 2014
  10. 10. Sometimes from an ad it may be difficultto fully understand what itis exactly a company may do or what services they offer Thirty Something l. lagazine has a focus offinding uniq ue businesses We hold interviews with our unique entreprenours to find out exactly what you need to know This month we interviewed Ronald Shapiro PhD to find out all about Education By Entertainment A Rhode Island based business thattrayels all overthe United States Q: Ron You've published articles in Thirty Something Magazine on a variety of topics including Photo Albums, Resumes, Details, Parent- Teenagerlnteraction and Career Planning and you ve run an advertisementstating that you do TV Game Show Style Programs Why did you choose to selectthese topics for Thirty Something Magazine? Volumes AZ l have always been focused cn helping people develop their careers from my days in nursery school when myparent s ran People s Placement Bureau anlnde-pendent Emplo_ymentAgency in Rhode Island and I always wanted to help out lilyinterest continued asl served as a testsubyect for various vocational and psychological tests while my motherwas obtaining her certification as a school psychologist Once I obtained my PhD (in psychology) and moved into team leadership and managements positions I attempted to hire new PhDs and I realized how poorly prepared many ofthese people were forthe workforce I then combined mylifetime interests with this perceived need and began to offer career development presentations for graduate students As I adianced in rm career I became the first or second line manager ofCareer Services (US Wide), TechnicaILearning/ Leadership Development (Globally), Employee University Education (US Wide) and New Employee Orientation (Globally) and Human Factors / Ergonomics (for large computing systems) forIBM As a resultof this experience lfeel that I can be of help to Thirti, Something lilagazine readers and their families in the area ofcareer development AI When I was teaching Introduction to psychology at Ohio State Universityin the 19705 i’ 803 I discovered thatby having numerous games and activities in my classes students enjoyed coming to class and performed well Q: Why do you offer game show style programs and write about photos’? When Iwas asked to teach psvchologyforfour hours straight on Saturday mornings I decided activities would be keyto thriving (if notbasic survival) and developed even more activities Throughoutthe years l ve continued to develop activities which are lots offun as much fun as a partybut which more rmportantlyhelp to promote learning which is directly applicable to improwng performance at work and at school and communications at work school and athome lfind that by providing the photo albums people are able to refer back to the programs and review and learn what they mayhave missed the firsttime round New I can offer programs which are so much fun they ll be more enjoyable than the typical party while offering lots of applicable learning value as well as career seminars which are easyto remember and in the words ofone of my attendees from a workshop earlier this week "probably one of the most fun workshops lhave been to. "
  11. 11. Qi Do you offer consulting services. too? AI Yes, I'm pleased to offer consulting for industry. students, employees and job applicants There is no charge forhelping a person to develop their own resume via telephone consultation (and no attemptto selljob applicants any services, as I don'tdevelop resumes. I support people as theydevelop their own resume) Alll ask is thata iob applicant be willing to work really hard between meetings to develop a great resume Q! And one final question Why do you show a blindfolded paiticipantin your advertisement? A: I've observed that ifl'm talking during a program and people happen to be walking bythey continue to walk. lfl have a few participants on stage some will stop and watch. and ill have a blindfolded person on stage many people will stop to watch Blindfolds attract attention! -'». »»fili, i.q: -,iiiiz: .i'ii 3}‘ " si3i; i;ii; .: »fl‘mig. v {i§‘. 'llgl 1' r'e. i;—l i= J;I. 'I. l~: i ‘i, l_'iji, i3i_i_l_'r ~« E? I. l.Ksl. r.‘. J-liill-nil ‘I-1:11-l~: aiiasilue V‘. l°J: j!ElJ. Il~: : 'a'lEl~: l!)! ,0l'~. . : (-9+1-, ll‘i-3 1 ‘Ian ‘)7 ? ’!l. i}l.1«f_; ~ , .- "'1"! N'l! lleIul-‘»-IIIIHI-‘W; . ' ‘ 3'. .4 . * 3"’ dvliiliilflifl, -Qlflglai ,1 Gm _, q,, _,, ,, [I ? '7;"'. IIl'.1k‘l‘, ”l! l!I“ / I _ ': "" ‘= '°'>- i ! l=4l? .!l. l.I. l.l: I.I. L'! er 5l: 'I1l. -Ll1a. 4% V , r "'”" , vlil-‘~= Iill= hI'. NI". li"Ni: H‘ j ‘. - -'mul'— ‘Hula vi ' -. ~.—‘—. ,; J. , '«'-girl’! -,ir; ‘r. Poi '/ ¢J! lJ Sill-‘flol= H-‘ -‘t-iii-iail 'l0l! WIi-Clint! !!‘ -Ha-. iom~. itt-ii» Iiinviaii-ifs’ ~‘l. -i= i-n= il- '1-lIi= l~‘n0lIi 3 flit! ‘ ft Pll3(! )I>l§'13?? !3fl, lgI_I? }1¥J@L‘fl§(IIENfi. I‘l= l5 : iir_t. ..: ).'#_wi:1:i: i iiitml". 'i'. 'iW; Rélgl-l: lIl9lil§'l3i| it; iit: lii, liil= Iili. ”Zgiiii : ('". E"§I si. ~'. l.’oi= .i: mu £5)
