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Few practical tips before you select your dentist. Feel free to call SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd. on 020-6652-1670 to know more on selecting your dentist.

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Selecting your dentist

  1. 1. How would you selectyour dentist?DR. MONIKA AGRAWAL, CEOSYMA DENTAL CARE PVT. LTD.
  2. 2. Released in the public interestThis presentation is released in the public interest by SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd.Contents of this presentation can be discussed and disclosed freely without prior writtenpermission of SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd.SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd. respects privacy of data owned by its customer, vendors andpartners.“SYMA Dental Care” and “Reclaim Your Smiles” are trademarks owned by SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd.© Copyright 2012-13. All rights reserved by SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd.
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  4. 4. BackgroundAs per recent survey done by marketing agencies, most of the population in India still thinks thatdental problems can be safely ignored and the treatment can be prolonged without worryingtoo much. Many people take over the counter painkillers to treat the dental pain. They use overthe counter ayurvedic medicines to treat their gum diseases and bad breath but avoid visitingdentists. When the pain is unbearable and when the gums start bleeding and none of the selftreatment seem to be working, they visit dentists.Now the question is - how should one select a dentist? Many people opt to get treated bynearby dentist. One way its good as its convenient for patient to walk in the nearby clinic and gettreated. However, there are few things which you need to look for before selecting your dentist.A bad treatment can cause prolonged issues.
  5. 5. Tips for selecting your dentistYour dentist should have at least a bachelors degree in dental surgery from a reputedinstitute. Many dentists get the initial treatment for their patient done from assistantswho are not qualified to do dental practice. So, look for the degree of your dentist.DCI (Dental Council of India) requires every dentist to be registered with them. Checkfor a valid DCI registration for your dentist.If your dentist is a life member of Indian Dental Association, he/she must be gettingregular updates in advancements in dental treatments from IDA. So check if yourdentist is IDA member.
  6. 6. Tips for selecting your dentistYour dentist should have a published price list, so that you can know the cost of your treatment before startingit. Also, dental treatments are expensive. So make sure the dentist offers some assurance after performingdental procedures.Experience cant be substituted with anything else. So check if your dentist have done similar proceduressuccessfully before treating you.Hygiene is of paramount importance. Your mouth is going to get exposed to billions of bacteria if your dentist donot maintain good hygiene and sterilization of equipment being used to treat your dental problems. Do nothesitate to ask what sterilization procedures are being used at his/her clinic.Many dental clinics use second-hand equipment to save cost. Check the quality of equipment. You can make outfrom the condition of the equipment. Avoid visiting such clinics which has sub-standard equipment as it maybadly hurt you or infect you.
  7. 7. Quote by expertsDoctors can succeed with excellent clinical, business and/or personality skills.Unfortunately, a new patient seeking dental care cannot evaluate their clinical skills. Irecommend contacting a local periodontist or endodontist, who sees the clinicalevidence of the local GPs. While the professional specialist may not give you theenthusiastic referral you seek, they certainly wont recommend someone who isclinically deficient. If I was looking for a new dentist, their clinical proficiency would bemy highest concern. While a great personality and superior business skills would icethe cake, these abilities would not pre-empt my first priority.In the absence of: "Professional Referral" I would check "Quality of Dental Clinic".- Tim Fichtner ( )
  8. 8. About SYMA Started as a Pvt. Ltd. company in Oct 2012 with a vision to be the most easily accessible Dental Care Facility in India for everyone. Currently has 3 centers: Bavdhan , Baner and Kothrud Plan to have 2 more centers in next 2 months: Aundh & Pimple Saudagar Will have around 10 centers by end of 2013. Partnership with Healthberries to provide Dental Care Services at their Diagnostic Centers in Pune
  9. 9. Leadership Team Dr. Monika Agrawal, MD & CEO Satish Agrawal, Director and COO Dr. Trilok Bajaj, Chief Dentist
  10. 10. Dr. Monika Agrawal Dr. Monika is a Dental Surgeon having 10 years of experience in general dentistry in India, mostly in Pune. She attended many short term courses to keep herself updated with latest trends and advancements in Dental Surgery. She is the MD and CEO of the company. Her mission is to have 50 dental clinics in Maharashtra by 2015 supported by central administration and support team, panel of super-specialist Dental Surgeons and a dedicated sales-force. She is life member of IDA and has attended may entrepreneurship programs organized by TiE, Pune and Mumbai. Dr. Monika meets CXOs of various IT and Services companies in Pune to organize free dental check up camp. She is also involved in brand promotion through print media as well as through digital media.
  11. 11. Satish Agrawal Satish is well known IT professional having experience of 16 years and has worked with Indian MNCs like Tech Mahindra and Persistent Systems in past. He is currently working as VP – Technology Operations at e-Zest Solutions Ltd and as a part time director at SYMA. His role at SYMA is to set up standard operating procedures for all the current and future clinics and staff. He is working to create strategic partnerships with diagnostic centers and hospitals in Pune. He also looks after setting up centralized IT infrastructure for the chain of clinics. Satish is helping SYMA to penetrate its presence in multi-billion IT industry through his contacts and professional network.
  12. 12. Dr. Trilok Bajaj Dr. Trilok Bajaj is a well-know Dental Surgeon in Nagpur. He is backing SYMA’s quality delivery practices with his vast experience of 30 years. His objective is to align dentists and dental hygienists with SYMA’s quality principles and identify any training needs for them.
  13. 13. Mission, vision and valuesVision ◦ To be the most easily accessible Dental Care Facility in India for everyone.Mission ◦ To bring back lost smiles on the faces of patients through affordable and modern Dental Care.Values ◦ Quality : We believe in delivering what we say ◦ Passion : We care our patients with deep bonding ◦ Society : We believe in creating better societies and hence organize either free or discounted dental treatment camps for poor and underprivileged people ◦ Planet : We care mother earth and make sure we deploy energy efficient equipment at our facilities ◦ Leadership : We believe in leading from front to create better tomorrow
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  15. 15. Contact Us SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd. L-11, Navkar Avenue NDA-Pashan Road, Bavdhan Pune 411021 Phone: 020 6651 1670 Email:“SYMA Dental Care” and “Reclaim Your Smiles” are trademarks owned by SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd.© Copyright 2012-13. All rights reserved by SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd.