Apc a-00023-reported experience


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Apc a-00023-reported experience

  1. 1. a-00023 Dr. Robert RUTLEDGETitle of Paper: REPORTED EXPERIENCE WITH BAND, SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY, ROUX-EN Y GASTRIC BYPASS AND MINI-GASTRIC BYPASS Nationality: United States of America Position: Director Department: Surgery Organization: Center For Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery Tel: +1-702 714 0011 E-mail: drr@clos.net
  2. 2. REPORTED EXPERIENCE WITH BAND, SLEEVE, ROUX-EN Y AND MINI-GASTRIC BYPASS Robert RUTLEDGE11Director, Surgery, Center For Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery, United States of America
  3. 3. Introduction• The Mini-Gastric Bypass over the past several years has been gaining interest from selected surgeons.• The purpose of this study was to survey patients that had undergone MGB and ask their opinion about the results of common forms of bariatric surgery.
  4. 4. Methods:• Routine follow up is performed on all patients undergoing MGB.• Questions related to patient’s friends and family members experiences with other forms of weight loss surgery.
  5. 5. Results• When asked “Have your family, friends or acquaintances had a Band, Sleeve, RNY or MGB”• 40%, 31%, 46% and 54% of 2,640 patients reported they had Friends or family that had Undergone• Band, Sleeve, RNY or MGB respectively
  6. 6. Results• Patients answered• Band: 23.7% “Good Results”, 36.4% “Gained weight back” and 39.9% “Complications.”• Sleeve: 31.0% “Good Results”, 29.0% “Gained weight back” and 40.0% “Complications.”• RNY: 32.4% “Good Results”, 35.6% “Gained weight back” and 32.0% “Complications.”• MGB: 92.8% “Good Results”, 1.9% “Gained weight back” and 5.3% “Complications.”
  7. 7. Limitations• Bias• Study subjects had MGB!• Of course they are likely to judge the MGB highly
  8. 8. Conclusions:• MGB patients reported remarkably positive experiences in friends and family• (93% Good Results).• In contrast their experiences with the Band, Sleeve and RNY were much more negative.
  9. 9. Selected Bariatric Procedures• RNY• Band• Sleeve• MGB
  10. 10. Conclusions:• In USA Practice of MGB• Patients who select the MGB must pay large out of pocket costs• $20,000.00 !!!• (No Insurance Coverage)• Vs.• FREE Band, Sleeve or RNY (Covered by Insurance)
  11. 11. Conclusions:• Given the cost of MGB ($20,000.00)• Vs. FREE Band, Sleeve or RNY• Why would anyone choose MGB in USA?• This study may provide some insight into this question
  12. 12. Conclusions• Thus it suggests that individuals that choose the MGB• May well have had bad experiences with the• Band, Sleeve & RNY and• Good experiences with MGB• in Friends or Family.
  13. 13. Conclusions• In conclusion 2640 MGB patients report excellent results in friends and family that have had MGB and• Quite poor outcomes in friends and family that have had the Band, Sleeve and RNY• This may explain the selection of the MGB