  12. 12. Sometimes knowing all of the facts will help you to be very successful as a leader orteam member at work or as a parent or otherfamily member Sometimes you need to solve complex problems Other times. you simply needto asl-I the right questions (and listen carefully to the answers. of course). Add these questions to your arsenal of tools and you'll substantially increase your chances of being successful 1. who is they? In business. not»for~profit organizations. schools. andfamilies you will often hear statements. some of which seem unbelievable. prefaced by he said. she said. orthey said There is a really good chance that the statement was never made or it was made but distorted so many times as it made its W8_ through the rumor mill that the person who made the statement would not recognize it Be Successful 5:. ’ Ask 1.'h_e Right Questions Perhaps. the word not was even omitted somewhere along the way The simplest wayto deal with this situation without doing detective worl: is to simply ask who is thew Chances are whoever you are speaking with won't know Ask them to go back and find out. Good chance you won't hearthe claim again Ifyou do get an answer to the question, simply call they and asl: them if they made the statement Chances are. they may not have If they did, you have the perfect opportunity to better understand the context or possibly resolve whatever problem may exist (if it does indeed exist) In any case. chances are after one ortwo times being asltedthis question (deliberately with the grammatical error. to mal: e it more memorable), people will try to answerthe question as they hear statements. and your organization iorfamily) will function better 2. Why do you stay (or do business) here? When an employee (or customer) is really negative and complaining aboutiust about everything at work, simply asl: them whythey stay (or continue to do business with you; In many cases, they will quickly turn their negative story into a very positne one and may conclude the dialog with afar more positive and balanced feeling about your busness or organization 3. How can I be of help to you today? when a customer complains asl‘ them How can Ibe ofhelp to you today? When you do. chances are they will askfor less than you thinl: they might Also. includingthe today in your question brings the question into focus rather than an extended dialog In the course of a business conversation in which you want to become more involved with a customer. asking How can the of help to you? is more Iikelyto yield a pOSllN€ resultthan Can Ibe ofhelp to you? Which offers the alternative ot a no response 7i . /.culc like to thank Dr Llarganta Posada C to for helpful’ comments 2 earned this technique from Bill ldarson l/ ice Freziderit ; VF'i of Human Resources i-! i=. 5: Analog Design v. I‘. e"i he was at‘. HP. / F at (EL! 3i i'e5"'. ec this technique from Lynn i/ i-.5-iia E: -E Systems Grcup Hr? Director like’. she was an HR directo' at IE? ! 4 l learned this techrique from Mr Adams of Aciams Fairacre Farm in Foughkeepsie NY '7: I. ‘r I-. ’a_i. ' cf! -f ’ I'ev. port is v»ome". 's ho- store in l‘/ ayi'anc Square Providence. Wntten By — Ronald Shapiro PhD
  13. 13. You were just invited for a job interview. Amongst all of the resumes the employer received yours stood out from the rest The employer knows you are good. great or awesome. Congratulations! !! Your focus as a job candidate should now change. Unless you know the employer or have already had extensive discussions with them, they do not know if you would be a good fit for the organization. Similarly, you do not know if the organization would be a great fit for you. will you be asked to do a presentation at the interview? will you be asked to take an exam? Will you be having a meal? If you aren't already scheduled to meet with your potential manager and a few peers see if it would be possible to do so. Try to learn more about the company and the people you will be interviewing with via searching the Internet. speaking with friends and colleagues who may have had experience with the company, checking As you enter the interview phase of the job A + Job interview selection process you and the employer need to focus on whether or not there is a great match for you and the company. Merely showing the employer more examples of how terrific you are may not lead to success at this stage. Showing the employer what a great match you will be may. Try to find out the details of your interview. what will the day be like? who will you be meeting with? How long will each meeting be? will you be meeting one on one or in a