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How To Shed Those Post-Pregnancy Pounds


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Want to shed those post-pregnancy pounds and keep them off? Dr. Lori Gore-Green explains the steps new mothers can take to safely and quickly get their bodies back to their pre-pregnancy weights.

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How To Shed Those Post-Pregnancy Pounds

  1. 1. How to Shed Those Post-Pregnancy Pounds
  2. 2. NUMBER  ONE   Stay Hydrated Doctors agree, hydration is key for maintaining a healthy bodyweight and for achieving a healthy pregnancy recovery. Use your urine as a hydration gauge — if your urine is mostly clear, then you’re in the clear!
  3. 3. NUMBER  TWO   Choose  Nutrient-­‐Dense  Foods   Nutrient dense foods, or “super foods,” are especially important for new mothers because they need all the nutrients they can get. This is especially the case for nursing mothers who need to provide nutrition for their new babies as well as their own bodies.
  4. 4. NUMBER  THREE   Catch Up On Sleep New mothers are notoriously overtired and under- slept, but good sleep is critical to losing that post-pregnancy weight. Try to get to bed when your baby does and prioritize napping during the day. Rested mothers have lower levels of stress hormones and are more motivated to keep to their exercise and eating goals.
  5. 5. NUMBER  FOUR   Breastfeed Research studies aren’t definitive on whether exclusive breastfeeding is helpful for weight loss, but it’s definitely healthy for your new baby. If you decide to nurse your baby, you’ll be able to recoup 200-300 extra (healthy) calories in your diet.
  6. 6. Start Burning Calories NUMBER  FIVE   Like any weight loss goal, shedding post- pregnancy weight is half-eating and half- exercising. ! Try to include a mix of aerobic activity (like running or biking) and weight training into your exercising regimen. Not only does regular exercising help your weight loss goals, but it will also help you sleep better and feel better too!
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