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Dr. MohabAbou-Elkawam


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Dr. MohabAbou-Elkawam

  1. 1. Page1 Dr. Mohab Abou-Elkawam Senior Lecturer - Liverpool John Moores University Summary A Master Mariner and an Academic ? Seeing the world through a nomadic lens ! Author of " Nomads of a Global Industry : Seafarers and the Marine Environment - The Quest " My seagoing career extended beyond 18 years at various shipping companies (from 3rd. Mate to Master Mariner) until it took a sharp turn towards the world of academia with a scholarship at the World Maritime University ( Malmo- Sweden) resulting in a MSc. degree. I was fortunate enough to be offered another scholarship by the Nippon Foundation for a PhD study at the Seafarers International Research Centre ( Cardiff University - Wales - UK). Nevertheless, my teaching continued alongside conducting research with a leading role in Lowestoft College ( East Anglia - UK) and currently teaching at the Maritime School in Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU - England) . At times, I have been contributing with the work of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) by representing and supporting the League of Arab States Delegation in this international forum. Experience Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University September 2013 - Present (2 years 8 months) Teaching Major: Maritime Law . Curriculum Development. Research. Acting SQA Examinations Officer. Associate Researcher at Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd March 2015 - 2015 (less than a year) Lead Consultant at Regional Organisation for the protection of the Marine Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden April 2012 - 2015 (3 years) Maritime Section Manager at Lowestoft College September 2011 - August 2013 (2 years)
  2. 2. Page2 Leading a group of Professional maritime Lecturers to deliver quality Maritime Education & Training to future Seafarers. League of Arab States Accredited Representative at League of Arab States April 2012 - November 2012 (8 months) Representing The League of Arab States at The International Maritime Organisation meetings . London - UK Maritime Lecturer at Lowestoft College June 2009 - August 2011 (2 years 3 months) Leading a group of Maritime Lecturers to delivery quality maritime education and training. Lead internal verifier. Quality assurance Represntative of the college to IAMI Nippon Research Fellow at Cardiff University September 2005 - May 2009 (3 years 9 months) Conducting Research with Seafarers worldwide regarding perceptions and reactions to growing environmental concerns ( PhD study). Maritime Lecturer at Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport November 1999 - September 2005 (5 years 11 months) Chief Mate / Master Mariner at Shipping August 1993 - November 1999 (6 years 4 months) Navigation Officer at Saudi Aramco May 1990 - August 1993 (3 years 4 months) Third / Second Officer at Various Shipping Companies March 1987 - April 1990 (3 years 2 months) Organizations International Maritime Organisation League of Arab States (LAS) Delegate April 2012 to November 2012 Regional Organisation for the Protection of the Environment in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden PERSGA Leading Consultant December 2013 to Present
  3. 3. Page3 Led several PERSGA arranged workshops and seminars for the capacity building among member states in the areas of marine environmental compliance, port and flag state duties regarding IMO's marine environmental conventions. Publications See Description below Authors: Dr. Mohab Abou-Elkawam Abou-Elkawam, M. (2011) 'Seafarers and Growing Environmental Concerns: To Comply or Not to Comply - Choices and Practices', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, 6-7 July, ISBN 1-900174-39-1. Available at: - Abou-Elkawam, M. 2009 GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS: LOCAL SHIPBOARD PRACTICE - THE SEAFARERS ORDEAL. 1st SIRC-Nippon Fellow Maritime Conference. January 2009. Cardiff. UK Available at : %2009.pdf - Abou-Elkawam, M. 2008 “Seafarers Quest for ‘Better’ Auditing Regimes” The Sea (Nov- Dec 08).Mission to Seafarers. London .UK. - Abou-Elkawam, M. 2008 “Seafarers and Port Reception Facilities: The Usual Warm Welcome”. Proceedings of the 1st. International Ship-Port Interface Conference - The Human Element, 19 - 21 May 2008, Bremen / Germany. - Abou-Elkawam, M. and Ghalwash, G. eds. 2005. “Oil Spill Combating Techniques: The Decision Makers Misperceptions” Sea to Sea Regional Forum Cairo: PERSGA. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (Published Conference Proceedings). - Ghalwash, G. and Abou-Elkawam, M. eds. 2004. “Updated oil spill risk assessment for the Gulf of Suez” Risk Analysis IV Rhodes - Greece: Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT Press), UK (Published Conference Proceedings). -Abou-Elkawam, M. 2003. Oil Spill Combating Methods: The Decision Making Process. A Critical Study, Unpublished Dissertation, Technical, World Maritime University. (This dissertation was graded A+ from both internal & external examiners).