group? out their products if practicaL Write down any questions which may come to mind to bring up at the interview. Read some of the lists of questions guaranteed to impress and make your interview a success which are available online. Then be sure you don't ask many of them at the interview! Experienced interviewers will have read them all and wort’! be impressed. _ _ C? ar- er= .r; ~t-. :;f‘Ii 1-. Now. my most critical recommendations: “The most important part of the interview is for you to determine if the company and position are for you. Be prepared to ask questions about the position to help you make the decision. By asking those questions you will appear sincere. thoughtful. and will really look your best °The second most important part of the interview is for your potential company to decide if you are the best match for them. Listen very carefully to everything you are being told during the day in descriptions of the position and in response to your questions. Add value to the dialog by constantly showing how you would be able to contribute to the company (and to making the lives of the people interviewing you easier) by showing how your previous experinces. training. etc. would be an asset in many oi‘ the areas mentioned. ‘If you are asked to answer questions that seem to resemble an oral exam. most likely the potential employer is trying to leam more about how your think and approch problem solving than do you know ‘the answer. " The exception to this might be in some high technology companies where you may be asked to complete a written exam. °Finally. for my “secret” favorite question: I will describe a problem I am currently dealing with and will ask job canidatesfor recommendations on now to solve the problem. Remember, you already won the prize, the interview. Now. your job is to determine if the company is a great match for you and to show the employer how you would be a great match for them. Use your interview time wisely. If you get the job offer. fantastic! It not. learn what you can from the interview. so that you will be prepared to inteMew with an employer which may be a better match for you. written by contributing writer Ronald Shapiro PhD Read more from Ron on his business site @ w'ww. educationbyentenainmentcom ll would like to thank Dr. Margarita Posodo (ossutolor helpful comments . ‘ L / ’ . ’ ""': ‘? ‘*r7-, / [I --—~. . " > ‘~~_, ,_. _gc __ , / _ ""“”‘~ —. .
  14. 14. thirty sorneflting rnagzine COOPERATIVE COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT IN THE WORKPLACE pleas»: mm to L'CIll0:IIl Thu situation by looting at VCUI business pros: -: e'3ItJ. iIcin S5(eit7ih: —V. '31dS and SJIJIV uici-. -ate L um: Dc-t-iinine if you are uniiitentiiaitaliy en raging infighting and disixiuiaging ccicip-, —i. mc-n thi gh the way you admin ST»: -I lh-: —$-: pltvgfanii Con t CiUV1IIOiQ4ICIi"‘ii'ig5 and obs-sue an I'Vi)r<. ‘>v-! Vt-I-Vt? iii vow business CIIIHJXE ma pfcrdlrfllvltv Ali ofyou V-III be hsi: ip. ..i and qui-. .. hit-. —iv inc! -elié 'i)ui earning. as '. ’eII I v. ouid like to thank. industrial Consultant Di r. '.avg. vita Pcisada Cozsuto for h-. -Epiui C011‘ i’i1-H“: Volume 12 July, 2014
  15. 15. perfecting resumes Ora or the nrit steps in selecting a new employee or selecting an trvv‘-oloyee rot pic-moron in a (OmpQ'. ‘iIv? vrolllifig ermrorirnerit ii to solicit and suosequieni "Pilieh resumes rrorri numerous idti (Indicates itesumes may rriitiaiiy be scanned to eliminate candidates wrici srrrip. y do not quairty 70’ me ion irtnere are riuvherous candidates tor reo yoti operiirip. the resumes are (ompired, often side oy V06. to select ore oestcridid es ror arr iritervieiri In a few (l5eS. gene1a. lyvrhen candidates name a rare combination 0i'SlliL} and experiences. their t1ii te only cnc- candidate tor a gW? 'i you thus the resume ri-erely needs to oe adequate. and the candidate ml. oe asked to come for an IFi?9i'Ven iri mos‘. cases. mere will he multiple resumes and any a Yew candidates will male 0 the inletvien stage wriethev or not one makes rt to the Inlérvieh stage is prtially a game orcnarite leg was the resume rl>V?9H in a good mod or a bad mood when they saw yo: resume or old they even lcoci at it was the resume renewed heroic yours good or bad) on the other hand there is a lot a candidate can do to increase the chances or perrg selected ror an rriteriiew candidates vino iutimit resumes WViK’i are Results oriented AN: neleiani (ROAM are llleiy it cierveraie Realistic, outstanding wins [CRoir') Sc. here are some tips in help you to harre your resume limit so that vou can CROW i rlead resume D0015 I'M! weps-tes rdr tips and suggesruns but remember that ro. ldu-irig the poo- will prcduce an aierage tor a Ci resume outstanding (or A‘; resumes gel the rntemevls riinrg an inei-pc-nine