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Recent publications on management of Brachial plexus injury


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Recent publications on management of Brachial plexus injury

  1. 1. Recent publications on management of Brachial plexus injury: 1. Bhandari PS, Deb P. Use of contralateral spinal accessory nerve for ipsilateral suprascapular nerve neurotization in global brachial plexus injury: A new technique. Jr Neurosurg Spine (Am), Online 25 Sep 2015 2. Bhandari PS, Deb P. Management of isolated musculocutaneous injury: Comparing double fascicular nerve transfer with conventional nerve grafting. Jr Hand Surg (Am), 2015; 40(10):2003-2006 3. Bhandari PS. Functional outcomes of nerve reconstruction in severe obstetric brachial plexus palsy. Indian Jr Neurotrauma.2015; 12 : 41-48 4. Bhandari PS, Deb P. Posterior approach for both spinal accessory nerve to suprascapular nerve and triceps branch to axillary nerve for upper plexus injuries. Jr Hand Surg. 2013;38:168- 172 5.Bhandari PS, Use of fibrin glue in the repair of brachial plexus and peripheral nerve injuries. Indian Jr Neurotrauma. 2013; 10: 30-32 6. Bhandari PS, Deb P. Fascicular Selection for Nerve Transfers: The Role of the Nerve Stimulator When Restoring Elbow Flexion in Brachial Plexus Injuries. Jr Hand Surg (American Vol).2011;36:2002-2009 7. Bhandari PS, Deb P. Dorsal approach in transfer of the spinal accessory nerve in to the suprascapular nerve .Histomorphometric analysis and clinical results in 14 cases of upper brachial plexus injuries. Jr Hand Surg (American Vol). 2011;36:1182-1190