Causes of Inferlity In Women


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Causes of Infertility in Women-It was proven by multiple researches that the ability for the woman to conceive decreases with increasing age

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Causes of Inferlity In Women

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Inability to conceive despite trying andhaving regular intercourse for one year. Thecauses could be due to female factors ormale
  3. 3. Causes
  4. 4.  Laser conization- low secretion of mucous Anti-Sperm Antibodies Closed CervixBlockage of the vaginaImperforate hymenExtremely narrow vaginaPainful infections in the
  5. 5. Uterine Causes ofInfertility inWomenCongenitalAsherman SyndromeFibroidsFibrosisEndometrial Polyps
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Treatment:Hysteroscopic resection of theseadhesions can be done but it mayneed multiple sessions, in additionto giving steroids with estrogen forthree weeks after surgery to avoidrecurrence.Asherman Syndrome: Intra uterine adhesion(srepeated curettage, severeendometritis, scars of uterinesurgery). Decreased amount of bloodloss during menstruation. Can be diagnosed easily
  8. 8. Fibroids:Benign uterine tumor .“Adenomyosis They usually do not causeinfertility unless it affects the intrauterine cavity inan obvious way, but if no other reason for infertilitycan be found, it is better to do myomectomy(excision of the fibroid ) and restore theintrauterine cavity.Myomectomy can be done either by Hysteroscopicresection or by laparotomy ‘’
  9. 9. Fibrosis may happen after Endometritis and canbe diagnosed using HSG, hysteroscopy can help
  10. 10. Endometrial polyp: Its presence mimics IUCD, polyps can be diagnosed byHSG, ultrasound or hysteroscopy then polypectomy (removing the polyp) can be doneeasily.Adenomyosis: Symptoms include secondary dysmenorrhea, some hormonaltreatments could be helpful e.g. GNRH analogues, or Danazol, the decision for thistreatment should be taken by the treating
  11. 11. Chronic PelvicInfectionsFimbral EndDestructionAdhesionsShort tubesTubal TumorsTubal Cause Of
  12. 12. Chronic Pelvic Infections: Cause tubal congestion. Obstruction (>3cm ) results in impeding of the oocytetransfer, May result in pelvic adhesions that will affect tubalmovement. Slowing it so inappropriate time for oocyte transfer interfereswith fertilization. Tubal occlusion or pelvic adhesions that cause inability forthe fimbrial ends to catch the oocyte from the ovary or asmentioned before abnormal movement of the tubes andoocyte transfer. Causes for PID include infections with E.coli, or Gonococcusinfection (STD) PID affects ovarian function and
  13. 13. Destruction of the fimbrial ends : Disabling its functionin catching oocytes into the tubes, PID or endometriosiscan cause this.Adhesions: Caused by tubal surgery done for ectopicpregnancy, pelvic surgery done to the tubes or due toappendicitis.Tubal Tumors affecting its function.Short tubes (less than 4cm)
  14. 14. Polycystic DiseasesFunctional FailurePituitary FailureEndocrinopathyHypothalamic FailureOvarian
  15. 15. Polycystic ovarian disease: 20% of femaleshave what is called polycystic ovary whichinvolves having follicles consisting of morethan the normal condition. In this case thewoman has normal fertility but if it isassociated with some conditions, it is calledpolycystic ovarian syndrome and it
  16. 16.  Women with e tubal occlusion Male abnormal semen analysis Women with PCOD will need IVF, should be individualized Treatment of hormonal imbalance is the best thingRecurrent abortions in PCO: Increased LH level Control before starting induction of ovulation. Ovarian diathermy lowers LH lower recurrent miscarriages
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Congenital: Genetic and chromosomal causes Ovarian agenesis. Hereditary causes for accelerated loss of ovarianreserve. Familial premature ovarian failure. Chromosomal abnormalities (47XXX).Exposure to certain factors: Large amount of radiation exposure. Chemotherapeutic agents as in cancertreatment. Viruses such as mumps. Heavy smoking.Congenital : enzymatic dysfunction 17-α Hydroxylase Deficiency. Galactosemia.Extras : Autoimmune causes: Presence of ovarianantibodies. Lack of (or dysfunction) of LH, FSHovarian receptors. Idiopathic causes. Surgical
  19. 19. Secondary disorder of GonadotrophinRegulation:1. High prolactine level2. Pituitary adenoma3. Idiopathic hypothyroidism4. side effect to medication5. Suprapituitary Tumors6. Pituitary Tumors, trauma such as in RTA,7. Radiation exposure to the pituitary.8. Idiopathic causes.LH and FSH gonadotrophin Deficiency due to:1. Pituitary tumors.2. Destructive pituitary lesion.3. Pituitary
  20. 20. Causes :Rapid and sudden increase or decrease in bodyweight.Severe psychological and neurological stressstrenuous exercises.Radiation exposure.Medications that cause hypothalamic failure.Tumors.Unknown causes.Endocrinopathy Adrenal gland dysfunction Thyroid gland problems. Hypothyrodism Pancreatic problems
  21. 21. "Endometriosis Is Presence of Endometrial Tissues Outside Endometrial Cavity"Affects pregnancy either by forming chocolate cyst(endometrioma) or by causing adhesions.Diagnos -LaparoscopyTreatment:Laparoscopic adhesiolysis,Cauterization of endometriotic spots,Salpingostomy and reanastomosis of fallopian tube
  22. 22.
  23. 23. HypothesesStress and worries changes in internal hormones ,decreased cervicalsecretions or muscular spasm, including those lining fallopian tubes causingits obstruction, or muscles lining the vagina causing dyspareunia.Stress also has its effects on the hypothalamus and ovarian function.Couple seeking pregnancy to try, as much as possible, to alleviate stress andworries and have trust in god and trust their treating
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