Daily Probiotics


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Probiotics should ideally be taken daily for your ideal health. What are the benefits of taking it every day, and how does it help us? Who needs to take it more than others?

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Daily Probiotics

  1. 1. By Probiotics Expert: Dr. Raga
  2. 2.  Probiotics are derived from the Latin suffix “pro” (which means for) and “biota” (meaning life). Thus, the term Probiotic is literally defined as “for life”.  Probiotics is a term used to refer to live microorganisms, usually bacteria, which are discovered to contribute beneficial effects to its host.  Probiotics are a dietary supplement and not a medication. So, its usage is not highly regulated. Though, before its use, a doctor should be consulted.
  3. 3.  Probiotics are known to be beneficial in maintaining digestive health. There are more and more studies being conducted to find more about its mechanism and what other benefits it can cause to human health.  Probiotics can be obtained from dietary supplements (capsules, tablets, powder) and food products (yogurt, cheese, cereals).  As probiotics are consumed, they pass through the stomach. Most of the probiotic products nowadays are engineered to survive harsh stomach acids, so they can reach the intestines.
  4. 4.  When probiotics reach the intestines, they take up space where they are needed by fighting off the bad bacteria found there.  The probiotics fight off the bad bacteria by converting substances (sugar) into lactic acid. This makes the intestinal environment acidic. An acidic environment kills the bad bacteria. Thus, digestive balance is restored.
  5. 5.  Normally, the digestive tract is inhabited by trillions of beneficial bacteria. These are all essential in fighting diseases, digesting food, and absorbing nutrients.  The bowel is known to be a warm, moist, and nutrient-rich environment. Additionally, it lacks oxygen and strong digestive fluids. These facts make the gastrointestinal tract a favorable environment for pathogens (disease-causing organisms).  Together with the above mentioned information, when the digestive balance becomes altered, pathogens may win over the beneficial bacteria and this causes several health problems.
  6. 6.  To correct the imbalance in the digestive system, beneficial bacteria (probiotics) should be supplied. This is to replenish the number of good bacteria in the gut to fight off the pathogens.  Consumption of probiotics have been found to cause various health benefits. That is why more and more healthcare professionals use it as an adjunctive therapy for most patients who have digestive system issues. Along with this, it has been found to promote your overall health due to its effects on different body systems.
  7. 7. 1. Enhancement of the immune system  A double-blind clinical studies conducted in intensive care unit patients proved probiotics can be used in the prevention of Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS).  Probiotics help in maintaining the ideal 85/15 balance of good to bad bacteria. This aids in preventing yeast infections which are common in women (vaginal infections). Aside from that, it can help in the prevention of Urinary Tract Infections.  Breastfeeding mothers can take probiotics to enhance the beneficial effects (immune system related) of their milk for their baby’s development. If breastfeeding is somehow impossible, probiotics can be mixed by infant formula to provide essential beneficial bacteria that is also available in breastmilk.  Can aid in prevention of allergies
  8. 8. 2. Achieving digestive balance  Probiotics have been found to have antimicrobial effects. Thus, inhibiting intestinal and food poisoning pathogens.  Aids in relieving symptoms of digestive problems such as Crohn’s disease, ulcers, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea.  Probiotics replenish the digestive system’s supply of good bacteria which are commonly destroyed by diet involving processed foods.  Improves body nutrition by aiding in the digestion and absorption processes
  9. 9. 3. Improving cardiovascular health  There have been studies conducted which proves that the daily use of probiotics can lower the levels of high density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol. High cholesterol level are one of the major culprits why heart and coronary artery diseases occur.  Also, according to previous studies, probiotics can also be beneficial in decreasing high blood pressure.
  10. 10. 4. Other beneficial effects of probiotics  A balanced digestive environment can help in the prevention of cancer by nourishing the enzymes which are essential in inhibiting tumor production throughout the body.  Probiotics can also replenish the number of good bacteria in the gut. With adequate number of good bacteria, the damage coming form X-ray and CT scan radiations can be prevented.  There are also some studies which have shown probiotics’ benefit in preventing osteoporosis.  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride have found out that by restoring digestive health through a special diet (GAPS), involving probiotics, can be beneficial to mental health.
  11. 11. Dosage  To maintain a healthy digestive tract, it is recommended to consume at least 1 to 2 billion CFU of probiotics.  However, for those who have been experiencing digestive problems or those who have been taking antibiotics, they can take over 10 billion CFU’s of probiotics. Frequency  In healthy individuals, it is advised to take probiotics daily or every other day.  To correct a digestive imbalance, probiotics with 10 billion or more CFU’s should be taken up to several times a day.
  12. 12. Probacto  Probacto is the best probiotic that I have ever run into. They use multiple strains and they are spore forming so they can last while not refrigerated. They do not use cheap bacteria, but expensive ones such as B. Subtilis.  Probacto also contains prebiotics to help stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut.  Probacto contains digestive enzymes to assist in your digestion.  Probacto is enteric coated and made to be slow release so it will release in your gut gradually.
  13. 13.  The daily use of probiotics have varieties of beneficial effects to the body. Also, most probiotics have been manufactured in a way which is compatible with our digestive tracts. So, side effects are less likely to happen. With all of these information about probiotics, it is very sensible that their use is increasing. More studies regarding its possible other beneficial effects to the body should be made. This will definitely be a breakthrough in the medical field if more probiotics’ health benefits can be proved.