rc-sur-ie writing service vnll most i‘lli)‘ produce a C resume aswell rrvirig an experisrie quality resume writer may help you to gain an ii‘iK€f‘€‘W. om men at rnterviein time your resume may not match yc~. ir irizervien discussions on the other hand. having multiple critics and VEVIEWVIS (pa): or uripaidi reiiemng multiple iterations dry-our resume will help you tci per'. e<tyour resume z Plcvcuce a unique resume vrtvch looms good online orpiirited iriciiiarrig (Vie proper le-, w:«ds tor autorria-. ed rraicriirig tools tailored ici each position you are applying to’ showing why you are the perrect maicri ror the you Remember your ! est. m(- is your ia. es pi-. cri - not your lire history 3 the most rmpoctanr sections oiycur resume (outside 07 the contact I'l'cirrnal| dn} in the writers opinion are a A prior statement Wtiifli clearly STVJWS the erwlcyer ma: you are riigrly re. erant to them ~- you have done your hofliewt-’. blfww mat the job is all aoou: derrionstrate what you can and wit. do for them. show tv: M'eacn of your eitpenerxes r-ialies you the test candidate tor the yoo. and rer. ects your evlhuS‘)srr ottentirries candidates miliiiiize a statement which is all aooui ther-i -trev personal goals or irmz: the employer can do rovuieriri this type or statement is not productive and may be hair-iru. some candidates do not include any sarrirriacy siatemeri indeed many proressionals I'l| t say riotto include . summary suterne-it in trirs miiers crpinicrn. that is doirg yourselr a rr~a; or €iS$€'tY.9 lrydl. were in sales. would you ever want is preseri sales pitch or racts and rigures without Ytovrng the customer horn your produtlvlili pest meet their needs’ ti Your education. eSpK‘illy r1 you are ius: entenng the worn rc. r:e c A listing ofyour eiperiences oenerally. this section is best o'glnizeC in reverse crvonimgical order s-iovn-lg the name oryour employer. your dates or employ-rrient and some descnptive zeiit ortentirries Job candidates err by explaining their ltspc-hSiD‘r.7T! Q$ in this section in nianycases me responsioxities can he rnrczrec rrcvr the ion title, thus the space is wasted in other cases there is no reason tor the potential employer to care trivia: the responsrpiiriies were wria-. is critical here is to be results oriented tau should list seve-al bullets §7iovri'g who you trite-lied in the position For euri-iple rtyod ixere . grocery store clen instead or saying you scan groceries and count rndney you might diver ma: (listeners seet my register because I am or rastest most accurate. Ina mdst rriehdiy cairiier I always recommehci value add to my customer or-. eri increasing sales by 20% c in response to the clyrirhorr question how long should a resume De’ sortie people will argue it should be a page lo-lg others a page and a halt some w~. .i argue tor mo pages tire best re-zorrirrietiaarioni can matte IS [0 (OTMHG 3 UV]? ! then read it rrocri top to oottcrm ooiectiuely Arte: rebdirg each phrase an yiourselr Ioi all your IQ*41QVlYl3I0‘d that phrase increase the chances mat the lead? ’ will marl: to read more or call me rd: an interview ' ci ileep it is not cross it out aepeai trirs process until you have hot crossed out ariytriirig rm 2 or 3 readings You riorw have me perteci lengui resume 5 on occasion I! $d‘'1d. ill§ iiili be absent from the workforce for several years, perriaps raiiirig (Nldrefi or iatrrig care or e. deny re. irh-es upon atierrioting w rc-enter me Mr’: rorce triey asx matte pin on their resume My Desi recorrirneridariun is to continue leadership roles iri comrnuri-. -y oigamntiom. yoressional orgariiutioni andro- ru-trier education dunrig iriese gap years include air cityour accempzisnrrients il'i crrese roles in me eiiperierice section uiy~our resume some rot» candidates asii rflney‘ should include raising rarririy as one oflrreir eilperieflces My answer to that question is would youwarit tc won for an errwldyver who wou decision to attend to your Iimliy’ iust he turiinricirg in your presentation that you are rim riigrir, iriileo and may to assign a high priority to yDi. " employer's WD'I requrrerrients By - Ronald Shapiro PhD Reprinted in Volume 12 July, 2014 Original Publication December 2013 rot hire you because or your
