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Life skills education


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Life skills education

  1. 1. Life Skills Education For Adolescent Girlsa) Personal and Social Skills c)• Personal Hygiene• Fitness• Sports• Games• Exercises• Yoga• Meditation etc.b) Leisure Time Use• Reading• Listening to music• Nature walks• Hobbies• Excursions• Planning Holidays
  2. 2. g) Interpersonal Relationship j) Household Related Skills• Relating-pleasantly to friends• family visitors • Household Tasks ( cooking, nutrition,• Guests balanced diet, natural foods, washing• Public Functionaries and community at clothes, sweeping and cleaning, large kitchen gardening, health and hygiene,• Working and playing groups thrift, house hold remedies and stitching )h) Positive Self Concept• Ability to identify one’s own strengths • Domestic Maintenance/Technology and weaknesses• Capitalizing on one’s strengths and Orientation – Minor electrical repairs overcoming weakness (putting a fuse etc.), repair of water taps/hand pump, bicycle maintenance,i) Creative Self-Expression greasing, putting a puncture etc,• Writing whitewashing, paining, maintenance• Music of domestic appliances-stoves,• Dance cookers, agriculture process• Art• Craft especially through folk medium
  3. 3. Family Life SkillsSex education, planned parenthood, responsible parenthood, AIDS/HIV/STDawareness, Drug abuse, dangers, menstrual management, handling stopping familyviolence-verbal, physical, awareness about child abuse, sexual harassment. Familyas a living democracy, consciousness of rights and duties of all, just division of labourand resources, respecting the dignity of all women, men and children alike.Life Saving SkillsRoad safety, fire fighting, first aid (burns, injuries, snake bite, drowning, poisoningetc.). Home nursing, fighting, fighting natural hazards/calamities averting hazards ofpesticides, refuse management disposal)Post and Telegraph OperationMoney Order, registered mail, parcel, telegram and saving etc.
  4. 4. Rail-Bus ServiceBooking, reading railway timetable, fares etc.Banking OperationOpening and operating an account, bank draft, drawing a loan, Savings and investmentsetc.Health and SanitationAdvocacy for immunization, preventing disease and epidemics, preventingcontamination of water sources, purifying water, proper sanitation, drainage, refusemanagement etc..Social SensitivityEmpathy and care of poor, sick, aged, disadvantaged and handicapped, fighting socialevils like untouchability, dowry, early marriage, corruption etc. Valuing women’s workand contribution, respecting the dignity of all men, women and children.
  5. 5. Environmental SensitivityProtection of environment-all spices, identification of pollution hazards/agents,conservation of resources, love and care of plants and animals, Averting hazards ofpesticides, plastics, industrial effluents, poisonous emissions, prevention of diseaseinfection, epidemics and fighting contamination of water sources-procuring cleandrinking wasterSkills For DemocracyClassroom and School• Skills for classroom democracy• skills to make school as a functioning democracy• Mock parliament• Voting• Election• Participation• Leadership• Ability to appreciate other people’s point of view• Respecting and accommodating diversities• Valuing freedom of expression• Valuing other cultures and religions
  6. 6. Legal Literacy• Knowing constitutional rights and duties• Understanding functions of local self government municipalities• Legislatures and parliament• Human Rights• Rights of Child• Rights of Women (CEDAW)• Consumer education• Personal and Social Laws• Labour Laws
  7. 7. Laws related to crimes against womenPublic interest litigationWork/Occupational Related Skills• Valuing all work especially the work and contribution of women• Valuing all skills, especially women’s skills that are life nurturing andlife sustaining• Dignity of labour• Work ethics- punctuality, honesty, hard work, diligence, time andspace, management, working in groups and institutional loyalty etc.• Entrepreneurship