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Best websites for Research papers


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This ppt define the website to download free articles and best websites for research papers and download scientific papers

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Best websites for Research papers

  1. 1. Download Free ARTICLES From
  2. 2. TEMPTING TOPIC First and Important point to write an Article is to Choose an Attractive Topic. Example: • Real Life Experiences. • Take aspect of a problem which you can give relief. • Do research what others write on the topic of your choice.
  3. 3. Catchy Headline • Make your Headline Catchy. • Catchy Headline makes the user to read your Article.
  4. 4. Some Writing Tips to Write A Good Article
  5. 5. BE UNIQUE  Write a unique article  Make your article sounds more controversial and unusual.
  6. 6. • Write your article that is relevant to your audience. • Make your Article in such a way, so the reader should be consistent from starting to the end of the article. DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE
  7. 7. Start your Article with some innovative ideas like “Quotes or some shocking Statistics” in first line of article. Thought provoking things in the starting will catch your Reader’s Attention. Hook Your Reader with First Line
  8. 8. Think What You Want To Achieve If you want serious reaction from the reader then use powerful words that motivates them to pay attention. Write the article in the way you want your reader’s reaction.
  9. 9. Relate to the Reader Write the article in such a manner that you are speaking in the readers language. Assure them that you know what they are talking about.
  10. 10. Make the reader to believe that you are telling a real life Experience through your article. Be True To Your Voice
  11. 11. Have A Point You should have your own opinion on the topic that you have to state. Do not be afraid to give your own opinion. Don’t forget the message you want to convey through the article.
  12. 12. • Add story telling and emotions to it to make the article content engaging • Add comedy content and humorous tone to make or cry readers laugh. ADD MORE DRAMA
  13. 13.  Weigh every word of the article.  Because its easy to loose the reader’s attention but not impossible to regain their attention.  Make every word countable to keep attention of readers. Make Every Word Count
  14. 14. Use Short Sentences, it makes easier to read the content and follow your reasoning. Don’t make your readers work hard by using long sentences. Short Sentence
  15. 15. Back Up Your Claims • Make article more memorable and useful to readers, Back Up Your Claims. •Research some facts and use figures when available.
  16. 16. Analyzation and Conclusion Analyze your article by taking an analytic approach. Explore your topic in detail. Use real life example, take your own experiences and draw conclusion for easy understanding.
  17. 17. • To know about reader’s action make them to add a call. • By adding a call you can know what action reader is going to make in their activity from the article. Add a Call to Action
  18. 18. After completion of article , ask yourself if your content delivers what you promised in headline. If the content is giving answer to the problem of your reader. Deliver Your Promise
  19. 19.  Now, after completion of all work. Let your article “Rest ” one day.  Next day, read it loud. So you can hear and decide how the article flows.  Spot the errors and correct them . Re-Read and Edit
  20. 20. Find us at