  16. 16. Programs developed £6” engage people as if they are playing a game. Perfect for schools, colleges, organizations, scout troops and businesses. "“= .l= J“= .2'A'| i i= - Should You Take Your Vacation It is now the end of summer and you have not taken a vacation for months or a year or more. On the other hand. you have a lot of work to do. catching up is a major effort after vacation. and you don't have any real big plans. So, there is a great temptaton to not take a vacaton. or iust work a few hours less for a week or two and call it vacation. What should you do? Most likely, you should take the vacation! !! why? Gain insights. During our daily routine we may get so tied down with details that we fail to see completely new approaches that may make our work more productive. more profitable. more efficient. or more fun. While away for a weeli or tviro we may gain a new insight that will more than make up for hours of time lost. Be an interesting person. we may become very boring people if we don't have a new story to tell. This may hurt us during our interactions with clients or colleagues. Your family needs you. If we Ignore our family and fnends they may begin to feel that we perceive them as being less important than our jobs. Test Your Disaster Recovery and Growth Plans. Unless you are a one person business with the intention of closing if you become unable to work or disinterested in your current line of work your business needs to be able to function without you. Likewise, if you have a position in a larger corporation and you hope to get promoted. upper management needs to see that you have an effective plan in place should you become unable to work [or interested in a promotion). Vacation provides you (and your management) with an opportunity to see how your business would function without you and then make necessary changes so that ifyou should become ilL the business can survive and if you want a promotion. your management can promote you. Vacation is a key element in disaster recovery 3“ l! i,P[Q, '!!9_'l9!1PL-3,05! I / V yj ". _(‘-, . ii? ;KEEP CALM , ENJOY . v.ctcATioixi Show you have nothing to hide. Some management training programs caution managers to distrust employees [especially those who deal with money] who are afraid to be out of the office, because the employees may be afraid that their dishonest behavior will be discovered Avoid regrets. As an old saying I've heard goes. no one ever died saying "I wish that I had spent more time working at the office. ” I have heard older people on the east coast who felt that they were no longer able to travel due to health issues say ‘I wish I had been to California. ‘ rl would like to thank Dr, Margarita Posada Cossuto / or helpful comments. By - Ronald Shapiro PhD
  17. 17. ‘. —1, -. How Do You Attract Attention Ifwe have items to sell or events to promote we first need to attract the attention of potential customers and clients. We might do this by renting exhibit space or offering a program at a convention. trade show. craft fair. malL or other place where we anticipate that many people will gather. We have either invested a lot of time and/ or paid substantial rent for our space. There is a great deal of competition for the attention of our potential customers and clients. So. the question becomes how we might attract attention so that we will have the opportunity to explain our product or service. i've observed a variety of techniques. some more creative than others. Many involve giving small gifts such as: Candy. Granola bars. fruit sandwiches. bread. cookies. cupcakes, soup. salad. Candy and granola bars seem to be provided most frequently at exhibit halls by vendors selling anything from food to insurance. The other food items tend to be provided more frequently by restaurants. caterers and other food providers as ‘samples. ’ full breakfasts. lunches or dinners may be provided as an enticement for people to attend seminars, frequently involving financial planning. Balloons. stress balls. magnets. key chains, first aid kits. hand sanitizer. flashlights. computer merriory sticks. stuffed animals. etc. may be given by all sorts of vendors to attract people to exhibit hall tables. Lamination of business cards to attract people to tables. provide people with a business card that won’t be discarded (frequently. they laminate their card to the reverse side of yours). and to provide the vendor with infonnation about who is seeing their advertisement Reusable or recyclable bags to attract customers. and serve as a walking billboard for the vendor. Contests to win gift certificates or gift baskets to attract people to tables and to gain information about visitors via entry forms or business cards. presumably so that they can iorm a list for future emailing or mailing of special offers. Photo opportunities (or photos) with characters in costume which attracts customers. and provided them with a souvenir they are less likely to discard than others. Some exhibitors may attract attention by surrounding themselves with lots of balloons. streamers or banners. other exhibitors will have action packed displays such as: Games and contests ranging from spinning a wheel to skill based games. Massages and makeovers Demonstrating equipment. sometimes with attractive looking models doing the demonstrating When I was