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Dengue Fever Mosquito; Awareness Campaign in Pakistan (Talk 02)


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The talk is prepared for voluntary awareness campaign for general public about Dengue Fever Mosquito. The images used are downloaded from net and references of the browsing sites are also given to avoid plagiarism. Even then apology may be accepted for the use of copy right material (if any) and may be communicated to me ( accordingly..

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Dengue Fever Mosquito; Awareness Campaign in Pakistan (Talk 02)

  1. 1. Dengue Fever Mosquito; Awareness Campaign in Pakistan (Talk-02) Compiled, Composed & Delivered By Prof Dr Muhammad Faheem Malik Ph. D (UOB), MS (USA), B. Sc. Hons. (UAF) Specialization Environmental Entomology Fields of Interest: Environmental Entomology Biological Control of Pest, IPM, Applied Entomology, Forensic Entomology, Clinical Entomology University of Gujrat (
  2. 2. Why are we sitting in this talk?  What is dengue fever?  What is the cause of dengue fever?  What are the dengue related Myths and facts?  How can dengue be prevented?
  3. 3. Myths relating to dengue fever  Dengue fever is caused by every mosquito.  Dengue fever is more common in rural areas.  Dengue mosquito breeds only in rivers & streams.  Dengue dusk.  Dengue mosquito bites only during dawn and fever can be prevented by Vaccination.
  4. 4. Let me introduce myself Kingdom -- Animalia  Phylum -- Arthropoda S-class -- Hexapoda Class --Insecta Order – Diptera Family – Culicidae Genus: -- Anopheles Culex Reference: Aedes
  5. 5. Diversity of Family Culicidae Family Culicidae has 41 genera and approximately 3,500 species.  Genus Aedes has > 500 spp.  Genus Anopheles has > 450 spp. 
  6. 6. How Do I (Aedes) look Like ? Reference: q=aedes+albopictus&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=29R0UqC7F IWFhQeqsoCIAQ&sqi=2&ved=0CI0BEIke&biw=1366&bih=601
  7. 7. I am Aedes Albopictus (Asian Tiger) (transmits dengue fever virus) Reference:
  8. 8. Dengue fever is caused by Flavivirus Reference: m/images/P-473-48890/64/6474/Q8B6100Z/poster s/carol-mike-wernerillustration-of-replication-offlavivirus-in-host-cell.jpg
  9. 9. 1- 2 Egg Adult Complete / Holometamorphosis Pupae 35 da ys Larvae 2- 3 ys da ys 2-3 da day s Mosquito Life cycle
  10. 10. Mosquito Services to Humans Malaria  Dengue Fever Yellow Fever (American Plague) Food Chain 
  11. 11. Dengue fever needs man & mosquito to its life cycle Reference: q=tbn:ANd9GcTkXTEg_0q2lGH4FNvDj3XBq58HbxDF4TiNyr uoEGW7dVO8yUlRwg
  12. 12. Habitat of Aedes sp.: Fresh water in tires without rims and pots
  13. 13. General Habitat: Flora and wet land In tree bark
  14. 14. When & how do I search you ? I search you before during dawn & dusk I can detect you from 150 yards by CO2 or Octenol, the two common gases that you exhale.
  15. 15. Adult Female Sucks Flower Nectar but Blood for breeding Reference: q=aedes+albopictus&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=29R0UqC7F IWFhQeqsoCIAQ&sqi=2&ved=0CI0BEIke&biw=1366&bih=601
  16. 16. Mosquito Control for dengue Prevention Reference: q=tbn:ANd9GcTQaqIkGv9GFaFmiNIuFVaVEsPdtVWIzF5Elq4cUtmQhtuAJdo
  17. 17. Prevention of Dengue Fever (Public Awareness)
  18. 18. Mosquito Control Indoor  Repellent  Citrus Scented Candles (essential plant oils)  Blockers (lotion)  Permethrin aerosol  Coconut Oil, Lavender oil, Brassica oil or Listerine  Mosquito quail  Nets How they Work  Confuse olefactory senses
  19. 19. Octenol Traps Reference:
  20. 20. Reference: Reference: qsi=37&q=man%20spraying%20by%20knap%20sack%20sprayer %20for%20insect%20control%20on %20road&cid=158935764&ad.segment=info.wbcrwl.305.10&aid=38 6c2e15-fb75-4aca-8ff3- Reference: id=H.4613826865530632&pid=15.1&H=120&W=160
  21. 21. Mosquito Biological Control Predator of mosquitoes tadpoles Adult Habitat: Pupae Reference: ss=t&cid=158935764&ad.segment=info.wbcrwl.305.10&aid=386c2e15-fb75-4aca-8ff389ca953d04b7&ridx=1&q=beetles&fcoid=408&fcop=left&fpid=2 Larvae
  22. 22. Frog; Rana Spp. (A Carnivorous) Reference:
  23. 23. Reference:
  24. 24. ?