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Nutritious Mung Bean Soup

Well renowned for its nutritious and detoxifying effects.
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Nutritious Mung Bean Soup

  1. 1. Nutritious Mung Bean Soup
  2. 2. Mung bean soup has been used for many decades in all across the Asian continent as a healing medicine.
  3. 3. Well renowned for its nutritious and detoxifying effects, Mung bean soup helps to balance all 3 doshas.
  4. 4. It aids to clear away Aam (toxicity) that gets lodged in the body over time due to poor diet, lack of exercise and living a sedentary lifestyle. This soup is perfect for any person trying to shack a few pounds or wanting to do a gentle cleanse.
  5. 5. For more information, please follow the link in the description bellow.