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Best free ebook download site


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Best free ebook download site

  1. 1. Download Free Ebooks form
  2. 2. Choose a Peaceful Place When you are going to study or going to do some important work. Then try to take a place where no one can disturb you. .
  3. 3. TAKE SHORT BREAKS: When we study up to long time,our brain need rest. In this type of situation take rest not more than 5 to10 Minutes. Take short interval breaks because if we take long breaks it destroy our continuation.
  4. 4. Finish the work which assigned to you before one day of due Date Do your assigned work before one day of the last date of Submission. This activity gives time for extra preparation and for better performance. Do your work neat and presentable
  5. 5. Neat Work If your work is neat and up to the grade mark, it gives a good impression to the teacher. So,to get good grades do your work neat and clean. Neat work make good relation of teacher and student. It makes you comfortable to talk with your teacher.
  6. 6. Use Time Wisely Use spare time to study. Efficient use of time helps us to score good grade. When you are using spare time for your study take a paper and pen, write down the main points on that paper. This activity helps you to prepare for your test also.
  7. 7. Take all the classes which you like Don’t waste your time by taking repeated classes. Take only these classes which you like and going to take first time. Don’t take the classes which you already taken.
  8. 8. View Optional Extra Projects: When you done your assigned work complete, try to see extra things which increase your knowledge.It can add extra 2to3% in your grades.
  9. 9. Positive Attitude for Exams When you have to give exam soon, be Confident, because positive attitude makes to read better, whole the night before exam day. Positive attitude gives you confident.
  10. 10. Compare successful work of others To do your work better and want to get good grades then watch work of other successful persons. Don’t Copy them only watch how they do it. Comparison makes you to do better than others.
  11. 11. Watch unsuccessful Person’s work See the work of the persons who are doing poor in their work and do opposite of their work. It also helps you to get knowledge and good grades.
  12. 12. Be Organized To do your work in a better way organized yourself to do the work. If you have to do a large amount of work then waste a good time to do your work in an organized way. An organized work helps us to achieve success.
  13. 13. Review your notes Immediately after the class If it is possible to see your class notes when you finish your classes, see these into the hall or at home for 5 minutes everyday. It Increase your remembering power. If you don’t have notes then make your own notes and read them.
  14. 14. See your textbooks before classes Try to see your textbooks before classes starts. See those topics which will be teach in class, its only the way to know what is going into the class properly. It is the way to increase your knowledge also.
  15. 15. Study with your Companion Start study with your friend ,he or she can know better than you about the subject. You can take help from your parents who can have knowledge about the subject better than you. Its helps in getting good grades with help of others.
  16. 16. Get Help Don’t be shy to take help form others , because other person’s ideas may be meaningful for us to score good grades. By taking help from others we come to know what we learnt.
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