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How to Improve Your Infant's Development


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Dr. Lori Gore-Green, DO shares tips on developmentally advantageous ways to interact with your infant... without the use of a connected device or screen!

Published in: Health & Medicine
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How to Improve Your Infant's Development

  1. 1. Encourage Your Infant’s Development Dr. Lori Gore-Green, DO HOW TO:
  2. 2. 5 Tips to Encourage Your Child’s Development • The medical community has not had enough time to properly study the effects of screen time and infants. • Therefore the AAP recommends that those under 2 y.o. don’t spend time with screen devices (Without Screens)
  3. 3. • Read to your infant. Show your infant the pictures, make sure to hold eye contact and play to make it an enjoyable experience. 1. Read to Your Infant
  4. 4. • Talk with your infant (baby talk or not)…a lot. 2. Talk to Your Infant
  5. 5. • Play with toys intended for newborns to three year olds. Mirrors are often fun for infants. 3. Play With Toys
  6. 6. • Take your child for a walk or stroll. 4. Go Outside
  7. 7. • Classic games like; peek-a- boo, mommy see mommy do, patty cake, where’s your nose?, nursery rhymes, baby has a ball etc all contribute to the development of an infant, particularly in their first year. 5. Play Classic Games
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