an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester the international Students Association publicized events by having piiiata contests near heavily traveled walkways. Many students gathered to watch the blindfolded contestants try to win prizes. As a presenter. i have noticed that if I'm simply presenting few people who are passing by will gather by my presentation area to see what I have to say. If I have on stage participants completing an activity. more people will gather. if I have blindfolded on stage participants, lots of people will gather. Similarly, if I include the word Games in my program title at large conventions I'll attract attendees who would not otherwise have : i iii-—. Hi ii" if "-"""""" ¢-'hIui- : i.m». ~ : mi-4 —"'i . "rorgr= ,iiar. ~ 3ll‘(? l"”t'-. nl| l'll-‘gllll ’: Jiii-i= i"'ro), -Ii+- -‘iii-. i-iilvr-. w-rgr-. iui- : '. 'l= l~'iIlul'-+ ti-—w. ii'i- : ‘l¢)rr| ii"DI, lilu«[_ ‘_-» _. ‘Iii"git-ultilrriilrrl/ It-we ~ -i-ruruimii-ivili-rrr I 'I'}5I'IrlIl~tIiii'II)-‘ V “' _Il= lu'0llrrlvIrl-i-3 at-irrqviia, -w Iiritidriifi-i-flr-rrriiiis "‘ ' i ‘ ~1IIrri‘-lIIrri= o ‘ "" 3——. .::4 rlarizisi? fioir '(')"i' -143: i‘ '(-i-iii-ti: -iii; |iiil'r-. wiiv -15!‘-l-ii’-ll9II(9.= HlIl| ziiidiii-—ts~ ‘Hit’-llihtiii-ll: : (-imii-‘hf. -‘iihigni-, ‘Jill -l_l-'iii_lElJ-77:4: irzilii . i‘ la- elil. ;iI¢. 'i= i-‘I . u'. 'i'. 'ri= l-iii-2-. m~iiIiwéimaiutniiiuiaumetiioi ‘V. "0. . Iu: t-in-iir-.1 I What attracts your attention as a consumer and how do you like to attract attention as a vendor? An action packed display? A contest‘! An unusual gift? Simply saying hello to everyone who walks by? Only the relevancy of a high quality product? Please let us know by posting a comment under the How Do You Attract Attention photo in the Thirty Something Lifestyle Faceboalt Networking Group. xi would like to thank Dr. Margarita Masada tossutojor helpful comments selected anothgyprggram. By - Ron Shapiro PhD , . ~'i'. if1~>: -.i~-yi-.1 . _ I
  18. 18. It Is Time To Plan lt is back to school season for students. It is time for businesses to focus on the fall season. It is also a great time for all of us to focus on ourselves. What do we hope and plan to accomplish this academic year? if we simply hope to accomplish something we probably will never get to it. As the expression goes. ‘life gets in the way. " If we develop a concrete plan we may be more likely to reach our goal As an individual who specializes in learning and career development. I'm always focused on personal development to become more proficient or to ‘advance. ’ On the other hand developing plans for retirement. buying a car with a cash only payment in a few years or being knowledgeable about and having the down deposit for buying a house might be great plan ideas for you, too! The process for developing a plan which should work for you follows Open a new file (or take out a blank sheet of paper) and write a title at the top (and in the file name). Sample titles might be My Personal Development Plan. My Financial Plan. My Retirement Plan. or My Plan to Buy a Home (or car or condominium). Completing this simple task shows that you have taken the first step to actualizing your plan and formulating actionable steps. Title the first section of your plan Long Term Objective and explain your explicit long term objective in as much detail as you can. Sample objectives might be I want to be the Chief Executive Officer of a Large Corporation by 2030 or I want to run my own business by 2015. Be as specific as you can be. Title the second section of your plan Timeline. List all of the steps you need to take between today and the day you hope to achieve your objective. If your objective is a general statement you will need to leam in the first few years so that you can refine your objective. You don't need to be very specific here. but you just need to have a step by step plan which makes sense. Entries in the plan might include for example learning. developing contacts, or saving money. Assign an approximate date (such as a year) to each step in the process. Review the timeline to be sure it is realistic. Title the third section of your plan 2o1Io~2o15 Specifics. In this section you need to very specifically explain everything you need to do between now and the fall of 2015 to accomplish the first step. Depending upon your goal it may be to take classes. study the real estate market. save a certain amount of money each month. start or complete projects. andlor follow up people who will help with your plan. Assign very specific dates to each item. Review your entire plan to be sure that it is realistic and that you are genuinely committed to it Now enter all of the items in your 1016-2015 specifics on your calendar. If you consider these entries to be firm commitments you have taken a