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Get your company more involved with community service


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Dr. Lori Gore-Green describes some of the reasons to get your employees involved with community volunteering.

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Get your company more involved with community service

  1. 1. There are many reasons to encourage charity among your employees and encourage a sense of community around a business
  2. 2. Volunteering is good for people’s health. Research has shown that people who help their community feel less depressed and have a lower chance of developing age- related illnesses. In addition, employees who get to spend time with their families are notoriously happier.
  3. 3. There are many positive ways to encourage your employees. The best advice is to find out what their obstacles are, and then find ways to accommodate them.
  4. 4. For many employees, time and money are major issues. Try offering paid time off for time spent volunteering or the option to volunteer during work hours.
  5. 5. Sometimes a lack of communication and awareness are the only obstacles. If employees don’t know about opportunities, it’s a guarantee they aren’t going to sign up for them. Make sure you advertise all upcoming projects, as well as the benefits you’re offering.
  6. 6. Volunteering is a great way to teach employees new life skills and offer career advancement. People also feel a sense of ownership and pride when doing hands-on work.
  7. 7. Some people might feel alienated if they cannot help with certain tasks such as physical labor, so diversifying your projects helps cater to everyone.
  8. 8. Rewarding someone for their charitable contributions not only encourages them to do more, it also makes other employees want to be recognized.