  4. 4. Page4 -El-Kerdany, H. and Abou-Elkawam, M. 2002. “GIS Application in Oil spills” Proceedings of the symposium "Maritime Disaster Management", King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, 19-23 January 2002, 57-68 , Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Nomads of a Global Industry: Seafaeres and the Marine Environment - The Quest LAP Academic Publishing October 2, 2015 Authors: Dr. Mohab Abou-Elkawam This book offers a contribution to the field of framing environmental policies in several ways. First, it makes explicit the ways in which a nomadic professional group such as seafarers frame and interact with the growing demand to protect the environment in general and the marine environment in particular. This study argues that Cultural, professional , and economic differences not only impact on the social construction of seafarers regarding environmental protection but also affects their framing of daily compliance practices as well. This allows us to review the institutional and instrumental policies carried out by different ship owners in different parts of the world and verify how this impacts on the compliance practices of this professional group in the context of a demanding and challenging regulatory environment. Languages Arabic French Skills & Expertise Master Mariner Maritime Lecturer Teaching Curriculum Design Educational Leadership Lecturing Higher Education Staff Development Research Microsoft Office Customer Service Community Outreach Change Management Report Writing Maritime Maritime Operations Shipping Environmental Policy Navigation E-Learning Ports
  5. 5. Page5 Analysis Safety Management Systems International Shipping Maritime Security Inspection Policy Risk Assessment Sailing Marine Engineering Training Project Planning Courses Supervisory Skills Training Delivery Management Transportation Logistics Operations Management Strategic Planning Petroleum Public Speaking Freight Offshore Drilling Project Management Coaching Negotiation Business Strategy English Environmental Awareness Education University Campus Suffolk Post Graduate Certificate in Education PGCE, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, 2010 - 2012 Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Social Sciences, 2005 - 2012 School of Social Sciences - Cardiff University PG Diploma in Social Science Research Methods, Social Sciences, 2005 - 2006 World Maritime University - Sweden (WMU) Master of Science (M.Sc.), Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection, 2002 - 2003 Grade: A* Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport BSc. Maritime Technology, Maritime Studies, 1999 - 2000 Grade: A* Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
  6. 6. Page6 Master Mariner ( Unlimited), Nautical Studies - OOW - CO - MASTER MARINER, 1993 - 1994 Honors and Awards See Below 1. Ideal Student of the Academy Award & Medal, 1985. Upon graduation from the “Basic Maritime Studies” at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT). 2. Nippon Foundation Fellowship Award, 2001, to fund a Master of Science Study in the World Maritime University (WMU). 3. Outstanding Academic Performance Award, 2003, World Maritime University – Malmo – Sweden. 4. Best Paper Award Nomination, 2005, Abou-Elkawam, M. and Ghalwash, G. eds. 2005. “Oil Spill Combating Techniques: The Decision Makers Misperceptions” Sea to Sea Regional Forum Cairo: PERSGA. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 5. Annual appreciation Award, 2005, Arab Institute of Navigation (AIN) – For a Research study about Environmental Impacts of Shipping in the Gulf of Suez. 6. Nippon Foundation Fellowship Award (for the second time), 2005, to fund a PhD study in the Seafarers International Research Center in Cardiff University. 7. Golden Award 2010 – Lowestoft College (UCS – UK). Design of web-based Learning Tool. Green Ship Award Rotterdam Port Authority September 1999 This was an award given to best performing vessels in relation to their environmental compliance and performance in relation to protecting the marine and coastal environments. Volunteer Experience Campaigning to collect Donation for RNLI in the UK at Cardiff March 2006 - May 2009 Convincing the public regarding the importance of saving life at sea. Campainer to stop whale fishing in the Pacific at Green Peace October 2005 - Present
  7. 7. Page7 Courses Senior Lecturer Liverpool John Moores University CertHE Maritime Course DipHE Maritime Course FD and BSc. Nautical Science Courses BSc. Maritime Transport Courses (UG & PG) MSc. Maritime Transport Course (PG) Human Element (HELM) Course Maritime Section Manager Lowestoft College Tanker Familiarisation Course Tanker Specialised Course Ship Security Officer Course Lead Consultant Regional Organisation for the protection of the Marine Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Oil spill crisis Projects My New Book about Marine Environmental Compliance Members:Dr. Mohab Abou-Elkawam
  8. 8. Page8 Dr. Mohab Abou-Elkawam Senior Lecturer - Liverpool John Moores University Contact Dr. Mohab on LinkedIn