major step to help you achieve your goal Review the file periodically to update steps and see where you are with your specific tasks/ goals. Try to minimize revisions. but do make them as necessary to keep your plan current and credible. hat’ 3 tlrxe, lam? One warning you may wish to have several plans such as one for personal development and one for finance such as buying a house andlor buying a car/ retirernentlcollege for your children. Don't have so many plans that you lose track of them. when you are developing a learning plan do not forget to include a plan for obtaining funding for your learning. When you are developing a financial plan (such as buying a house) don't forget to include learning (such as about the real estate market. how to do home improvements. etc. ) as part of your plan. xi would like to thonlr Dr. Mdryarrto Posada (ossuto/ or helpful comments By - Ronald Shapiro PhD
  19. 19. Thrty Something Magazine Volume 13 September, 2014 I've seen many comments at the bottom of emails such as think about the environment before printing and save a tree. As we move from the business to the social environment I've seen suggestions such as email invitations and thank you notes and use post cards rather than cards in envelopes. I've also seen numerous suggestions for avoiding the use of diSp0$bbl¢ plates and cups and using biodegradable materials and items made from recyclable materials (and recycling) if you must use them. Another option to be green while having fun is to minimize the use of wrapping paper, gift boxes and gift cards (while saving some money. too! ) As you start to think about the upcoming holiday season. birthday celebrations. showers and bachelorette parties. here are a few suggestions: Reuse wrapping paper. Use minimal tape. and use the kind which is easy to remove when wrapping gift boxes and packages. Unwrap packages very carefully and save all of the gift boxes and wrappings. At the end of the event. if there are more wrapping items left than the honoree might reasonably use within a few months. encourage each guest to take some wrappings home and reuse them on subsequent gifts. Try to use them as many times as possible. Recycle when they are completely worn out Use gift bags with a log. Attach a simple log to the bottom of each gift bag (covering the price. manufacturers name. etc. ) with at least 12 numbered rows and columns for giver’s name (and email. optional), recipient's name. occasion. and date of gift. Conclude the log with a message to reuse the gift bag at least a dozen times. The twelfth person to receive the gift bag sends an email to everyone showing the contents of the log. Save The Wrapping Paper If the bag is still in good condition, that person also attaches a new log to the bottom. and places a copy of the email at the bottom of the bag for future recipients. See if you can use a gift bag twelve dozen times! !! You may even make new friends or pen pals in the process! !! Make a display instead of gift wrapping. Arrange a beautiful display of all gifts on a gift table. Prepare a decorative log listing each gift. the gift giver‘s name and address or email (depending upon how much paper you want to save). Place the log on the table (eliminating the need for gift tags. and making it easy for the honoree to acknowledge gifts). Cover the table with a reusable table cloth. At the appropriate time, have the honoree and guests stand behind the gift table as the cover is removed and take some great photos and videos (assuming your camera uses rechargeable batteries). Giftwrap the honoree instead of the gifts. If your honoree is adventuresome. instead of wrapping the gifts. giftwrap (that is blindfold) your honoree with an attractive looking bandana (line it with a small piece of aluminum foiL so they can't see thru it and be sure to position it so they can't see under it). Be sure the bandana is attractive because you will be taking photos. Hand the honoree each gift while the gift givers stand behind them. Then. have the honoree identify the gift by feeling of (and/ or smelling) it (just be sure it isn't breakable and doesn't have sharp edges). Vou might also have the honoree figure out who gave them the gift. or course. take great photos and video. when you are presenting gift items with sharp edges or which are breakable, give verbal hints instead of tactual ones. Combination. For variety. use a combination of several of the above techniques. By - Ron Shapiro PhD
  20. 20. w 3 .5 ca 3 N Education By P0 G? Entertainment *5 : 3 E —I g Programs developed to . — engage people as if they ; are playing a game. in! P f f I 1 , to F‘ . §fif§§s_°£. S§. I.ZZ. i.o. .s, SCOUI [r00 5 ill] g fl businesse: '0 0 : E 2 call 401.272.4664 to schedule. 5 g We come to you. Providing servioe across the US.
