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Apc bariatric professionals support

  1. 1. Bariatric Professionals And Patients Need To Support Elimination Of The Causes Of The Obesity Epidemic Please Note: I have 18 presentations (14 oral and 4 posters) If I am not present please email or Call me and I will be right back. DrR Dr. Rutledge, Tel: +1-702 714 0011, E-mail: drr@clos.net Introduction Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) including obesity related heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes have long been major causes of death and disability in developed countries, and are now reaching epidemic levels in the developing world. According to recent estimates, 34.5 million people died from NCDs in 2010, 65 percent of the 52.8 million deaths worldwide that year. By 2030, NCDs are expected to claim more than 50 million lives every year. The global economic burden of NCDs was estimated at US$6•3 trillion in 2010, rising to $13 trillion in 2030. Results Summary points Large multinational companies control much of what we eat The convenience and availability of energy dense foods is contributing to the obesity epidemic The food industry is resisting public health attempts to change current practices Global strategies are needed similar to those used against the tobacco industry Methods Reviewed medical literature for interventions that might help reverse the epidemic of Obesity related Non-Communicable Diseases. (NCDs) Results SALT + SUGAR + FAT = Deadly Worldwide Epidemic Obesity/Diabetes We Need: A Global Response To A Global Problem: The Epidemic Of Over-nutrition Campaigns to promote healthy eating are undermined by the ubiquity of processed, energy dense foods. A global strategy is now needed to tackle the rising prevalence of obesity Smoking and obesity are two deadly. Actions to control tobacco consumption include a comprehensive response from the global public health community, culminating in the “Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.” Junk food may SEEM different tobacco. This may be why the public health response to over-nutrition has been tepid and limited to encouraging individuals to change their behavior. But this has been shown to be ineffective. RESEARCH POSTER PRESENTATION DESIGN © 2012 www.PosterPresentations.com Accumulate and publicise evidence of health effects Exposure of industry advertising tactics Labeling food Taxing Damaging Foods Publicize the social, economic, and environmental impact of “Bad/Junk” Foods Increase awareness of role of industry in supporting researchers Litigation Conclusions Bariatric surgery and surgeons are actively working to treat patients suffering from obesity and its ravages. Bariatric surgeons, societies, patients and ancillary professionals need to organize to support elimination of the causes of the world wide epidemic of obesity and the resultant morbidity and mortality of noncommunicable diseases.