  21. 21. SUPPORT A CAUSE AND HAVE FUN cool-ties fer I<ids’concer For the past several months rrtan of the advertisers and writers at Thirty mething Magazine have donated money to support the Cookies For Kids Cancer" organizanon to help raise money for research to help cure pediatric cancer. The cause is obviously a noble one and the cookies organizations overhead is low. so that at least 85% of dollars raised goes to support cancer research. Of course we would like you to check out the romotions from our participating vendors on aceflook. You will find interesting products. some special discounts as we I as some opportunities to donate )u5l by liking Facebook pages. We would also like to make our fundraiser into a real community event involving our readers all around the globe We want to’ Increase knowledge and awareness about pediatric cancer Raise money for our cause Have some fun. tool Here are ways we'd love to have you participate: Ifyou are a baker. Please bake a dozen or more cookies. Place a brief description of childhood cancer in the wrapper of each cookie or on the display table. Sell the cookies to friends, family members and colleagues. If company policy permits, have a cookie sale at the office. You may then donate the proceeds of your sale to the cause via our donation website: https: I/ supportcookiesforkidscancenorgl thirtysornethingtnagazine. Once you do. please post a photo of the cookies, people eating the cookies, andlor die cookie recipe on our Facebook page In the Cookies logo thread if you would like to. We'd love to share. The best postings may appear in the magazine. Cookie tasting contest for adventuresome bakers. Bake several different kinds of cookies (or ifyou wish, engage several friends. family members or colleagues in each baking one or two kinds of cookies). At your next meeting, luncheon. etc. sell all willing attendees a roll of coins (could be pennies, nickels or dimes) along with a brief description pi childhood cancer. Set the cookies on display with an empty cup next to each cookie type. Attendees drop all of their coins into the various cups based upon which cookies they liked the best (based upon appearance. taste. smell whatever criteria the attendees wish to use. ) At the conclusion of the contest. please donate the proceedings and place photos. descriptions and recipes on the Cookies thread of our facesook page. Like to eat cookies better than baking them. Buy at least two different brands of the same type of cookies (e. g., chocolate chip). After talking a bit about childhood cancer see if your friends and family members can identify the brand of cookie. or even tell if two cookies eaten in a row are the same brand or a different brand Can your children tell the cheaper store brand from the more expensive brand name cookies’ Take advantage of the opportunity to teach children of school age a little bit about statistics. For example. if each contestant does ten taste tests with two choices per test, then you would expect them to be correct between three and seven times if they cannot tell the difference between the cookies. If they are right nine or ten times (or wrong nine or ten nines). then they are able to tell the cookies apart. Donate ten cents [or twenty five cents) for each error made. Give the participant ten cents (or twenty five cents) for each correct answer Alternatively. ask which of two cookies they like better (and how much better) See if they end up saying they like one cookie more than another when they are getting the same cookie twice! At the conclusion of the contest. please donate the proceedings and place photos. descriptions and recipes on the (ookies thread of our Faceaook page. (ari't eat or don't like cookies. Please support the cause by simply donating one dollar. Please be a Good Cookie". Teach, learn and have fun while raising some money for a great ca use. You may find your photo or recipe in a subsequent issue of thirty something magazine. If each of our readers participates in this simple activity and contributes at least a dollar we‘il raise thousands of dollars for a great cause. ii would like to thank Dr. Margarita Posada Cossuto for helpful comments. Ronald Shapiro Phi) cookies I2: I-iids'ccincer